Arrow Fest

Author: Rollic Games

10,000,000+ install


Arrow Fest – Multiply, Aim, Shoot!

Detailed info

File size: 71M
Update time: September 11, 2021
Current version: 2.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Rollic Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Chris Anderson

Rubbish don't download


Good time killing game, but i don't se any challenges in levels.

Nana Jenkins 47

After 30 min I was bored

Cody Mcneill

Do recommend,the ads that do exist are rewarding rather than an annoyance.

Mahmoud Kssab

Play one game to watch a lot of ads 😠😡

Ross .Saunders

everything is an add

Sean Beach

Barraged with constant ads after every run, uninstalled

Nenigade M

Terrible game, riddled with ads


terrible ads 10sec of game play for 30 sec of ad

kyle pritchett

no dont like they stole £100,000 from me

Rohan Tiwari

Sab se bakwas game ha

Ricky Falk

way to many ads for a simple game

Tommy Arizona

lots of adds

Daniel Cooper

Way too much advertising

Thomas Ramsey

just downloaded , update review soon

Rafeeque Punnakkad





Too much ads

Isabel J

For such a simple game, it sure wants all of your personal information. I installed it, it took me to the permissiond page and uninstalled it at the same speed. There is no reason a game developer would need all of that personal information. Sure some things CAN be relevant, but definitely aren't neccessary, like your phone model info and ad preferences but the game would work as well without them.

Muhammad Usman

I'm very excited 😆☺

Amir Beigi

you asked too soon and didnt let me play enough so im gonna reward youre greed with a one star

Raju Raj


Kaleb Tyree

Should be called "Ad Fest" The game requires you to watch a 30 second ad after every bonus and every move (each move takes maybe 4-5 sec) for 30 seconds of gameplay I watched 3 minutes of ads plus 1 minute of ads for bonus. How's that math for you developer? Get your $h!t together! Don't waste your time even ad free has ads, download a better game.

Sean Vinsick

play game for 5 secs, 30 second ad, play for another 5 secs, 30sec ad, ...

Nik B

No real purpose or objectives clarified. Forced ads "2 levels" in makes it an ad viewer where u occasionally guide arrows for no reason.

Sahil Gondaliya

The game is good but the ads are too much that's why I am deleting the game

Reece Thomas

Going to uninstall. Might be a fun game if it would stop making you watch ads over and over. Oh here's a reward if you want to watch another 30 second ad, oh and if you choose not to? Another ad! Just no extra reward! Did I mention ADS! And terribly small "x" and skip buttons that take you to the play store half the time? I've probably spent as much time writing this review as I spent actually playing, albeit minus the 10 minutes of Ads.

Black Hawk

nice game.

Amir Rezaei

Baaaaaaaad, shet game

Joan Diaz

so cool i love it😄😅

S Rahmath

Watsr app

Tanvir Shohel

F u c k...of the wrost app

Gnana Kumar nice


Mobi Tech.13

So annoying app so much ads. Waste of time.

Samsoon gill Samsoon Gill

what a game


I was kinda enjoying it, despite the overabundance of ads, then the game broke on the 4th level. Not recommended.

Rohit Sharma1375

Wrist game with too much ads

Effie Estrera


Richard Warkentin

This game is absolutely horrendous. Click-bait ad-slewing nonsense. I tried to humor it for a bit because I like math games, and it forced an ad per throw. It even stalled on an ad indefinitely, and I was less than five minutes into the game. Disgusting.

Sushant Patil Karale