AQ First Contact

Author: Seven Point Red Ltd

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AQ First Contact – Join AQ: First Contact and battle for control of the galaxy. MMO and PvP Action.

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File size: Varies with device
Update time: July 23, 2021
Current version: 1.6.570
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Seven Point Red Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review


I give it a 3 at best so far the "campain" mission's are way to hard and the repair time and the time it takes to get anything done is tremendously inconvenient and I wish everything was reduced by at least 15-25% so it doesn't take the time it dose just upgrading my base takes 7hrs and it's only lvl 6 this game needs so many more improvements I just wish they whould do the more important ones than just bug fixes.

michael hamill

Good game.hard to get started,later on the game and its controls start to make sense.

Richard C

So far I've enjoyed it immensely My only complaint is lack of a tutorial or some kind of guide to explain basic things.

Diego Marx Weiller

Game has a pacing slower than a snail.

Dom Lipsc

Addicting space game

Jayanta Sarkar

Horrible. Stupid beyond infinity.

Nicole Sewcharan

Good game but few players with alternate accounts make it unfair and unplayable.

Melvin Gardens

Good community

Joy Joyroy0987

op game 😈😈😙😘😙😙😘😚

Cynthia Peter


mike ruiz

Best Sci-fi game that i found It has Great Graphics, Good control,a lot of ships,quest/missions etc... And its quite easy to play the game

julius varian

Nice game, but i will really appreciate more if you can add guides on ships statistic and also the weapon and ships rating so we can know which one is more preferable to use :)

Cyril John

I really take back what I said.this game is really good and addictive this game will make time past and takes your stress out it's alot of fun and you can meet alot of friends and talk to friends alot of battles like any other games...if you need better game ....this might be the one your looking for

Shawn Tackett

Great game

Brian Stanton

Un sure at first but this is a special game the developer must be a special person this game hits every good mark and the list is long nothing bad to say:)


The game is fun very fun Infact but I always have connection problems when I open the game and only the game nothing else oh yeah and upgrade times I'm not a fan of how long they can be but yeah I got nothing else negative to say but it would be nice to have 5 ships in a fleet instead of 3

Kenneth Preston

This is realy something its the best game i ever have played

Rhys Davis

Good game but its sad watching my 20 fleet get batterd by a 325 fleet like how is it fair how can you farm if you get attacked all the time, please do something to prevent this so it actully gives new players a reason to staybut ontop of that 80% of your players are down right dicks to everyone and cheaters get let off easily

Nicholas Mattiello

Worth playen alone or w some friends, first couple of days are a bit tougher just learning to use everything and what does what. Once ya get goin though youll be all over the galexy looken for loot. 2 years later still playing took my fair share of breaks but back on now good community in game of real player to team up with.

Justin and Penny Tucker

Good game


Pew pew! Pirates and Lazes, woop woop! Only played a few hours but I am hooked. I am enjoying the integrated strategy and customization the most, and I am starting to enjoy the social aspect as well. I am Looking forward to seeing this game grow.

mike gerhard

Why not f'in take over the galaxy, transparent devs just not doable alone no 🧢

Daniel Maurer

I loved this game so much . I even spend money on it. Now suddenly i cant login??? Please help

Xeyanort DarkFire

The game is pretty good, the controls are trash,especially when mining i felt like smashing my finger through the screen its that annoying

Chinmaya Pradhan

Most detailed & realistic experience of a spaceship mission type game. Game developer has taken care of every bit of needs for a spaceship battle & rpg game.

Brad Montague

Fun to pass the time

Henrietta Zeller

I love this game. Very fun and immersive

Robert Gentleman

Lovin this game and i still have more to explore.

Andrew Dudley

This game is really good very unique i think a very cool addition would be capital ships

Blixy Drarder

It's fun it isn't that grindy and the battles are fun as well

Jeffrandel Tenorio

Great but My only suggestion is put a thing on the players info to know if the player is online or how long does he is not online that's all hope you see this🙂

Ebrima Jallow

Love the combat

Build Time

It's a really fun strategic game, you get to decide what weapons, abilities, and upgrades your ships have, there's events both solo and for corps/clans, I recommend it. The only thing I would want to see added is for there to be 4 ships in a fleet instead of 3

Alex Neil

Have just started but early impression is good, it has a different feel to a lot of other space mmos. If I start getting attacked continuously, especially by higher level players, I'll delete as that's what kills the casual mmo game. Couple of suggestions if devs are reading: please correct "hanger" to "hangar", spelling goes a long way for professionalism, and while I appreciate the lack of clutter it is handy to see resources available on the main HUD.

april john delima

5star hotel

Trent Belieu

Good game but you need to fire somebody. Almost every time I try to join someone who's slightly outmatched in zeno invasion, the battle went commence and a fight starts between me and a different zeno group 3x my level

Ian Wainner

Great Game

tinka yasin

it's really massive guys don't pass it

Squirrel Lord

You need to have 1000+ days or you are hated on by the players, games abandoned just a small community that only are themselves not welcoming new players more like " I'll kill you for training " multiple times, waiting upto hours for you fleet to repair. Even the old players say not point playing and get you to quit while asking them to help get started... find some people how can help or just keep to your self if you want to enjoy this game

Ted Brown


Random Siege

Really fun especially if you have friends to play with (sadly I'm going it solo as of now) and can be tricky to learn, I actually restarted using knowledge I picked up from my mistakes. Tip: save 4 of your masterpiece railguns you get from missions for the Tergon ship and rush to unlock power armor since normal really doesn't do much for advancement purposes.

Jed Sweet


Ken Engel

Fun game. Not a clone like a lot of other games out there. It is very intuitive and actually requires some skill to play instead of games that treat each fight like a roll of the dice. If you exercise control over your ships and don't let the AI take over you can successfully take on fleets higher level than your own.

Ethan Corti

After you find how to farm proper blue prints, and find active people to team up with.. this game is fun. Keep up the updates ()*)

Joseph Virtudazo

The ships AI is atrocious, ships doesn't follow the ship formation I've set. Ships also doesn't follow through on damaged enemy ships, instead fire on what nearest to them.

Knight Templar 2020

... 🥱 ...

Steve Braga

Phenomenal game

Fayaz Ahmad

Lengthy process..... therefore Uninstall.

Burt Sidefish

pretty basic skinner box.

rayray81 Mc

Needs time but works good for what it is

William Joseph

Very nice game well balanced just need to put abit more effort in how to play the game as there are things that you need to figure out on your own but people are willing to help if asked the events needs to be made a day longer and the time between made a day shorter that's why I say I'll give it a 4star

Nathan Cerkovitz

On my tablet it's freezes

niculae iordache


tomas leugem

ugly game but online duhhh google playstore is crazy no more offline nice games no more


there's one of a hell problem!! I downloaded this game today but when I tried to log in using google play games it always says couldn't not sign in... I played this game 2yrs ago I still remember my user account is signed in to google play games but... why I can't sign in now!!! idk if this issue is a lost account or a bug pls fix it or somehow help me recover my old account...


Very weak and slow developper who doesn't have a clue about the gameplay.

Kaloian Mitrev

Damn EA Games gives you les grind than this game and cheaper gambling boxes AVOID UNLES YOU NEED 2ND JOB AND YOU JOINED HERE! Ps. Devs you can paint the boxes I any theme you like to deny them but opening lucky content is a loot box and GAMBLING that your company have not registered with UK gambling office.. Should report happen i wonder how you will react?

Thomas King

Very challenging I love it


This game is actually pretty fun, I love the concept of capturing bases on one giant map, kinda like how Planetside 2 works in-general, the only two criticisms that I could give this game is that the AI fleets are grossly unfair usually because they spawn with bigger fleets that have more ships 400pw fleets. And the in-battle drag controls, ect are kinda gimmicky your always switching between ships I wish there was a more universal way of using ship abilities without switching to each ship.

karl bollmann

Impressive concept of a game. Combat has a small learning curve but it makes the battle much more enjoyable. Good grind to make the game last longer and separates the hard workers from the ones that want a quick play. Good game.

Richard Lee

This is a really fun game but it will be nice if they added some kind of bonus for smaller corp.

Guy Bissonnette

Hard to vet going

Daniel Garson

I likw thia game.


Great game tbh i would love new feature call trade

Jim Tuck

This is a very well put together game


Good game.


Universes Lunner ephemeral Austro-Hungarian Jewish and the world


Yeah goog just good

Justin Tucker

This is the first game i have given five stars. Its just that good

Ashler 306

A game breaking bug caused me to lose all my progress and make a new account which I'm still not able to register by the way I still had so much going for it it wouldn't let me complete my command center from 8 to 9 when it comes to upgrading it I don't think I'll be able to continue playing this game at this point but I want to bring the issue to light

% Glorzo

Level 7 so still too early to ask! So far so good. Minimal tutorial so reliant on kind words. Very little information also.. Its a nice little time waster? At least you control your ships but still get unexplicably beaten by ai adding silly little fighters-surely its not just a numbers game, feels like it might be . Very few missions and they don't change. I think I'm going to be bored soon. Gets updated regularly tho which must be a plus to all the guys spending money!

Jad Woodrome

This game is really cool. It's actually rts like it says and the graphics are really good. Not pay to win at all but if you want to speed things up with money you can.

kreius konseishin

Love this game so much

Kathy Cech

It has been interesting so far.

Joshua Herrera

Pay 2 win? Nope, A grinder? Yup

Sabir Khan

Good game very nice game and please lager spaceship add Titan and other spaceship add


Fun enough game, but horrendous grind, bad messaging, and terrible feedback for pvp. Enemy hitting your base? Gotta hunt around on the map to find the blinking symbol. Ally need help? Look around to find the green square on the map. Coordinates? Nope.

Erik Holte

Needs a lot work game was rushed not ready

Shrimp Davis

Still playing years later

Jeremy Wright

No base to be attacked. Customizable ships, fleets. Open space, with PvP, PvE... Corporations, alliances, income from space mining, etc. Alien race, the Xeno. Totally cool, a masterpiece of design!

Liam Flattery

Love this game.. always something to do or some way to get better at the game and stronger in the game. Wish i could find more games that could be like this

Snamiso ZikalAla

Great games ,it amazingly is my number one online multiplayer , but it needs work on the regions , cos playing in the delta is kinda hard for players with new battleships and tanks but they can't go to the lower regions.

Nor Hafizan Lazan

remind me of the good old days of dark orbit.Clean interface,Quick/Longterm gameplay.Is there an Achievement?it can mask as tutorial.anyway,i'll update along the way.


Amazing game, tutorial needs a little work but ok. The games needs an auto skill feature in combat to activate the weapons skills automatically because pressing so many skills gets tiring real fast, in pvp manual skills are important but just normal game play would be an amazing feature.

T Monger

Great game! Customizations really make game play unique and fun. Only wish you could see equipment stats before research and could send your extra fleets on missions like drones instead of just sitting.

Jeff Budzynski

Not all that interesting,

Michael Lalonde

Good game

Jonathan Davies

It's agame

Predrag Markovic

Great game f2p friendly real time battles easy to get resources and to get rewards from events I just don't know how I didn't find it before try it guys it worth it really enjoyable expirience

Phillippe Darcy

Great game, pretty fun with nice aspects and simple to learn, highly recommend if your into strategy and/or Sci-fi games, so far my only complaints are that there's not much variety in ships, the destroyer class seems to be the only class that requires any real planning to be effective, the rest are pretty generic, and there's no clear way to join a corporation unless it's got a spot on the map otherwise it's a really great game with pretty nice graphics.

Fredrick Stepper

Fun game

Not Fred

Only played for about an hour and I've already got a pretty big problem with this game. The ship AI's accuracy is absolutely worthless. I equipped missiles on my ships. Missiles fire every 2-3 seconds, and yet you get maybe 4 hits in a whole 2 minute battle. The AI doesn't seem to account for the turning of enemy ships, as they all look like they would hit if the enemy was travelling straight, but all the ships do is fly in circles around each other, so you rarely every get a hit.

Aljake Agris

Good game. And which better? Trigen or pulse ray/PR

Kindly Evil

It was fun and exciting to play this game

Jeffrey “Der Kaiser” McAllister

It's an OK game for what it is, but it demands too much of my time and needs CONSIDERABLE polish. 1) The UI needs to be made more minimal, 2) The UI is cluttered with unnecessary confirmation dialogs that interrupt game play, 3) the AI for ships in your fleet is too dumb, 4) the weaponry and combat are unrealistic. The game's the best of its kind but needs optimization and to be informed more by science.

Jeremy Wright

Good game no money needed. You can earn credits every event, several times a week. THE CUSTOM SHIP BUILDING IS AWESOME! No base vulnerable to raids! PvP! PvP war!


Dumpster fire.

Peyote Pete



I love this game. the amount of growth the team has ushered into its development is something they should be very proud with keep up the great work and anyone out there want a great mobile game to play try it promise you will love it

Noah Kalns

Zombie bh :) Me