Argo’s Choice: Visual Novel, Crime Adventure Game

Author: Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)

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Argo’s Choice: Visual Novel, Crime Adventure Game – Visual novels & interactive stories – Crime, mystery | Choose your own adventure

Detailed info

File size: 56M
Update time: September 1, 2021
Current version: 1.2.9
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
Price: Free
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Customer review

Charu Bisaria

I know the story of this game is mostly completed but i am looking forward to more games related to 7 DAYS

Gregory Charlotte

Everything about the game is okay te graphics, UI interface...but just have a problem with the Ads its not loading and i don't have enough tickets to play now


Please tell other characters stories from 7 days. I really enjoyed Argo's choice.


Doesn't even work


I am quite satisfied with this game since every piece of it was wonderful. Although I do hope that there'll be another sequel to this.

Sakina Kazmi

Simply wonderful. But after completing all the ending I can't seem to find the secret story.

Fearless Leader

After several attempts, this app will not open, on my Samsung Galaxy 10±... 👎But, I love Murder on Budapest by this developer! 👌

AmirMohammad Almaee

I like to see all endings but there are two problems: 1. After watching an ad the timer freezes and prevents you to watch another and I have to reopen the game and this is so annoying. 2. Unlike your other games I've played, this game doesn't have enough checkpoints and it makes you to start over just for a single choice. Even if you use 200 tickets to skip the story, no checkpoints will be unlocked! I know you guys need money but this isn't right.


Insufficient tickets

Farhan Ahmed

Game has a great concept alright, but when I click on ads to earn tickets, it says something like time to refill

Romafrench Love


Afifa Nomani

I love your games! They are absolutely fantastic. The story, the art style.. Everything is just meticulously framed. My only problem with this one is though that there are a lot of bugs. I have to close and reopen the app multiple times just to proceed through the story because your ads to get free tickets wouldn't load. If you fix this problem, this game will be perfect for sure... And I have been in love with Argo since 7 days so you can feel how much this one means to me <3

Mahou Sudzuru

It's a pity that I couldn't get all the endings and achievements because I don't know how, but anyway, this game is really something. Thanks for this visual-novel-masterpiece, just like all your games, Buff Studio. :)

Simela Kosmidou

Game doesn't open

Wakanda Forever

I love it I think the creators should go global and you guys are soon going to start doing pc gamers like I hope you can do👍


Too short

Maria Ramez

I like the idea of the game it's very interesting and I would like from you to do more and more. Anyway I like this game.

Hannah Camus

Even though I'm still on the second card, as a 7 days player this is a fun game. My main problem is the Loading ads takes too long and sometimes the app suddenly closes or resets. Please fix this I can't even continue with the story since I have no tickets.

Richard Kamuti

I almost finished the game when the bugs came in. First when i pressed the play video to earn tokens, the screen got black and the game suddenly closed. Amd now i can't even enter the game. After the loading screen the screen goes white and then the game crashes / is blocking on the load screen. I'll give 5 stars after you fix these bugs.

PS NecroSpawn

Incredible game, great story and takes differing perspectives on more commonly known themes!


Such an amazing game should be spread out more. The game gives you limited choices but allways just the right ones. I have played more of the studios games in this style , and im looking forvard to seeing more. Im honestly enyoed every one of this studios games that i have played. I hope there will be more games like this.

Gavin Poetrantara

Veery Great I Like it It good

Princess mary

Great game. Really makes you empathize with the characters. Very interesting. Would recommend!


It looks like a great game and I bet it is because buff games is very good at what they do for this type of stuff but the app keeps crashing when I try to open it it'll load and then when I press the continue it'll go to the white screen and just stay there idk why this is happing but it's disappointing 😕

Zaman Arfin

1 of the best interactive game


Great story, characters, and graphics. Maybe the ticket system kinda annoying but Im playing for free, I cant do anything else to profit the developer so I wont complain.

Dianah Gunik


Thanh Tú

Hay, rất hay

Master Killer

Amazing game


When I first saw this game I thought "woahhhh, a spin off of 7Days, this is gonna be fun" and man was I right about the 2nd thing, I'm not that far in so it's not 100% about the first thing, 11/10

Ɣεl Сαៜៜια

I really love the character of Argo and Thophel. Their character is so well written and interesting I can't help but want more.😌❤❤


Deserves 5 stars 👌👌👌👌👌👌


i played underworld office and cried a lot, so now im back. i remember stopping 7 days because of the ticket system, but now it seems to be fixed in this game. it is reasonably timed (for a free game) and the time between being able to claim tickets and watch ads increases but resets after a while. dont expect to be able to binge it quickly if ur f2p ofc. i spent a bit on tickets but i honestly think they definitely deserve it anyway. ive gotten 3 endings, replayed 4 times. all v cool.

Bryannah Passon

It was fun, who cares if it has ads or you lose tickets fast, its a fun short game

Abid Zakir

Fun game but argo dies


Really good story..

Krishna Singh

One of greatest game ever damn this game need to be more popular it really is very good Only amazing can describe this game nothing else i finally get all the ending and i really enjoyed it thanks for this game

Rio Sunny

I thoroughly enjoyed this story!

Audrey Sylveson

from overall story choice that i've played , ngl this game ranked no 1 on my story choice games list. we watched an ad and got 60 tickets and some ppl also can buy the purchase. the story just WOW it's feel like i'm main character , i am Argo HAHAHAHA. to anyone who sees this review , i recommend you to play this game before the other story choice games.

Maryland Lumbayan

I just started playing it,and i don't understand why the timer for the ads stops.

Hannah Grace Espiritu

What a great artwork and a story, this is gonna be intriguing


personally love the game but to gain tickets is just quite difficult



Usama Elnadi

great job, good scenario, dramatically stories, thank you developer

Bronx Latina

Not Free to Play as Stated.

Nick Tsangaris

You run out of free tickets in, literally, less than 5 minutes. And the ads never load if you try to continue that way instead of buying tickets. Absolute waste of time.

Sara Farrell

Horrible. Worst ticket system ever. Either just make the app cost money one time to play ad free or have tickets actually replenish after some time with the option to watch ads for tickets faster. Waste of my time. I can't tell you if the story is good because never got any tickets to read it.

P Qu

Worst game ever


I loved it, many different endings and choices you can make.

Chen Liwei


Yorman Carrillo

Me parece fantástico el juego, por lo general los diálogos son muy variables y bien construidos, me sorprende que tenga gran variedad de escenas y de finales, acabo de terminar mi primer final y no dudo en que también haya muchos otros. El sistema de elección en bueno, sus personajes poseen una buena profundidad y la historia engancha a quien sabe elegir con cautela, yo jugué 7 Days y no he encontrado ese final, pero este juego da la oportunidad para buscar otros no menos interesantes

Mandee Lee

Money grab. You get your first tickets and then no others. I couldn't even watch an add for them it was buy yhen or don't even get through more than meeting one person. No tickets are earned daily etc like many other games that use this system. You buy them or you don't play. Very disappointing 😞

Tinashe Chagweda

Best app l lyk it


not quite what i was expecting but very interesting. I've only gotten one ending so far but it's pretty good. 7 days made me want to play this

Dave Escalona

Pls.. Make part 2 of this game I really enjoying this game

Ignitor17 Gamez

Game was good, though I didn't play much of it. Small typos and grammar mistakes. My biggest issue is the tickets. Each choice you actually get to make for yourself takes a ticket. Problem is the only ways I saw to get more tickets was buy them with real money or watch an ad, which is super annoying. I wanted to read/play a game not make 20 choices and have to watch an ad for every choice I want to make afterwards. The game just wants your money it seems like to me.

Randa Hani


Hassn Eltokhy

Didn't finish it yet, but I'm so excited to

Amir Sheykhi

chat or game?


I played this until dawn and just finished one of the endings and i have to say that i loved im now going to play the other endings and im looking forward for the other games too

Crimson Lad

This is one of the best visual novel game I have ever played on mobile. The story is interesting, love the art, so many different choices and each choice leads the game to a different ending. It's just amazing.

Piyush Raj

Game is best but some glitchy or I say UI is not smooth.

Lia Lucilfer

I'm inlove with this app! The characters, the plot, everything is good. I really enjoy playing this. I downloaded this after playing 7 days because I was curious of Argo's background. This is fun! My only problem is that, compared to 7 days, this app takes forever to move when you tap it. It really annoys me, but overall, I think it's good.

Jia Hung Chua

Tickets, like from the last game.

Nemanja Trninic

I almost paid for game.. Jk guys, jk

Beautiful Princess

Everything is perfect 🥺 what can I say? This deserves more than 5 stars, It's amazing, so so amazing, I kept replaying it a lot of times, argo is so beautiful!

Harsh Chahal

*awkward silence just like argo*

enwn the icognito

I never gave any review in any game,but this game is actually exceptional ! The story is just like a novel, in fact ..... Better ! All the stories in buff studio have twists ,and these twists are actually more beautifully arranged and justified according to the former facts given in the story ,you can actually figure out what gonna happen next if u are smart. Anyways , masterpiece

Habiba mohamed


independent score

Excellent game...i love it...Buff studio is really improving so much ...🙏🙏🇮🇳😇✅

Lana Rafaela Cindric

Two minutes in and I'm already made to purchase tickets. Sounds like a cool story but I'm not hooked enough by minute two. I'm out

What do I call myself

I cant install the app. I don't know what happened.

Anilabha Ghosh

Great story and please do make a sequel!

Mikaela Bacaltos

I like the game but I can't get more tickets. I only finished 1 ending and cannot claim anymore tickets. Please fix it

umaru azeez

I love it! I played 7 Days before this and i enjoyed that game as well. This is a really enjoyable experience. Buff Studio is the only game studio which i know which makes these multiple ending choice based games for mobiles. I would love to see more games like this for characters like Balaam, Hilde, and Philio just like this one for Argo

ethina 5

They always make a better game after the Last 😂


Wow I didn't knwo there was a game for his choice i unlocked it in 7 days! I think it would be better to play that first before this

Pratik Anand

Another good story-game. Its a nice adventure, just like 7 Days. I like the way of telling tale through short memories of Argo, something similar to 7 days. I have a few problems, hence the 4 stars. One, it's a bit different in UI than 7 days, and sometimes it doesn't make it clear if we need to click to continue or its a timed pause between scenes. Two, I suppose we are watching enough ads already to fill up the tickets so the pop ads while making a choice is excess. It breaks the flow. Gg.

Sylvia W

Wow, this game is fantastic. I didn't think anything could top "Underworld Office," but this game does just that. The characters are engaging, the story is exceptional, and there are so many different roads that pop up everytime you play that it feels like a new game each play-through. I have completed the game at least 5 times today and I still haven't scratched the surface. Overall, this is a really balanced, fun, and amazing game in every sense.

Shila Alam

Story is really good

True Myths

So confusing...i don't know how to play this game....its not player's friendly


Simply a very realistic and amazing game . I loved the characters and it presents a very thrilling adventure to the player especially as we can change the course of the games through my choices . I simply love buff studio games and this game presented a whole new side of crime world so i really loved the experience . Keep up the good worl and i Will be cheering for your future projects.

Shubham Baral

BUFF STUDIO !!!!! WHAT A GRRAT GAME YOU HAVE MADE , but you can add a Romantic Storyline with Bartender ... You know What I mean ? 😉 Anyway The Game is Great I wanna See the Part 2 Of this Game .


Argo is the same character from 7 days, right ? this game was very interesting, waiting for ur next :)

Blue Jones

Love the way you choose what happens maybe more games like this?


I was really addicted to the story game like this, Argo's choice is a nice game i ever played, then the game is interesting and addictive for everytime it open the app. Music is better when we read the story while you didn't have any outer disturbance and enjoy the story with music, that is a nice technique to use while reading. The story is nice and interesting, visuals are nice always like, please create the another game like this, we are really expecting this like games.


It a really good game i love it

Da boah

This game is the best, had so many outcomes based on what you say, its so relaxing and so soothing to me, it makes me feel like i am part of the game. Thank you Buff Studio


How do you make such a beautiful story haha

Multibit Marco

Welp im not surprised that this is one heckin good vishual novel.

Hitori de Osamu

It was really great, the story was short and simple, it gives a soothing calming tone that makes you relax while you play, yet also offers really intense and thrilling vibes specially when making decisions that changes the course of the story. My only question is what is the difference between this and the paid version? I am considering on downloading that as well but i kinda wanna know if its worth it first.

ya nadnad ya

I like it :>

Karyl Akiko Escosio

Pretty good experience actually and a lot of possible outcome.👌

Geren XD

I enjoyed story, i thought after finished the story it will be same question and same story as before, but i was wrong, this game more amazing than i thought.

Ngân Hà Nguyễn

I was rather disappointed with this actually, maybe bacause I had high expectation after playing Seven days. But the chapter system is really confusing to follow and control. And the ads, I know I have to watch an ad to refill my tickets, but ads interrupting the gameplay? Big no!

Happy Carroy

This make me a lot more attach to Argo, especially after I just played 7 Days. The arts is amazing along with the storyline. There is some minor grammatical errors but overall, it doesn't affect my game play, the ticket system too is fine since you could just get more of it through watching ads.

Yrone Cike

Awesome. I'm currently playing a new game and planning to get all of those I didn't unlocked from my previous games. I'm planning to play next the Underworld Office and I am also playing the new game of yours. Not A Hero. All of them are good and awesome but I love this game more. Keep doing a good work. I'm hoping that you will do another games like this. I'm wishing that the game is a detective type or horror type based in school. Though I will play all of your next visual novels. Keep safe ^^

Siti Nur Adillah M. Hafize

Ever since I downloaded the 7days I started to get interesting this game and soon I downloaded the underworld office and Argo's choice and still play the same game until know....The graphic is well great and the story is touching and some of the story is hard to choose but it's amazing story you did...keep on going and I can't wait for your next game😍🤩...By the way can I give some suggestions if you may😅

H. K.

It was okay. I played 7 Days and it was phenomenal! This didn't meet my expectations that much. Argo doesn't seem like the 7 Days Argo but what ruined it for me was the story that wasn't very engaging...

oz 00

Everything u do is with money not very nice u know