Archer’s Tale – Adventures of Rogue Archer

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Archer’s Tale is a fast-paced action RPG game mixed with roguelike randomly generated dungeons. You are the archer hero on your quest to become the master of arrows, bow, and crossbow. Explore a fantasy world full of dungeons and mazes and fight your way through mystic places in this dungeon crawler action game.

Start a journey where you will destroy evil beasts, mythical bosses, and waves of monsters in battles full of strategy and tactics. Do you have what it takes to become an epic adventure archer?

âš¡ CHOOSE YOUR SKILLS: give your archer elemental arrows, faster attack speed, or multiple arrows.
POWERFUL EQUIPMENT: Choose from bows, crossbows, helmets, and capes. Create a powerful hero with unique builds.
UNIQUE SPELLS: Powerful shields, life drain attacks, poison arrow and many other skills will be earned for each successful dungeon run.
ENEMY WAVES: Evil enemies and bosses have defeated many an archer who has dared to set foot in their dungeon. Will you be the one to survive?
EASY TO PLAY, HARD TO MASTER: 100+ different monsters with special attacks and skills that you’ll want to memorize and learn to avoid.
MYTHICAL BOSSES: Unique, challenging bosses live in the dungeons, protecting powerful items that are worth fighting for.
️ RANDOM DUNGEONS: Start your adventure on a beach that leads to an incredible yet dangerous Atlantis.

Smash boss enemies
Explore fantasy dungeons filled with obstacles and legendary beasts with your master hunter archer. In this action-adventure game, you are the hero, out to slay epic boss monsters. Dodge their attacks and break their defenses with your powerful weapons and skills. Epic gems and new equipment will be your reward if you win the roguelike battle. Choose your weapon and enter the arena to fight for survival – only the toughest archery master can win.

Level up your skills
Want burning arrows or bullets that poison your enemies? This idle RPG game offers you a huge variety of talents to train on your way to being the master archer. You decide the archer’s fate by mastering magic hunter attacks to complete quests for epic loot. Claim unique rewards to level up your archer hero.

️ Hunter for legendary items
In Archer’s Tale, you can explore roguelike dungeons, collect epic weapons and equipment that you can level up and enhance with powerful gems and magical artifacts. Craft unique bows and upgrade arrows to make every shot a headshot and become the master of arrows.

Why this dungeon crawler game is awesome
Random dungeons.
Every run is unique.
Powerful collectible items and gear.
Nonstop action game.
Unique hero builds.

This idle action RPG offers you everything from casual dungeon grinding to archery master role-playing strategy.”

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Customer review

Ian W

Wouldn't load past 35% so never even got to playing the game.

edimar mendoza

The game don't load . Im stuck at 35%

Thomas Haberman

Still won't load a year later don't even risk it it was a good game when you got in

† endless[3cho] †

A formerly good game that no longer loads past 35%. It hasn't been updated in nearly 11 months now and since the developers don't seem to communicate with anyone I'm going to assume that this is a dead game now.

Richard Atkins

Game doesn't load past 35%. Others have complained about the same more than 2 months ago yet the issue persists

Katherine Green

Recent update has caused it not to load anymore stays stuck at 35 percent


Originally gave this game 5 stars. But since the update it doesn't load past 35% and developers don't help as you can see by no responses to comments in the reviews. Don't waste your time!

laurie mayers

Wnt even load me into the game anymore!!

Greg X

Great game with a few bugs, sad it's going away. Tried to launch just now and it wouldn't connect. Adieu, mes amis!

Darren Parkinson

Won't open, stops at connecting at 35%, left it on connecting for 20 minutes, still won't run.

Tamer Sourour

The game was fun suddenly it didn't work when I open the game at 35% loading it stops


Well the games getting deleted it was fun

Vontrase Dunbar

This is by far the best archer game on the marketplace. Please tell me the rumors aren't true. Is the game leaving?

Ian Speirs

Brilliant what I've been looking for love it

Peter Allen


Lawrence Ma

Fun game. But it doesn't say if skills would stack. If I get 2 buck shots, it doesn't shoot x2. Fire arrow doesn't do more dmg. Upgrade an item but no result = wasted my resources. Sometimes when helper dies, they just stay frozen and cool-down doesn't start. Update: my game UI is totally different from what the pics are shown in the Playstore.

Shawn Hoffman

They have shop keeps that just steal money from for talking to them. The daily goals descriptions don't match match what you actually have to do to finish the goal.

Yèhsu Paing

Is a good game

Nick Boulstridge

I have played this game almost daily. It is a fun game, however to actually progress in the game you need to pay to win. I have personally spent a bucket load which has allowed me upgrade my hero to actually be able to kill monsters. You soon realise why there are only 9 lvls as the game is so out of kilter. On top of that rare items just don't drop and you have to grind your way through low items to merge to higher. Although I have enjoyed the game I am now bored circling levels to progess

Dominique Newman

Love it

Isaac Ortega

66 y b ? ;😊😘😗😅😄

M Keppert

Was fun... until it began glitching almost every game. At first the helper took incredibly long times to reappear or stopped reappearing until I exited the game long enough to reboot. Now the game freezes at the end of levels. It sometimes struggles to load, with the amount loaded flowing up and down. I have yet to get a purple item from the rare chest after many draws. I am very close to uninstalling.

Titus Carter Jr

Highly addictive

Julien Deflaux

is a copy of archero in a different world, but has still many bugs

Andrew Caines

I played this game for 6 months. A few days ago all my items randomly disappeared. I have emailed support..used in game help request. Nothing. All my items are still missing. I have 4 months worth of upgrades and tokens...poof gone. Avoid if you care about your time investment in a game.

Ralph Charles Cu

I already finished the snowy land and all dungeons. When will the next stage be available.

Rascal W.

Can't even gather enough mana to use skills. Awful game now. Nerfed to hell. Garbage. :)

Jesse West

Before the update they had about a month back it was a good game. Since then they have killed it. Very bad development.


This game is over =)

Ahmed raza

Damage the phone this game

ethan hawk

Acctuly is good but i die a lot monsters are so power for example the monster boss is very hard me to attck

Adrian Garbutt

Outstanding game.

Franky Djavol

Decreasing day by day, i connected on the game today and i see no items, the've dissavv va

Deepak Verma

Worst game ❗online play need internet connection ⚠️ play this game ⛔

Mac Viloria

Good game

Justin Moore

Game is whack... upgrade not worth it and it's just another failed duplicate of Archero

Elvin Sucaldito

Stupid update. Better to shut it down, rather than updating rubbish things. Been playing for weeks, but when this stupid update came it ruined the whole game.

darren hayward

It is better graphic knock off to Archero which is more based on pay to win.

Ferdinand Rollan

Nice upgrade to Archery! 👍🏽

jonathan diaz

this game sucks

A Google user

Good so far


Simple to wrap your mind around and enough of an RPG to satisfy the smallest or largest of cravings!

Budusan Theodor

Since the new update i'm missing all that i've gathered until now,i feel weaker even if i kept all my gear,also i can't wear all my gear since 2 sockets are missing, gold is scarce, upgrading pets is even more hard.

David Nainggolan

Why i can't play the second stage? Bro, ofcourse i was finish the 1st stage -_- the game is stuck at 0% loading (edited)

Bryan Santarin

After the update it consumes more data and all the stages cant be played without downloading again. What happen to the existing data????????

Taimi Reinhardt

Its so easy, but so hard. This is one of my favorite games. I play every day.

Anup Thapa

Nic game

Learner civil


Red Dalek

Gr8 fun try it!

RL Lawrence

Last update ruined the game. No explanation in game as to why players lose 75% of everything they have worked and paid for. Support just says we got it all back. Not the case at all. They wanted to slow everyone down since they dont have any levels ready to release. Im not the only one upset about it. Read the recent reviews. Plenty of very similar games that we can play if they are going to do this. Waste of time now

Oliver Inocencio


Mahmoud Alshammari

The new update is full of bugs and huge changes wasted our time

Dr. Ryan Tay

Support fixed the lost items issue but game still much harder, 2 equpment slots disappeared, 90% or stats dropped, attack speed and crit rate dropped drasticly, before this coins can drop up to 25k , now 5k the most. If you thought before this was hard, now is worse. added 1 star for support. And not enough benefits from merging, waste time collecting gears then.

Tín Trọng


Keagin Govender

Good game play

Michael Phoenix

What Bull they nurfed the game and told me it's fine. Spending money to get my hero and accessories levelled to get 6000hp and great weapon for the update to take it all away. New only 1900hp and can't put my accessories on. The changed destroy the game can't even get through the old levels that I use to do with easy. Very very angry. Uninstalled as there email response was we don't understand the problem the games working as it should, i replied they said they get back to me never did.


Way fun to play its super addictive good for pasing time

Taseen Ali

New update is worst My game is not working When I was spend energy to play its stop loading and struck

ari wibowo

Nice and easy

Brett Cole


BAMZ officicial

Nice game. I like it better than achero

The Multiverse

It's been several months since my last review and though the reviews i read were discouraging, i thought that it was time to give it another try and see if the game had been fixed. I can't even get past the initial loading screen now. The game crashes before i can even see the UI. The stability issue that ruined gameplay last time is now so bad that the game is unplayable period. I'd give this zero stars, however, it won't let me go lower...

Joni Bangs

can't load 2nd stage (meadow).. stuck on 0%..welp

Himanshu Mane

After the current update, i have lost all my charecters power and equipment. Also, it would be a lot better if you could sell the equipment rather than kept them piling up in your inventory.

Laura Lukešová

It's just knock off Archero, which, in comparison, is a better game imho

Shelby Kilgore

Since the latest update it no longer works at all. Was painstakingly slow to level up, now i cant even play. I contacted support and was basically blown off.

Daniel Malabuyo


Jesse Matos

Since the recent update, I've lost everything in my inventory. Hours of grinding, also some items purchased, just gone. This absolutely is not okay, and is now a huge deterrent to me to even bother continuing to play this otherwise, pretty good game. UPDATE: THEY RESOLVED EVERYTHING, THEY DID GOOD I TELL YA! :)

John Lezteer Nale


Van Alaban

Item drop... Suck...

harvey lardizabal



Nice game

Min Thatkyaw


Tessa Hogan

Haven't been able to load game in 4 days now...I even deleted and reinstalled and still won't open...I even spent money...

Dan Houck

Wow... that new update annihilated my inventory. I have NOTHING left. My health is now a third of what it was and my damage is half. I can't get past the first room on the new sky level... what a shame.

Gogo Gogov

After the last updated I have lost everything... starting literally from 0 . This is more than 8 months hard efforts..or you did it deliberately??? OK thanks, this game is DONE BLACK SCREEN...

Daniel Anderson

Was great until it updated today. Lost a lot of stats, mana regeneration, items, and 90 percent of my health. Helpers freeze mid level with the update.... A good thing was changed now im done spending money and playing this game. I spent quite a bit to get where i was at too. I recommend find a different game. I just checked again. All my rare items i acquried and or purchased are gone

Curtis van Kempen

Most recent update took all my inventory items away. Tried to contact them and basically told us to bad. Same thing happen to my girlfriend. Very disappointed. We have spent $ with them and for them to tell us to bad upsets me. If they make it right I will play again.

Andrei Edwin Gonzales

I just got back to the game, and I lost all the items except for the ones equipped on my character. Is this a bug? I had hundreds of equipment that I still need to merge/forge. Also, what happened to the attack speed of my character? The drops of each stage is super low. I can't farm coins/materials to upgrade my equipment. The game was okay before. What happened?

Severyn Myronovskyi

+ game works. Even not buggy - it's boring. Enemies are in low numbers in big locations, so ricochet useless. Projectiles pass through walls - sounds fun isn't it? No, passes only ONE main shot. Rest are stopped. And etc. Want fun - go to tank hero

Raven Xu

too many problems after updating, shop got messed up, can't upgrade assistant, and after report, still not fixed ok enough im out ...bye

Devante Webb


Jr Carambas

updated the game and most of my items disappeared. already contacted under feedback but it seems they can't do anything

Christian Robillos

In recent update my items are missing then now i cant even log in.

Aditya Sarkar

Very nice game

Elie Elio

Very nice game but need a alot if improvement. First thing to do is remove the hidden exit button from under continue when u lose the match u accidentally push exit

Gary Shelton

Fun game time killer

Micha Soto


The Butcher

Perfect 1010

Abdul-rahman Yasir

Great fun!

zero the snow wolf

When this game was Early Access it was so much better. Now it's just turned into all the other ones that are out there just like this. Disappointing to see a good game turn into a trash game. Nothing was wrong with the Early Access version as there were no bugs or glitches. Very upset. This game is no longer unique nor are the levels. All the levels are vanilla and are generally the same. They all have a certain spawn message like all the other types of games similar to this. 1 * is what this is

Abdulgaffar Shaik


Hustle Castle

Fun little time killer!🤯🤯🤯

ryan carlo diolazo

Lots of bugs.. Like daily quests and even there is no enemy the warp still not opened etc

Orane Watson


DoubleDs HandJ



Was nice before updates, now it is way to hard even with good items and skills... The game in not skill base... It is just not fun to not be able to beat a lvl 3 or lvl 4 dungeon... After my first review and developers responded by... Hmmm nothing... Game is only made to get money now and a total RIP OFF... just uninstall and be more happy. Sorry I can't give them - 5 stars.

Miguel Tanchico

Bug. Daily quest of getting rune is not updating. I can't finish the quest despite collecting several runes

Sina Helper

گووود گیم

Jose Anselmo

I love it