Arrow Fest

Author: Rollic Games

10,000,000+ install


Arrow Fest – Multiply, Aim, Shoot!

Detailed info

File size: 71M
Update time: September 11, 2021
Current version: 2.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Rollic Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Todd Crochet

Nothing but ads!!!

Ben Roberts

This is an Ad delivery mechanism thinly disguised as a game. Truly a cancer on the Play store.

Fox Thurber

Is a rage game. Trolls you by thinking you can beat a boss, when you can't. Uninstalled within an hour. Do not recommend, horrible game. Is also a copy of several more enjoyable games.

Saima Raza

this game is love you 😍😂

Kevin Tandeo

cool game 🎯

Chewan Gopal

nice game

Billal Automobiles

good game for increasing our focus and calculation ability

Shaheena Parveen

his name was missing u 🤣 the same the hell even though

Hammad Iqbal

very bad

Jem Iftekhar alam

Very much commercial adds. Disgusting. I am bored with in 3 minutes.

Aaron Hurtado

The no ads does not work

Sarah Robbins




francesco parisi

Don't download it, scam game! They just run ads all time long and you play 50% of the time the game, 50% of the time you watch ads... Shameful

Dmitry Doroshchuk

too many ads

David Larsen

Ad cancer

Aaron Tsai

Disgusting ad

king boss


Tim P

I think they should rename the game to (Ad Fest) Definitely not worth the download.

Aman gaming


Tamil Nadu

I love 💕

Matthew Rich

Wish they would increase how much you could spend on increased

Kamran Azhar

Time wasting. No enjoyment

michael socrates

too much ads

Ronald Macaraeg

ok nakaka libang

Adeoye Ahmed

perfect perfection

Marc Christian Salvacion

Game is kinda Fun.

Wojciech Kapica

Played for 100 levels, simple and easy game to switch off and relax a little bit while playing. Ads every 2 or 3 games so it's playable but mildly annoying. Cosmetics are unlockable only through ads, although their choice is pretty limited. To sum up - fun for a while.

Gopi Nath

nice game

Mmesoma Lilian

Nice It's really fun playing this game

Jed jed

Stupid game dont install it waste of time. I hope the developer will die to stop making useless games.

Derrall Rice

nobody wants to watch ads like that . erased the game after level 3

Pertunia Mskuudze


Mahi Butt


Alishah Rani


Allen Prescott

Unreasonable amount of ads

Merna Haberman

more ad watching time than game playing time.

Shaun Maritz

66.66666 % of the time is adverts. Can't enjoy this. Got to level 70 odd but couldn't take it anymore

VanVan ,

Too many ads , wasting time

Cleiton Ferreira

Jogo repetitivo. Muito ruim

Pankaj gour

Good game for entertainment

Mikko Solis

pretty unbalanced and full of bugs. sometimes the gaps in walls are too short and hit box of arrow is too wide and can sometimes hit negative multipliers. and also ads.

Nazif Abdullah

This game is very addictive but sadly became very boring when u reached level 200. No point anymore coz the coin is overkilled

Nepali Ho ne

Tis corpar tajal app kasari Pass vair Al kdj

Michael Timothy


Ritik Kumar


Luis Martinez

3 mins of ads, 10 seconds of gameplay. Already uninstalled.

Crafting and Discovery

Hate unskippable advertisement.

Scott Beeson

Too many ads. Even after you "earn" something you must watch an ad to keep it. Could be a fun little game if it wasn't such a cash grab.

Sikwe Siamulonga


Aaron Bower

The progression in this game is totally broken and doesn't actually give you anything to work towards. Also having the same scoring multiplier on the end of every level makes it so that by around level 100, you just max it out every time. Also the gameplay is too repetitive, with not enough variation among levels, but if you want a simple brainless number-goes-up game this is certainly that.

Alok Vajpayee

Too many ads it's very irritating

Md Nooh Araria


Sulu Chemo

Paying for ads doesn't remove ads


Full with ads

Aimen Mk

perfect ❤️

Jonathan Padilla

worst app! Adverstiment hunger!

Brian Keenan

No stars if I could 30+ seconds of ads for 5 seconds of simplicity

Mohamed Sanjib Naser Sami

Horrific, horrible and horrible. Why do you guys need access to almost all of my personal infos for this simple math based game? Are you kidding me? Why does even playstore allow such games? Huh? What would I do with it? Am I using a social site here? A game that can monitor all my activities more or less, is not a GAME*, it is kind of a spy cam.

krishnashova prajapati

good game

Laura F

Too many ads. 40 seconds of play time and immediately was hit was back to back ads. Uninstalled in under 3 mins

Gvs Charan

Worst game ever


Tooo many ads ruins games insterest.


faltu apk

Bennah Gitau


Dominic Lapier

too many ads

Technical fact Technical fact


Cole Busby

If you pay for no ads, you shouldn't have to watch ads to earn the upgrades. If $3 wasn't enough for your app, then make it more but it's rediculous to have to pay for no ads only to watch...more ads....

mike arvidson

ads are too many and too long


Too much ads which ruins the game :(

Johan Chowdary


Annett Beena

Too much ads.

Mari Muthu


Jay MN

Fun but waaaay too many ads

Bengal all Sports YouTube channel

nice 👍👍👍

Maidros Fëanoron

Okay, this game is exactly what you expect, so props for that 👌 however, the challenge curve gets flat as you progress, which drains it of any appeal the longer you play it. It was fun for a while, at least :)

Rajib Bajracharya

ad infested

Naveen Kumar

5 year old child game no difficulty mode is there



John Barnhart


Masthan Basha

super game

Aliya Hamed

Nice 👌

Abu ubida


John Goh

Sorry. It's just too boring. I've played up to level 55 and there is v little difficulty and variation change


I honestly only decided to download it because the ad wasn't some stupid ad where they made all the wrong decisions so I might as well pay them back

Hossam El-Nadi

ultra hyper casual. I have a problem though, I'm currently sitting at 27 million coins and using all of them to upgrade my stuff would require me to press 2000x on the screen.

Prithiv Raj Jaya Prakash

Worst with ads. Play for 2 min and watch ads for 20 min. Uninstalling

John Muhetu

the game is awesome

shem sajide


masked fox

It's ok

Bhupendr Shrama

The game is best

Rugare Chakadayi


Foody4 Life

The adds are insane.

Old King Crow

BS ad length

Omkishor Pradhan

very good


full of ads

Rockking Rocks World

thnk u

Marco Thomas

great for younger children an teens that need help on math

Basant Chaudhary

Tooo much ads. Irritating 😡😡😡

A Ahmed

Don't install. Full of ads