Archer God: Hero King 3d game

Author: blue shark games

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Archer God: Hero King 3d game
During the war there were many archer legends. It’s an archery hunter or archer assassin in the army. But the war caused the kingdom’s treasure to be looted by the enemy. Knight, bowman were sent to find the treasure. This is a story about an archer hero, an archery battle king. The best archery hunter in archer legends that everyone knows. Sometimes he’s an archer assassin who terrifies the enemy but there are times when he is the archer hero who saves his teammates on the battlefield with thunder arrows.

This simulator archer shooting adventure tells the story of an archery hunter who fights enemies in dark castles and gets back the kingdom’s treasure.

Although an archery battle king with best skill using bow and arrow and for many years was an archer assassin, the god archer in archer legends still had a hard battle to get back the kingdom’s treasure because the enemy side also had archery hunter and archer assassin.

In this simulator archer shooting adventure, our archer hero uses 3 main skills to win the battle and keep the Archery battle king level in the archer legends table.

The weapon of our archer warrior is bow and arrow but beside shooting arrows, the archer warrior can swing the arrow like a sword.

There are 3 main skills bowman can use in this archery master 3d game:
Shooting a fire arrow.
Our archer warrior can shoot 9 arrows at the same time.
The bowman can shoot thunder arrows.

The game journey starts when you are a normal bowman using bow and arrow at few first scene but when you win the last level of this archery master 3d game you are an archery battle king.

The tips to be the god archer in the archery master 3d game when controlling an archery hunter: shooting and moving at the same time, will keep your bow and arrow forward to fight.

Let’s play the simulator archer shooting adventure and be the god archer in the archery master 3d game.

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File size: 54M
Update time: April 8, 2022
Current version: 1.0
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: blue shark games
Price: Free
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