Arcade Hole

Author: Rollic Games

1M+ install


Everything is edible and nobody can stop you! If you are looking for fun io games then look no further, because Arcade Hole is a game that will change your hole life! In this game, you are a black hole with no limits!
Swallow different items from tiny to massive and push them out to turn them into money. Make money to use it to upgrade your hole, get bigger, and shred what you ate! Consume everything in the city because you can! Hole Arcade is one of the most fun top free games for free and it features satisfying graphics with great idle mechanics for both kids and adults. Make sure to do the right upgrades to increase your size, moving speed, and eating capacity, and you’ll be good to go! Arcade Hole is one of the most popular games and we hope you will enjoy playing it!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 7, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Rollic Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Isaac Riffe

I took the time to be as big as a board on one level by exiting it so stuff respawns I got so big it made me eat the next button but something happened... IT MADE ME SMALLER. Do not download ever.

Maddy L



Ads galore. Ads for just playing, those that just pop up without your consent, yeah.

Young Park



The game is nice and pretty easy but it glitched at lvl 10 and I have a blue screen but to everyone I would say that the game is really nice

Elliott Slagle

Cool concept but bloated with adds, played for like 4 minutes

Ironic Ugandan

Unplayable. Started it up. Adds popped in then went to upgrades. Another ad popped up and it freezes.

Fernando Sanchez

I Alway Play Hoard Master

ghy hjui

Good game

Adia Star

too many ads for anything higher

Kheenam Wahge


James B

so many ads

Ashley Monroe

Fifteen seconds into game play and it completely freezes and won't let you do anything at all

Roy Pena

Too many ADS... I get it I understand you have to get paid. But having ads interrupting the game play...


really fun to play

sahil bhagat

too many ads

Darrel Noynay

Bruh this game is 1 star man..... And I got stuck in lvl 10 when I was in lvl 12 I leave when I come back it is lvl 10!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 I hate this gggaaammmeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Nnnooooooo 😠😠😠😠😠😠🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😒😒😒👎👎👎👎😡😡

Marshall Scott

A little less ads and it woud be a 5

The Weeping Skull

The concept is interesting, but it's poorly executed. The controls are wonky, your phone gets so hot it's painful to hold it after only 2 mins of gameplay, and it's honestly just boring. Would not recommend.

Tahira Begaum

The game is nice but,just 1problem whenever I would back this game y progress will be loosed. Pleeeease fix that issue

Ollie Bower

I love this game but it would be better if you couldn't get full

Mamidi Shirisha

I like it

Adrian Toyens

Great and lots of fun


Every 30 seconds you are forced to watch a 45 second ad with 4 different tap prompts. If you close the game to get rid of them the game resets all of your progress. One of the most malicious and intrusive games I've ever downloaded. Incredibly buggy. This should be illegal. Very overtly sexual ads aimed at children are almost universal. I wish I could sue this "app developer."

Thangjam Subharani

I like this game

Happy Newyear

great 👍


Copycat copied Arcade Hole 🕳

Param Ri

The Ad Removal upgrade doesn't work, stole my money. I paid to remove ads, but I'm still seeing them. Give me my money back please.

Ryan Barnes

Great game. Very addictive and fun to play. I beaten the first 2 levels a few minutes ago. And the gameplay is soon fun. It's very enjoyable. Easy to play. And addicting. Just go get your hole and suck up things. It's really easy. But I really enjoyed and it's one of my favorite games from rollic!

Brian Campbell

Seemed interesting (if it is anything like the ad) but forced closed on start.

A Kumutha

Super 👍👌 super 👍✋🤚

Arhan khan Arhan


Natalia Lovell

10 million dollars

Arbiter 117

For some reason it takes 3-5 minutes to load and after waiting it just crashes.

brandon coubrough

Nothing but ads

Raymond Mckendry

Forced ads every 5 minutes

Sereya Lopez

I've had this game for one day and it's great, fun to play, but before I could even reach level 10 the game stopped working. I played fine this morning but when I opened the app sometime later, it showed nothing but a blue screen and the drag to play queue. I'm hoping installing and uninstalling will fix it.

Ian JackGold

Dont play this... Too many ads

Cameron Garcia

I was able to try itthw first time and fell in love with it but the next day when i tried it it wouldnt let me join so i give it two stars


It was fun at first but once I got to level 7 my game wouldn't save and it would start to kick me off the app and whenever I went back on it restarted the level which was annoying

april Troxell

It is way too glitchy, you can't do anything until you add up your stuff and there's ads that pop up all the time, i dont recommend this game

noriza hashim

it was very fun

Ethan C

Not even close baby techno blade Never Dies!!!!!!

ethan bobbertson

game sucks so much

Maggs Guinan


Psycho Red

everytime I go to upgrade the capacity after level 148 it won't get any deeper and i have to keep using the unlimited capacity booster

Charles Masden

Decent game would be better with less ads

Alan Alvarado

She's saying how bad the game is in the ad 📵📵📵📵📵📵


Ad simulator

Dylan Mercer

it's pretty okay. the game is fun but there's some weird problems with ads. for one the first time I tried to grind the stuff in my hole an ad that was like those bars at the top of bottom of the screen appeared and for some reason made it where I could only move if I used the very sides of the screen. another thing is that it gave me two ads at the same time, a normal ad and the an ad to pay to remove ads. no other problems yet but otherwise it's good.

Crusty Boi


Casey Venville

Ads for literally every action.

Dan Adams

ads are obnoxious

Nyko n Luna

It's good but I was on the emerald heard lapis and doge coin but it restart me what the heck man

Grant LaCrosse

It was sooooo good

Rob B

too many ads

Greamhán Ó h'Éalaithe

fun game but the frequency of the unskippable ads is infuriating. if I wanted to download fishdom, I would, but I don't.

M Hoff




Vigilance of Gig

too many ads

Amina S

Very nice app lolla lola

William Novo

a fun way to pass the time

K Meenakshi




Brain Waves

Easy enough to play. But most upgrades only available through ads. Worse yet, buying the AD removal doesn't do anything other then increasing the length of ADs If this gets fixed, will change review

Josh Ingram


Stephanie Jackson

The game is fine, but becomes ultimately unplayable with an ad that you can't close out of unless you close the entire app. Then, you reopen the app, and the ad comes back minutes later. Not worth the storage space.

Jarrod Dymond

just do anything else

Urdeth Starcloud

Good game

Curtis Pruett

ads ads ads fun though

Emmanuel Smith

Bad Game Too Many Adds

joel king

play 30 seconds to watch a 2 min ad nonstop!

Sara Tague

Like it for what it is - Super easy game I can play while I watch TV. Quite repetitive but I don't mind. Biggest gripe is a specific ad that pops up in the middle of the screen and you have to restart because it won't go away. Also several issues loading the game but I just try again later.

Mister Misfit

Play donut county

Jesus Alvarez

You have to watch ads to upgrade everytime you can't play a good round, this game sucks

Tom McIalwain

way too many ads.

Connor Murphree

game is fun not to many ads

No Name

don't play unless you have an ad blocker

Sailaja Sundar

Eat everything!

Brandon Costello

Honestly, I was enjoying it, but i kept having an ad shoved down my throat halfway through a level and it would always crash the game causing me to repeat the level. Literally could not progress because of this. Maybe stick to voluntary ads for rewards so that your game is actually playable.

Joshua Parsley

It freezes quite often for some reason but enjoyable none the less

Todd Johnson

to many ads

jon doyle

Don't buy and free version, it still shows adverts! Splashed out for the ad free for my kids and feel absolutely ripped off that I'm still constantly closing ads on this game! Don't buy, don't bother even installing.


ads are very intrusive

Giovonnie Brown


David Knudtson

Game crashes at every ad. Cant finish level 2 because when the game crashes the level resets. Unplayable

Bryndan Meyerholt

This is a very great game! Things that could improve it is a counter for capacity so you can see how close it is to getting full, and it could use "QD" for quadrillion, and "QN" for quintillion.

Brandon Shepard

Good for 2 days. Good time killing game. After 2 days though it just stopped working. I open it and it gets stuck on a light blue screen. This started about an hour after paying to remove adds. Please fix this issue and I will add stars. The game is decent....when it works.

Lara Abou Said

Too many adds

Wayne carpintero

I understand ads in the game but in the middle of the screen where I can do anything but click on it and potentially get spam ware or a virus on my phone is absolutely unacceptable. I'd get this rating a .1 if I could mainly because it's a game type I enjoy

Elif Yildiz


Thomas B

Too many ads. Deleted

Sarah Sprinkle

Used to play this a lot but recently has had an ad pop up half way up the screen that blocks play and won't go away. It pops up a few seconds after starting to play and freezes the game.

Manbir Kotia

pop pop

Robin Sellers

Horrible. You get ads every like 2 minutes, And idk if it's just me, but then I get kicked out and I lose my progress.

Frances Mendiola Dawson

it's fun

Pranav Mittal

too many ads

Ruben Kamphuis

So many ads. Unplayable.

Maryam Ahmed

Ok this game is sooooooooooooooo long it will take for ever to comeplete yeah now I am in level 451 AND IT STILL GOING! and this game is FULL of ads😡😡😡😡😡and it will make your phone or any device GO crazy I mean hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙄🙄🙄

William Cox

to many ads