Archer Hero 3D

Author: VOODOO

10,000,000+ install


Load your arrow.. It’s showtime! The most addictive archer game of 2020 is here!

Do you have what it takes to bring down your enemies and make it to the finish line ?

Key Features:

– Free To Play
– On-The-Go stress reliever
– Handcrafted levels
– New environments to unlock
– Suitable for all age groups

Detailed info

File size: 65M
Update time: August 25, 2021
Current version: 1.8.1
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jennifer Hilliard

It's so cool and funny

Francine Castro

Amazing 3d app it's very easy slow ads not alot of ads either 5 stars!

Rubina Afable


Deepa Pandey

very very good

lucky 1725

Very nice game iam played in my uncle phone

Harley Powell

Cool and awesome

Vikrant Sharma

Video started

matt ochs

Mindless entertainment

Ujwala Chavare

This game is Very Nice

Eric Morup

Great game

Paddy Murphy

It won't let me into the game and the screen was pink for 2 hours

Balasubbaih Kadiyam

Nani Srilakshmi

Kamalsai bhatra


Frank Gonzales Jr

After the update thier is a damn video after every level now, no no no I quit, never again that's just straight up ridiculous

Taifee Rahman

Op game

payel ghosh

This game is extremely good

Prasanna Prasanna

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Ketish Sharma


Somanath Bagadi


Jewel Sanil


Subhankar Senapati

This is very good

Andre Henderson

I like it

Pragati Chandel

I am searching this game from 2 years but today 17:51 o clock I found this game from play store this game name is Archer hero 3d



Md irsad Md irsad


Geetanjali Behera




Cynthia Hollingsworth

Just started, but pretty challenging to hit target with just 1 arrow rather than using many. More later as I progress through game

Gabe D.

Played it before best game I've played It is sometimes boring but gets better more you play it

Akshat Sahu

Good Game

Remil Reyan


Schalk Jacobs

Not very realistic No bow upgrading available

Kgosi Tutu

Very good

Domnic Fernandes

Very nice and easy game

charlie Tibble

I played this game alot and really enjoyed it I recommend getting this game

Fresdy Andallo

i loke it

Md Shamshad


Russell Raven

Has a overtone of separation. No incentive or reward's for playing other than run, shoot, kill, but in that way alone decent.

Tunadamajhi Tunada


md Jihad

Awesome game

Tom Lawson

fun as hell

Jennifer Johnson

It's a terrible game cuz you can't even get new skins.

Richard Noble

Playing on a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and recent updates cause it to crash constantly.

Akash Dinda

The game is superb 👌

Madhab Mohanta


William Davis

Really like this game

Audrey Patterson

My experience playing Archer Hero 3D Is fine the issue is to many ads


Nice game but please add more new features 🙂

Hemangi Kulkarni

Tatti F,hcvod/udig Jdkcl

Latif Aiash

This is a great game. 5 stars. The adds are a bit annoying but if you switch off WiFi or use vpn the adds go away. Also you could try luckypatcher add removal. But overall, this game is very satisfying and I really recommend it.

Bill Nelson

I was never able to update, so I uninstalled it.

Jeff Davis

love the game. but new android update. now I can't install. luckily I can still play on my other phone

Pradeep Bavkar

Supper game i like it


I don't appreciate it when games are installed to my phone without my permission. Especially not ones that are cheaply made and riddled with ads. The game play is very repetitive too.

May Henderson

I can't get the game to download .I have tried to contact the developer for help, to no avail.

Drew Elliott

Was good. Gone down the crapper. Won't load Google says it has a bug. Can't reinstall.

Josiah Vergeon

Wiwkw9wjwleoeee Element

Evangelo Evando


Melchor Vasquez-Guzman


Sahil bishnoi

Sexxxy Game √√ ™

Ajay singh Gahlod

The best entertening game thanks 😊

Syed Basha Shaik

Thrilling and lot of enjoy

Glen Hartsfield

I am on level 10401 and it freezes up nothing changes so far yes I can do without the ads the app changed design but it still plays the same I can't believe I'm made it this far from I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 12.4 tablet and it won't let me download this screen It just Uninstalled it automatically automatically after it updated why

Samir Shekh




Skip Davis

It needs more action pages, it kind of gets. Boring.

Puuuip P

It's a cool game

Irshad Shaikh


Sias Louw

I love this game

BOB Freiler

Been playing this game on and off for about 3 years. The app stopped working. I thought maybe my copy was corrupted, so I deleted it and reinstalled it. No go.

Abdul Rasool

it's good for timepass

Ty Goto

Good game. Sometimes rewards not given

Rohit Raj Gupta


Rana Pal

Nice game..

Mukesh Kumar


Spencer D. Robinson

Great 👍

Joshua Junior

Splendid !

Sonalisa Beura


Terrance Flowers

Awesome, splendid

Dimitri Affonco

Sooooooo fun

Gwendolyn Millapre

Its so great try it

Ronnie Mathews

Killer game

Lyrik FordRoberson

The first time I ever played this game on my old phone I went a whole night without sleep playing it and I got to level 100 something

Gowtham M

Not good, internet is enable but video didnt play.

Shah Madhav 3-D 15

This game is good

Island Traveler Ly

My last review was a 5 but between the stalling, having to give up weapons, and hitting the enemies to have them survive after a 10 minute freeze up. I'm debating on uninstalling it please fix it.

Laura Moggio

I love this game! It's fun, and kind of stress relieving for me. There are quite a few ads though. It does get a little repetitive after a while. if you could add a little more like being able to customize your bow or new enemy's it would be great! I recommend playing this game, it's a lot of fun!

Varinder Rawat

This game was a good game of arcry.

aniket singh

2 2 2 2

Ganesh Kanesh

This is a very nice game

Priyanshu Raj

The best

Ayan Shaikh


Scott Meade

I love that I am best shot

Miss Ali


Asher Suvarna messy


sachin mohite


Sameer Sayyed

Nice game 👍

Mahesh Gogte


Tim Arbogast

My favorite shooting game!

Love Love

This girl is sexy