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Army Defense – This is a desperate mission that only the brave and resourceful can survive: your base is under attack and the enemy is infiltrating from all sides. Only you and your small group of special forces can save the day, so parachute in and prepare to defend with everything you’ve got in this multiplayer tower defense game.
🫡 Fight wave after wave of invaders, secure territory, grab loot and move on to the next war-torn location in this fast-paced game that combines smart strategy and wild action.
Army Defense combines the best elements of traditional tower defense games with intuitive gameplay and many original features:
🎖️ Time spent on reconnaissance: before the battle begins, you have some time to build a defense with several different artillery columns, snipers, mines and other objects that can be placed and improved. Explore the landscape, use resources wisely and watch the clock.
🎖️ Pick a Hill: In this immersive action game, your small group is up against an entire army of attackers, so line up your troops carefully to minimize their exposure to incoming fire. And when the action starts, remember to keep moving!
🎖️ Ride the waves: wait for the enemy to arrive or start the action yourself. Each battle is divided into waves, and each wave is even tougher than the last. Fight an entire army of paratroopers, snipers and heavy infantry with air support and a large number of armored vehicles. Who knows what the next wave will bring?
🎖️ Military loot: Between waves, it’s worth exploring the area thoroughly – you’ll be surprised by all the goodies you’ll find, but it’s no surprise that you might have to fight for them.
🎖️ Intensive Training: When the battle is over, go to the shop and spend your hard-earned loot on upgrades, equipment and new recruits. This ensures that your small army is armed to the teeth and more than ready for any mission to come. to you
🎖️ Fight them on the Beaches: Go from the forest to the desert to the snowy mountains – your next mission can take you anywhere in this epic tower defense game. Just don’t disturb the beautiful scenery too much when the bullets start flying.
Are you looking for a tower defense game that is exciting, easy to play and offers a huge variety of challenges? Can you keep your head when everyone around you disappears in a hail of bullets and the fog of war?
Only bold and determined action can save the day, so download Army Defense now and get ready for a serious army mission.
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File size: 110 MB
Update time: 2022-12-11T01:06:47.000Z
Current version: 1.2.1
Require Android: 7.0
Developer: SayGames Ltd
Price: $Free
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