Army Commander

Author: Lion Studios

5,000,000+ install


Army Commander
Battle ready your troops! It’s time to conquer the enemy’s land!

Fight for your right to defend your nation as the commander in chief. Your only goal is to capture the enemy’s flag by building your soldiers and stations.

Amass as many units of tags as you can. The more you collect, the more you can build and the stronger you become. Unlock special upgrades and equipment. Attack and defeat the enemies by using your tanks, bazookas or even fly your planes. Don’t forget to wait for the big drop! A small support from our allies can go a long way.

Play this highly addicting game that will ultimately test your strategy skills. Are you ready? There can only be one victor!

Game Features:

Build your stations
Collect as many tags as possible and sell them to unlock each battle station.
Rally your troops
More stations mean more troops. Gather them all as your first line of defense. Then, attack!
Raise your ranks
No good deed comes with no reward. As you progress, see yourself graduate to the top of the field: Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain? You name it!
Capture the Enemy’s Flag
End the day with victory in your hands!

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Food Cutting, Pull Him Out, and I Peel Good!

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Lion Studios

Detailed info

File size: 74M
Update time: March 15, 2022
Current version: 0.8
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Lion Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Santosh Sharma


Manjula HRms

Hard ik

Parbhar Kumar

Like and subscribe my YouTube Crazy by army

Saw Nan Da


nett atkins


Ehsan Butt

Too many adds waste of time

David's World

Ice idea but had ads every 5 to 10 seconds during play. So just got sick of it and uninstall it

Akash A

This game is very much interesting.... But the worst thing I experienced is this get stuck when an ad about starter pack shows up. I have to restart the game for morethan 10 times to close that damn ad.


Good game yarr Maza a gya

Cherry an Tumagantang

Look nice games

Shahira El Sayed

If i had a shot for every pop-up ad in this game, i would be in the ER getting my stomach pumped after 5 minutes of playing. The ads dont stop, even in the middle of battle. This game would be 100x better if there were less. Muuuch less.

zohaib khan

A nice game for having fun

Sidak Singh


Saumya Dixit


Abdelhak Laihi


Jitendara n Chawda


West Fame official

I can't give 1 Star because the game is so wonderful 👍👍👍👍

Sanjoy Gorai

Sabsa gatiaa game ha

muthu silambarasan


Anwarul Haque

Soo good game

Baby Sanitha ek

M reward app coin earning app

Boniface Kasukwa

The game is so awesome

Mohamad Izzat

Sometime it lag my game and fun too

محمد القليصي

Too many interrupting ads like every 30 seconds.

babyrani 2912


Saleem Anwar

Good interesting game yahoo hurray.

Hussain Saifi

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Cute game

Chaitanya Gudla


Dipesh Karmacharya

Very good

Bandi Sireesha

Wowwww so nice

Mansoor Khan

Nice game

Ignace Varlet

Not so good

Abid hasan Chowdory


Mohammad Maraj

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Syed Arhan Ali



E SS e

Andy Santiago

Good game

Jason morlang

The game has glitches since I downloaded. Have not had much time to play will continue to try but I might not be pleased if the glitch keeps up

krina Sangoi


Sonu Jatt


Saifunnisa Sarah

Huzair It was very good game

Liam J Read

Not a bad game to pass the time.

Robbie Martin (NeverPlayed)

Ads make game unplayable.

Girish Amesara

Ads every 10 seconds there us ad. You should rename it to ad watching and in between a small game


I like this game It rocks

Kevin Hamilton

Interesting for tiny format Korean

Mr. Imsa

If you install one game in advertisement then another game. They cheat a lot . Very worst

Mwmwm Jsjs

ما شاء الله

biniam aweke

Plaýed two minutes seems intresting !!

Jewel Rana


Siam Hossain

Worst game ever. This game has advertisements every 30 seconds of gameplay. Why!!!

Remy Butorin

Way too many adds, excessive! Uninstalled!!!

Kamal Theeng

Komal Theeng

Harry singh

Very very boring gaming, because very much ads on Play

Vishal Singh

Ek no

naing zaw


Yaniv Olchovsky

Too many ads unplayable

Mahfuj Sadia


بنیامین هاشمی



Mast game ha sabi kelaha karo free time element

Amazing nice game

Shamail Khan

Very good game

Sgsgsh Sbgsnh

Muskan Ji

Paneti venu

Susanth Shdbho

Sahib Kumar

Successfully App and my

Neha Khetan

This game is nice

dilip ridh

I like game to much but it's stop suddenly like black frame in middle of game

Mark Smith



The ads for premium is not either buying, canceling or removing the ads page,kind of useless from this end, deleted already sef


INTRUSIVE ADS! Every 20 seconds an ad pops up. The new rules will soon be in place and any app/game that has this.. will be breaking a rule. Also, not a single app is to refuse your own personal data to be removed. I hope everyone has seen the new rules... it will make it much better for us consumers.

Amore Mio

Cash app games real app name

Amina Marak


David Kiptie

Keeps me glued

Big Lahore Prank

Nice 👍


Very nice 👌👍

Zayar343 343


Sami Khan

Not bad 😔

Md Jamil


Sk Ãsãfül Ïslãm

sk saifullah too

shakil boy

Nic 🥰🥰

markhor markhor

Very bad game

Salamali Shahani

This game is nice but game camera game is looking my atm password



Ak Murthy


SK Rifat


Maria Rosario Tinaikaitani

It's cool because it's like in real life



stay happy.


gowdappa gowdappa


Tahir Sahani

Game is good but too much ad. Solve this

s0uL_ _xX_ _

Very very boring game.

David Baker

Great fun

william granetin

Too much ads..even during mission suddenly interupted by ads..very rude..

Farhan Mullick

Worst game ever

Durga Derashri

I really like this game , very good game in the straight mobile games.

Rathna Chandra

Nice game 🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮

Natural “Bageshwar dham Bala g” Relaxing music club

I like

Olaleye Oluwatosin

Take care of the ads ....uninstalled ... a zero star would have been better tho but guess what no zero star