Arkcraft – Idle Adventure

Author: Yunbu Game Studio

100,000+ install


Arkcraft – Idle Adventure – Build Arks to fight the Doomsday Flood!

Detailed info

File size: 153M
Update time: June 18, 2021
Current version: 0.0.7
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Yunbu Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ko Bee Segovia

It's good graphics

Zian Lim

I like this game this is my favorite game ever after i wish there is more boat to be build this is a really adventure quest game this is my favourite game


It has a story to it,not what i expected to a game like this,i like it.There is not a lot of ads (that i can see of).it has a battle mechanic to it,not very hard since the heroes do the work for you.The "crew" craft what you make them do,its a very nice game.😺😸😺

L Sathian


Jacob Carlson

Playable not impressive, but suitable enough for a leasure moment for a week or two

Michael Ugay

It's very good 🥰

Sue Moody

Can't find a way to sync the game on my tablet with the one on my phone. Takes too long to level characters up.

Shayu Shayu

Syed shabaz

John Urquidez

Cool game concept but cluttered with cash grab ads


You can't enjoy this game because you can't do what you want and just forced to follow the tutorial... Too long tutorial...

Oliver Troake

Id give less if could keeps saying no conection and doesnt even load the game

Nate Compton


Video Games

Game is good

Andy Grzegorek

A flood of ads. Unbalanced play, often stuck at the same level for days. I have no idea how to save the game to the server and restore it to another device. The high subscription cost is even much more than World of Warcraft !! Lot of bugs.

Christene Joy Zamora

Good graphics but the fighting phase is so slow. And i think it will be better if the task is not watching ads.

Kate Olsen

it is calming and is perfict for my computer!


After first battle game crashes before I can equip the weapons I won and continuously crashes at the same spot no matter what I do.

Jason Doe

I wouldn't waste your time, it requires money to advance. Also requires a ton of luck.. My experience is no luck, no weapons from chests, and shop only rings, necklaces and armor. I also been stuck on the same stage for 3 days, with my wood full, and completely bored with this situation. You will also find yourself having to watch ad after ad for everything! Even to get quests rewards, absolutely ridiculous! Greed drives this game, prepare to be broke and bored!

Kayden Diaz


Jeff O

Game crashes when starting the game at loading screen

Glg D

Failed to connect to login server after it wouldn't let me go past the first tutorial objective.

Kayla Shortland

this game is preety good

Shawn Williams III

This game is very Fun!

Terrence Maxey

Loading screen is slow and tired of after watching a video you guys lag me out

Brandon Lance

Would give me stars but half the time after the ads are over it doesn't count, or they aren't formatted correctly to exit.

Smooth Tow

It is good

Martin Britvich

I like it too much

Mason Fusiara

It's funny and it's great I like it

Jade Hunter

ok i got bqck on this game ahaim to try again and its working and so far i lile it a lot its better then the other ome i have tried tbh more of a story in tue game i likw its qhat i do im giving 5 starts

Ligma Balls

Love the game fun to battle

Michael Davis

It's a cool app

Ramon BeltranArtUrOjdkv6zcsyfitopqew

Its amazing and its fun thinking if you where in the game 😃😃😁😁

JCL Playz

Super fun

Jay White

Won't get past the loading screen.


Its okey

Amanda Baltazar

Fun game

Samuel ortega

Fun for kid's

Leslie Stalker

bugs please fix them

Sammy Aguirre

It's the best game I ever played

nicole Mzibri

Would love to give a 5 star BUT as of this morning it doesn't load past 80%. Please fix so I can give the game a 5. Thanks

A Google user

The game is good, but the management need work. No help from the developers when you need it

john mcarthur

copy of another game but better

Keyan Smith

I love it

Barry Dale


Angela LaMorgese

The game crashes when I go to upgrade my heroes and doesn't stop crashing unless uninstalled and put back, but crashes again when going to heroes.

Grant Stowers


Xavier Forsyth

Awesome Game

neko neko

not a bad game to play but 3 things i would change. 1) there is to much stuff on the screen it make it hard to turn the screen to look at the boat or pick up items from the sea. 2) the cost of the subscription needs to be lowered or the amount of time needs to be increased not paying $5 a week. when doing any kind of pvp they real power of the person needs to be showen i have fought a person that it said had 30k power but when i started to fight them the team power was less then 18k.

Nicholas Schlensker

No way to exchange diamonds for gold runs out of gold to fast unable to level heros and equipment to keep up

Michael Birdsell

Good game to many ads

Azael Calderon

It's so fun and addicting

Bobbi Patten


Septanus Yurian

Aku suka game ini kamu harus coba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paxton Callender

It is fun but it won't let me watch the ads to get rewards

Dan Beauregard

Good game so far, will reevaluate after more than a few hours.

Muskan Tamang

Best game ever

Technille Curtis


ROBERT Simmons

I like it

darkness yt

Good new there no ads in 18 Seconds and a good game and no ads

FNAF Adventures

This is a nice game

1 buck 1 mill

Good game

Mohd Asrul

Good game

Alicia m

The app never gets past the loading screen, so I am unable to play. My phone keeps telling me the app has stopped responding; sometimes the characters on the loading screen appear but their clothing doesn't. Uninstall and reinstall doesn't help.

Jason Schefano

I downloaded the game and it will not allow me to start playing the game. I'm disappointment with it at this moment because I can't not test it out. I will update my review if this issue is fixed.

retired one

Really? You have to watch ads to claim main quests after you already did the work to get there? That's despicable.

Zach Rohler

Gold chests give you blue items. Literally a scam.

Bryon Minnick

You need to fix stage 3-20 I've been stuck here for 4 days and more than doubled my power since I beat 3-19.

Justin Smith

Install the game then prompted with a update after the update it says logging in and then crashes. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled updated again and still does the same thing. Apparently from other reviews the crash problem pretty bad dont waste your time or data on a broken game.

Alex Gunter

Love the game

Brandon Traxler

This game is fun and the pets are cute

Jessica Dopp

I love this game

brookelin thomas

Love it❤

Starlit *

It's a good game but there are little details that could be improved like speeding up the dialogue from the beginning.

Joey Guana

It's a fun calm game. It helps you calm the mind while freshing up your or increasing your stradegy skills I recommend this for people who have free time, people who are stressed, and people who are struggling in other harder or more skillfull stradegy games.

David Wilson

Keeps crashing won't launch

Jennifer Thomas

So much fun

Mary Smith

does not work


Good for passing time


Seems like a very interesting concept. I am intrigued to see how long it remains capable for free to play players using just ads

Bartolome Nicolas

This game is so fun

Diana Landers

I love it

King Cake

My compter was slowing down after i got this game but when i remove it my compter is fine

jose ramon reyes


Quintin Wallace

I like building

Isabel Pecora

Awesome because I have had like three adds so far and I just downloaded it i love it this game is awesome.

Hhcc Xhhx

Best game ever

Matthew Fisher

Game was working fine... and about 30 minutes into playing, it just crashed. It gets stuck on a loading screen and will error out. I'm not sure what happened or why it happened. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it to see if that would fix it, but I'm still getting the same crash.


Great 👍

John Ward

Devs, are you serious? £16 per month subscription for a idle game. No ability to save any purchases or progress to another device. Haven't you any knowledge of market research that you would benefit more with revenue with affordable prices? Players like myself just move on to other games where the devs support their loyal players and the players support the game.

pratibha mehta

It's good

Brian Dinges

Has potential to be a good game. It's very glitchy. Battles have to be fought multiple times sometimes because after victory it hangs up. For some reason the game has to make a request to the server for everything you do in the game. Really makes me wonder if game data is all that's being exchanged in this game.

Matthew Nash

Fun exciting and easy to work with.

LA Wats


Scott S

There are so many bugs , ads wont work, the daily chest wont work, the sighn in chest wont work


Its aight

myah Mcdaniel


saVge ssb

Nice game actually I play this game in my free time

Chris Mayer

Ok but slow

Texas Joker

Need to fix the game I watch a video to get resources or claim my daily item won't respond. Or watch video and don't get the stuff. Then once it happens I can't click on anything except battle or to upgrade. Been doing this for 2 days. Once I close out and go back in it works 1 maybe 2 times and it messes up again

Cavalier Crusader

Riddled with ads. Can't even complete all the challenges without watching 5 ads.