Arrow Fest

Author: Rollic Games

10,000,000+ install


Arrow Fest – Multiply, Aim, Shoot!

Detailed info

File size: 71M
Update time: September 11, 2021
Current version: 2.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Rollic Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mahdi Del



Don't install You will Regret

daniel spriggs




Ryan Mcminn

to many ads

Mamta cb

For every claim you have ads. Why why why..I'm uninstalling the game

Hemalsinh Mahida

To much advertisement...

Ashu Jonpuri

This game is funny and enjoy

James Hall

18 ads in 4 levels. Not worth $4. Uninstalling

Martin McDowell

way too many ads can't even do a single level without ads

Lalaine Reyes

Boring AF

Alvin Anderson

long unavoidable advertisements

IHB Network

Very bad. Ads comes every level.

Robin kumar Kumar


Not Oogi

suck me

Cip D


edson chauque

I hate. Too much ad's

Kumar Kumar

well done

John 11great

Good game. But the ads are killing it. Ratio of gameplay vs ads most probably 1 game: 4 ads. Imagine, the level can be finished in like 15 secs or less but the ads can reach up to 1 minute. Had it on my phone for 3 days then I had to uninstall it.

Omar Shahid

extreme amount of ads

Penny Harris

Paid for no adds...but still get TONS of adds...very disappointing

M Herrington

Annoyed, even after u pay for no ads u are forced to watch endless ads. None the less pushing online gambling pretty hard. Very disappointed

Khadiyjah Dawkins

too many ads

Ciya Yoga Studio

Too much long ads.. I uninstalled

Serhii Chaplia

Ad game

Sherman Fu

Too much advertisement

Udesh Rodrigo

Waste of time. Bunch of ads

Josh D

Paid app has infinite ads.

Shadhna Soni



game is good

Lee Roy

Started out kind fun, but got worse. Ended up pretty much just being a bunch of ads. At least 1 ad before you start a level, an ad when you finish a level, ads between levels, and like 2 ads before the boss fights and for power ups

Ciaran York

Too many notifications!

azli faudzi

Cant even wait untill lvl 10. Hv to play endless ads for rewards. Ads for every stage. Annoying af. Uninstalling.

Ahmed Siddique

Most boring static experience. There are a total of 5 or 6 levels with alternate at random. Upgrade cost is so static that my thumbs start to hurt pushing the upgrades buttons at the end of each level. I am able to finish the level even if I make all the wrong choices.

Tyler Morelan

Too many ads

Andy Tilley

Ads are AWFUL! every damn level it's 30 seconds of awful ads

Joseph Carriaga


Seif Shaker

I will delete it die to the ads

Divyansh Kherde

just cleared 2 level , flow is bad there's lots of targets which i don't get to see pop ,that was bad thought it was going to be arcade like bot no . unsatisfied haaa😩😑

NA-MON Taramarnit

too many add

Teerapong Arinchayo

too much ad

Angus Watson

Have to watch 1 and half minutes of adverts for every 15 seconds of play. Not worth it.

Shentel Downes

so many ads


too many ads

anain marklester


Robert Howman

insane number of adds, very annoying

Ryan Morris

ads. that is it.

Tony Macias

Terrible and filled with ads after every level. Level takes less than 10sec then forced to watch a 30sec ad

asyurara zak

too much ads that forced to open your internet explorer and it's actually scared us.. because nowadays scammer everywhere

Natrishka Naidoo

An advert after every level is frustrating. The levels are shorter than the ads. Uninstalling

Marites Bediones

Puta kamo

Akhil Vudayagiri

Stupid 30 second ads for every round

Ajay Kumar

good game

silentwolf in the dark shadows

This WAS a good game but they when I reached level 220 they changed the ending completely I I used to get 200k points each round now I only get a few k and they game Is 1000 times worse

Liviu Dorin Mihaianu

too many ads

Ajay Roy

Bad game

Sherrie Saxton

There are so many ads that you get fed up before you get to see if you actually enjoy the game. You can't do anything, and I do mean anything, without an ad. I'm sorry, but they kill the game.

Conner Bloxham

Broken game. The finish line of the first 20 rounds allows you to multiply your gold depending on how many arrows you got. At round 21, it changes to a "boss" that you have to spend your gold in order to kill. You don't even get as much gold back as a reward for killing it, so it's pretty much a pointless thing to do. You end up getting less gold in the higher rounds than you did the first 20, which is really dumb. And the upgraded arrows don't give you extra powers, they just look different.


Ads are way too long and frequent

caer bannog

advert advert advert

Tiernan Creamer

1 word ads!

Alessio Mura

I had ads even if I paid for the ads free version, absolutely awful

Gerasimos Pagratis

Excessive advertising


Too many ads, too many notifications.

Yang Sas

your ad too long

Joseph Gaunt

Nothing but adds and the game has a bunch of bugs. It's worth -1 star at best



Alex Johnson

Unplayable with the number of adds

kory Jefferson

Low tier entertainment that hopes you buy the ads off.

David Guzek

Pure garbage game to get you watching ads.

Ezra Alvaro Manuel

Im having a issu when i defeat the beast, the coin became in negative. Making me unable to complete my next stages. Worst experience ever.. i paid for the ads remove and this sucks

deva Solanki


Mahi Mohit

I Love The game

Mike Harbour

too many adverts

Lee Bradley

more ads than pre film in a cinema

Victor Kosh

I have adblocker on my router, it looks like it blocks ads from this game, so it freezes a lot, some buttons simply do not work, unclickable

Welyab Paula

I play some levels and about 80% of time was waiting for ads to finish.

Mario Konrad


Umar Bashir


Heiden Ritch Furagganan


Dark Nightmare

This game is stupid i cant even play it whenever i open it keeps lagging


Lagging af

Lisa Simpson

Mua quait good

James Taylor

Silly amount of obtrusive ads

Sajjad Ali

Best 👌 games 🎮

Aryan Syahmi

The Crazy World - Pogo Stick Destroy Mans House

Phillip Ha

After the new update, where they introduced the concept of Bosses, the game started to really go down hill. The arrows, unlike before, don't give even a fraction of what they used to, and defeating the bosses are useless as they require much more money to be invested than what's returned, meaning you lose money the more you play.

Ali Naqi

nice game

Emm Dener

Ads EVERY level. Uninstalled after 3 levels.

Aimen Mudassir



Super game



almaruf robin



it's a good game

Nathan Doyke

Ads ads okay is crowded and follow the same un inspired "gameplay"every other game is ... You are just a scam

waseemkhan99 waseemkhan99

I like this app very much 😌😍🤩 its very amazing 😍🤩

Johnpaul Jimenez




chandrashekhar kalgapure