Armada : Warship Legends

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Armada : Warship Legends – Armada is a turn-based Naval Battle Epic Si-Fi RPG featuring hundreds of famous battleships throughout history.
Build your naval base and build your fleet! Fight your way through an epic campaign and save the world. Battle other players with your strategy to see who is king of the ocean. Challenge the mysterious super battleships lurking above the world.
Collect the epic warships of history and train a powerful fleet to deal with different situations.
Collect the largest fleet for strategic victories!
✔️[Strategy Game]
Witness a brilliant display of each battleship’s unique abilities.
different crews to choose from and extra abilities for your warships!
Find the best strategy to win battles.
✔️[Endless Fun]
Build, decorate your naval base, fight other commanders, explore unknown oceans, fight in PvP battles, expand your collection, train warships and more.
✔️[Massive Collection]
Battleship, Aircraft, Cruiser, Destroyer.
different battleships, z different characteristics and thousands of combinations against all kinds of challenges!
Collect as many warships as possible and assemble the largest fleet.
✔️[Exploitation of other players]
Find an opponent and search their base for resources. Train and arm your warships to become the king of the ocean!
You need to find as many powerful equipment as possible.
They increase the power of your warships. If you can collect a bunch of equipment, your battleship will gain special abilities.
✔️[Special Action]
Every day, the board rewards commanders for completing special tasks.
Choose your mission carefully to earn your biggest reward if you don’t want to be buried at the bottom of the ocean.
✔️[Super Giant Warships]
They are big, powerful and mysterious.
They are hiding all over the world and no one knows where they came from.
Explore and find them, challenge them and defeat them with clan allies to receive unique materials in return.
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File size: 458 MB
Update time: 2023-02-13T08:31:57.000Z
Current version: 1.0.0
Require Android: 8.0
Developer: Pandagaming
Price: $Free
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