AOTU World

Author: GaeaMobile

10,000+ install


AOTU World – Quick Combat Strategy RPG

Detailed info

File size: 61M
Update time: April 22, 2021
Current version: 1.0.7
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: GaeaMobile
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lim Cher-Zhen

Termination of service so soon after release .

terence ng

i wanted to try the game after download and updated it says it's full ask me to try again later and i tried for two days already i definitely will give better review once i try the game

Mohd Azizi Bin Nasaruddin

Well just like everybody said the good thing about this game, it's true. The graphics might not be appealing for some people but there's the storyline and nice rates of pulls for the first part of the game. Also, if it's grindy means it's gonna be f2p but if the devs went for a more aggressive monetization just hope it doesn't break the game with OP new contestant or being rushy with it coz it's best as it is right now. Need more marketing stuffs.

mark romero


Rexelfar Roqerd

The game is super good. I hv been looking srpg like game and aotu ar perfect. The only downside is infact the mini game, wich is to much and to many to handle. I hope u can remove the mini game in hope to improve the perfomance to be much more smoot.

just xe1r

f2w & beautiful graphic 💕

Andrew Teoh

Event challenges aren't F2P friendly


Very great f2p game! This game has a lot cool character, great graphic and it has a great gameplay.

Mattdavid Chavez

Great game, great graphics and also you can't even get bored in this game

Blåçk Hėárƫ

It's a quiet impressive for a tactical rpg game the problem is, it doesn't have that much players. Needs alot of advertisement for popularity. This game has alot of potential.

Flakes Corn

This is great game, great graphic, f2w and unique mechanic with fantasy war tactic vibe, with great VA, even kugimiya rie(?) dubbed one of the character, but somehow lack of player, you guys need more marketing, what you guys marketing doing? really, its quite sad if hidden gem like this close even before anniversary

normal man

Good game

Alyssa Lucero



ntab jiwa

Phantom Gespenst

PvE is good. PvP is meh. Very few active players, you will just play with bots most of the time. Lower rarity characters are usable if you get multiple copies. Late banner/event announcement. Guilds are useless, no function aside from chat.

HaFizZx 01

Honestly I think this game is very interesting. It has good voice casting for me at least , the graphics is gorgeous sadly not that many people play it (I assume since the match up takes forever) hopely Dev will promote their game more wisely!!!

Rizqi Nur

It's very smooth. The gameplay is great. However, I hope the auto can be more reliable like Arknights, because currently it often won't work well unless you're like 1-2k above the recommended CP. It's also F2P friendly, I think. Most characters are great, even the low tier ones, and you can raise their tiers with dupes. It's really lacking in community though, so please advertise your game more. I'm scared it may be closed soon due to having too few players.

Shervee Bautista

Its a goid game, hoping for more.


this game looks really cool! I love the art style the animation and the mechanics of the game (it would have been really cool though *because of the art style* if its like a 3rd person fighting game than a strategy game with unique modes like teamdeathmatch, free for fall, or just a casual 1v1 *or you know add those modes while keeping the strategy system*) non the less its a very good game 9/10✨

Dannise Morrise

Great Game! Keep It Up! -w-

Voxanne Connie Lee

Very simple yet appealing, soft graphics. Found this gem by chance on Taptap and used Play Store to download. This game has much depth so far and it is a relaxing game imo. This game needs to gain more awareness and recognition!

Kadafi Eka Sakti

Great game, great mechanism, but the developer is stingy in reward

Antonio Dominguez Jr.

Great game! Good graphics! Good characters! great gameplay! Improve the voice dialouge during fights,add more sound effects in the environment. Add more contestant and event. Add an encyclopedia for monsters Add gear system Add weapon costumes or a different style of weapon for that specified character. Increase the drop rate Improve the game stability Overall great game,more room to grow. Keep it up!

Gritchner Malasa

Characters are so cool, different gameplays, awesome graphics.

tintin chansey

need more event...tq


This is a very good strategy game!! I recommend to weebs and gamers who like strategy game like this!!

Vash Lee

Best strategic game. F2p friendly. Good story and mechanic. They have anime too!

Soma_16 Yukihira

Best Game, Please make the Check Box for the "Do not Show again Today" Bigger and Add a button on how many times we would like to Deploy while showing how many Stamina it would require.

Samuel Goldy

Best Turn Based.. The feel is so intense after 2 week playing.. So many game modes.. Rarity didn't make it best character, it depend field, team, enemy, line-up.. *)Similar to "disgaea", but graphic, theme, modes, more more upgraded..

arief indra

+ Balance char, - limited content

Mega Troll

I'm stuck on missions due to lack of information. What does "contestants enlighten themselves mean". No one uses global chat so it's impossible to know how to do it

Zaq once


rb yossi

Trial like it

Ardya Rigita Cahyani

Love the game, i been waiting for global server since i play on Chinese server. Hopefully you add chinese dub, Japanese dub is good but chinese dub is better

NoxiuZ _

Why I always lost game on othello when hard cpu is out of time? I should win !!! FIX OTHELLO BUGS !!!

Luna Hime

Would have liked the game if it wasn't so laggy, Edit:I'm on wifi with an rog phone 5,its the game animations not my hardware/connection.

MegaTroll Lol

Very fun F2P game, every character is useful and fun to look at

James Ryan

Nice original game

Muelmar Dela Vega

best game😘🥰 just need more event and its perfect

Omniscience Xx

High quality game. Im impressed with the voice acting, story and animation.

G Lanuharsa

Nice graphics and unique game play... It would be better if we can see the signal remaining when we repeat the level for farming

Muhammad Ikram

doodle issue fixed! thanks

Zombielev Gaming

It's a pretty fresh concept, and the game has been quite enjoyable! :3


cant save doodle

joarn vico

Refreshing design

Luthfan R A

Why I can't login (03/05/2021), it says "server under maintenance", is that true?

Sabrina Anjani Putri

So good😭

Scwarz T

Great character design and they have personality too haha, well done guyz

Irfan Khaidir


Kenneth Glen

Good game


Hi AOTU World, if you wanna make more players just give us more link survey to share on social media. Make more player reward don't give us paywall item, i am sure you still get the margin from many players

Syahreza Raya Atmaja

very nice game, keep improve and update hope many player know this game

Imam Faisal


Veyrith Jia

It's rare to find a F2P-friendly like this. Specially turn-based genre. Why I can said its F2P.🔸1st, ALL HERO is useful, even B heroes can be OP after upgraded.🔸2nd, gacha system is not that bad, so many player easy to get S heroes from it.🔸3rd, PvP system have FIXED STATUS for all heroes, which means there's no Sultan vs Noob, as long as we know the strategic. Yes! This game is all about how good you are to manage strategy and tactics. Very recommended. Don't forget watch AOTU World donghua.

Theodore Aja

dari pertama install sampai hari ini, tidak bisa masuk game!! hanya tulisan sedang Maintenance terus

Muhammad Fawwaz

Is very good game nice

Annie Matson

This is the best game i play so far!! Thumbs up to the dev.. bt sw lost centuria suks

Michael Wang

Great game

rialdi J tarliman

so far so good, but still too early though~ hahah

Athkines Abesamis

Best game

Hotman Fariz

im addicted to this game, but please gacha rate is terrible :(

Septian Agung Dwi Cahyo


Edwin Luthfi Saputra

Langsung bintang 5 karna sistem warchess nya yang keren (pvp dimana semua statnya disamakan max)

Cuonglam Nguyen

Hmm, haven't play this game yet but after read all of the good feedback from other uesers so I'll give it a 4, will comeback later for new update on my experience about the game

Jacky Lau


Yuji kun

I like this ... But maybe decrease time for stamina refill..

Gimmie Giri

The design of this game is good, i like it so far, hope this game get a lot of player because for pvp i'm rarely found a other player while matchmaking.

TaliPutus YT

Rate ampas

Dhenny Dhinata

Thanks it works

Nadzri Razali

FFBEwotv with honkai impact business model. I love it.

Tri Sulistyono

unique tactics game

Robbi Cahyadi

good animation and fast pace TBS, very good

Gabril Elman Bigson

Keep it up devs really nice game. 👍😁

Ong Helen

Awesome Game.. play game and watch the anime tgt. fun

Man in the Sky

This really nice game


Good Turn based game

Andreas Timothy Mendrofa (Men)


L. T

so far 5star, everything to my like and smooth

Amin R


Marvin Satparam

I hope that this game will be this good as it progress

Muhammad Yasin

Very good game to pass time. The story need a bit depth and more appealing female chara. I have a suggestion, how about showing chara artwork in dialogue not the 3d model. It may more appealing that way.

Robin Laquindanum

So far so good, very challenging tactical game.

Fredy Saputra

fresh gacha hero collection game, wait to see what comin next


P2W? You can always limit break your B or A tier hero to S tier.

Dindi Wahyu Aldio

Love it very much

Vince Dela Vega

*Edited: Your game is truly an awesome one but the major flae of it is that it has too few players. Also, add more modes where we can navigate our characters with joysticks. As a fellow gamer myself it feels more enjoyable when we have more freedom with the controls. Hence, it can't be ignored that the VO are dubbed well and the graphics are superb and neat. 4 stars for now bcoz of the few players

Adhitya Nugraha


The Commentator Good

keep up good work


Coba dulu

Paul Alviar

The wait is over now english version is here!! I played this even in japanese version, i just cant stop playing!

Gaban Oooy

Awsome game

Owen Limos (Wen Li)

Unique experience i love it

Rin Radinal


Junior Kamarea

Great ggame

Awan Bengi

The gameplay similar to Man or Vampire.

Julius Paul Rabena

Nice game!

Eint Chiel

Very nice game love it

Kelvin Yulianto

Mechanism is exactly the same as a game called man or vampire but it adapt anime style into it. Recommended game for those who want to enjoy a light game or for killing times. For some input, please make the player to able to rotate the map while in fight.

Only Jinx


Yoga Tri Anggoro