Apple Worm: Logic Puzzle

Author: Icestone

500K+ install


If you are a fan of little educational puzzles, this game is perfect for you! Collect apples and train logic by solving tricky puzzles in this snake game.

In this cute brainteaser game with crawling mechanics, you need to help the gluttonous apple snake collect apples and escape the level. Run through the maze in search of the treasured apples, but be careful, because the puzzles in this game are not as simple as they seem and are full of strategic traps. You need to correctly calculate your movements in order to get an apple, avoid all the dangers and get to the portal.

What’s Inside:
🐍 Greedy apple snake
🐍 Full version of the game for free
🐍 Many interesting levels
🐍 Easy controls
🐍 Funny music
🐍 Unique graphics

Be creative in finding solutions to every level, develop logic and planning skills. This game is easy to learn and provides tons of fun! Snake and apple are waiting for you to test your wits!

Good luck in solving quirky puzzles with Apple Worm: Logic Puzzle!

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Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 19, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Icestone
Price: Free
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Customer review


game cực hay ae nên chs

Tú Minh

game qc nhien


quá ít màn chơi

Ty Điên

Great game can't wait for more levels.


i got new power, thanks

Long Nguyen Duc

Fun, Short

nguyen hoai

nice game but too short...

Ahmed Zaria

Devs, there have copycat games which you can submit a report to Google Play & protect your work 🤔

Dragon freak

Nice game

Thắng Lư


ads anime

Game khó. Mất 1 tiếng mới phá đảo

Oh Okay

Great game but add more levels come on

Pham Tung

Although this is a game with simple graphic, it loads very slow and consumes battery. And also too many ads.

Tiến Đạt Trần

Good to improve IQ

Andreas Griffin Rumengan

Its fun.

athrun zala

Is this game need internet connection? load take too long

Chief of the Lost

The game is fun, but after the third level there's ads after every level.

Sage anim

This game challenging my mind.. please make Apple worm 2 or add the level.. i love it

bart aldrich Reofrir

It took me 30 minutes or under to finish it, and i saw somebody else have more levels, and This is a super cool game, i don't like it, but i love it, but i still dont know how to get the other levels


Has an ad every level. Use lucky patcher to remove ads.

Shinichi Kudo_

game hại não 180 phút

John Cedric Villanueva

Good game but too much ads,

Davy Kong

Good Gram

Fernando Darvas

Really good game but not enough levels

Full Brothers

more levels

cop con

1 ads after every section must be a big joke. And a bad one!! Ads totally fine. But super heavily ads is ... Nonsense. For a comparison, wactching a 10 min youtube videos = 1 ad. Play the game for 5 min = 5 ads? Really?

Efraim _EL_KING

ممتعة جدا بس قصيرة

Call Me By Your Name

Như cặc

Дмитрий Семёнов

This is quite a puzzle :) I enjoyed that :) please, add more levels, there is only 30

Michael Shanks

... can't even complete 1 level without it crashing

18-Nguyễn Hoàng Huy-7A1

game hay

Ed-Carlo Palcong

Too much ads. Games pretty basic. It's fun while it last.

Judah Benhur Baurile

What is this game it's so bad


After every completed level, a random loading circle appeared out of nowhere, and all i could do was restart the game. Also the movement is kinda sloppy, and so is the gui.

EdVencent Laure's pretty short only 30 levels. But it's fun and challenging.


Im finished it Good game! Looking for Apple Worm 2.

Putang Ina Mo

I like the game overall except the game only has limited levels. My suggestion to improve the game is add MORE levels (because I already finished all the levels)

Thịnh Phan Điền

good game, but only 30 state

Kelvin Blessing

Nevermind the game updated 😎


Great game but lacks more levels, great way to solve this would be to create a level maker/posting system and a community tab

Alexandra Hayes

The levels are super fun, but there are soooooooo many ads. There are not enough level. I finished them all within a hour.

Simon Heeringa

Fun game, to many ads but doesn't matter if you play without internet. Not enough levels...

Sebastian Gamer

add more levels

Nir Sagie

It's nice Too many ads Would love an undo button

zachery kapcsos

I somehow doubt you need an ad after every level

Sibras Syahdan

Good puzzle game, but we need more level ASAP

Dobesek Bthit

good game but very disappointing to see its only 30 levels it would be fun to add a option to make your own level.


The game loads something after each level but it never loads anything. Have to reopen when happens

Relance Sanchez

Really fun puzzle game. It needs hints and more levels though

Deacon Baglien

Buggy mess

Suhail Isa

best and easy


Great game. Please add more level

Chang Fox

Simple and fun to play. Nice game.

mashura zetsuke

I can't play this game on my device redmi notes 8

Gregory Taylor

The puzzles are sub par at best, overly repetitive andthe ads make it almost completely unplayable.

Flaming M

Great game. I see a lot of people complaining about ads, its a free game, ofc there'll be lots of ads, u can either turn off your wifi or just deal with it. Tons of ads doesn't equal bad or 1/2 stars

Chris Conley

Enjoying the game so far but could I get a 1 or 2 dollar pay wall to remove ads? My internet is poor at my job and tales way too long to load

Diolome Paalisbo

1% game 99% ads

Tri Nguyen

I love it but somehow it keeps crashing every once in a while.

Kund `

10/10 great worm, would play again (the apple is a lie)

Micah Furrer

The game is good, but they put an ad after literally every single level completion. The levels take less than 5 sec to beat, then the 5 sec of unskippable ad, it's not worth it. Edit: after their cookie cutter response, I'm compelled to point out tge literal thousand other games that are free, and have ads, but they give some sort of reward for viewing them AND YOU CAN OPT OUT. so everybody is happy

Tung Nguyen

Great puzzle game, funny graphics, the only downside is that it has only 30 levels which is like 1 hour gameplay. Still 5 stars tho

Homayoon Vahdati

I want more levels👌


Loved it! Do more games like this one!

Mason Poffenroth

Very fun but too short it needs more levels

Vik Prime

Too easy to beat


Need more level , have game played for 2 hours

Ben Gamer

This game is as short as my wee wee

ridha mahdjoub

best game ever played 🙂🙂🙂 waiting for more levels ...... pls

29-Bui Trong Phat-12a9

Let's update more level

Mouh nk

Funny puzzle game

Lwin Soe Thu

It's so funny and good Plz update more lv

Bboy Cassy

I give it 4 stars because the level is to short i want to play more levels but its only 30 lvl ... Its nice game i like it but too short levels

Mạnh Tuấn Đào

Can you make more levels 🤣

Hải Nguyễn Đình

Game dễ quá

Messy Bear

I love game but you should've add an auto reply when the worm dies or a menu where it asks you to retry also maybe an undo button could help? overall the puzzles are really challenging and kept me playing, I would play more if you add more levels, also played in offline cuz ads plays after you finish a level

Kurt Ryan R. Inducil

More Level Pls!! Or make Apple Worm 2

albert frediko

it need more level


Give me more level, make it hard

Mohamed Alaa

Very nice and exciting+ i hope more levels in future♥️👍

Kevin Bryan Abila

So many ads.

Erica Mae Pangilinan

Good game! Too bad it only have 30 levels but I've enjoyed playing it! Finally, my brain starts braining again because of this lol


The game is very short and I just finished it in an hour. I love it but the thing that holds it back from being 5 star is the lack of levels. I hope that you will add more levels and even features like gamemodes into the game. Also, keep it playable offline. :)

Rayz Pham

Good game, i does end game

anony mouse

One of the Best game ive played so far keep it up dev


Good : fun game Bad : 1 stage 1 ad

rizky taufik

Bagus. Cuma levelnya sedikit cuma 30 diang

Marvin Enovejas

I already finished this game just a one day. I've enjoyed playing this game hope we can play much levels soon. Thank you for this game 🧡🧡


My mom died because of this (im suicidal now)

Jayvee Cruz

trash game

Aldrin Flores Jr

This game is actually pretty good just turn of ur wifi and no ads and the puzzle are also fun and brain-racking. I like the game overall and i recommend it! And also i am not a bot i just seem to like the game.

Dylan King

I love you

Catier Jack


Osama Alaa

Perfect 🥰💖

Me Bc

This is one of my favorite childhood learning games.

Zoltán Karácsonyi

Only 30 levels???


Jogo muito bem pensado, uniu estratégia à temática do clássico jogo da cobrinha e fez o jogo bem legal onde faz a gente pensar. Poderia ter mais fases e menos Ads.



Ben Hughes

Great game but needs more levels

Thiago Tenório Jordão de Vasconcelos

Great game! Unfortunately it only have 30 levels.