Aotu World – Hatsune Miku Crossover Event

Author: GaeaMobile

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Aotu World – Hatsune Miku Crossover Event – JUL 20 – AUG 10 Hatsune Miku collaboration event! Get 40 FREE draws now!

Detailed info

File size: 62M
Update time: August 12, 2021
Current version: 1.1.11
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: GaeaMobile
Price: Free
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Customer review

Maia Kondla-Wolf

Please bring it back :( I loved every bit of this game, I just wish I had more free time back when it was still available to play. I can't bring myself to uninstall it even though I can't play it.



Oreana Gouto

Yeah it's cool but it's A typical pay to win game

Zero Izayoi

The game just always says server under maintenance

Alexia Estephan

For some reason whenever I'm trying to log into the game it keeps telling me "Server under maintenance" and I have good internet connection.


I love this game but now I can't play it for months because the server is closed 😭

Adam Golding

You guys absolutely nailed it. I love the gacha mechanics and with the amount of characters and upgrading it keeps it fresh. I got a new phone and with it a lot more storage space so I'm redownloading right now and going to get back into it. Thank you for this amazing game.

Taylor Chamberlain

For users like myself who don't use twitter and having to find out a month later that the game shut down sucks

Marques Crockett

An amazing game with wonderful graphics, so far I don't see any flaws in this game.


Nice Game 😊

stephen_khmer gloria

Is this game dead already?

Andrew Teoh

Is your game still under maintenance? It's best longer than a day

Edgar Games

It a amazing

affendy 2310


Johann “StrongestDig7” Orozco

A simple but charming game. I enjoy the characters and the low poly 3d style. The music is ok. There could be more characters though. My only wish is for more people to play this!

U mad bro

amazing graphic, easy to understand gameplay, it has lot of potential i don't mind the animation bugs tbh but sadly the global server will be closed so fast

chrollo Lucifer


Hazel Nalundasan

The screen freezes whenever I'm about to sign in. Now I can't play the game. Kindly fix please.




This game it just already make my brain being so smart than my friend💫💫

Hiero Gita (RipBone)

Good and unique battle system


Honestly super great .. just it needs great internet 24/7 , if smhow my internet were disturbed for fraction of seconds the game just freezes and back to main screen making it unplayable

OTL Otter

Green overalls are just pants, and they're not even green. Lying is where I draw the line with this overall disappointment of a mobile app.

Watson Blueman

It's ok and everything, but can be better

Nooberry Channel

nice game bro.. i give 5 star for this game. i loved

Dragons Sweets

Do like the art and characters

Ho Siew Lee

好好玩的Aotu World

xeon 02

Good play

Kent Blanco

So unique and cute... Recommended....

Bigdol RDWP

Lets try. This fresh game.

Tyler R

Graphics are great the style is cool. The combat is trash. You are forced into which targets you attack instead of being able to actually manuver how you want and targeting spefecic enemies. This makes the combat overall very stale and drab

Belphi Bhi

So much fun

Khent Alvin


Frederick Richard

Cool game

Tay T

You 1Stars need to understand what Pre-installed means before crying over spill milk! Kids these days I swear... other then that I am looking forward to trying out this game!

D' Van

just downloaded this game, no welcome gift, no 40 summon, scammed.

Dela Kobe

It's a cool and awesome game to play

ryan santos

Nice game

Basic Shapes Studios

Demaciado caro el contenido de paga, pero es divertido

lilia allia


Lodoe King


sonic thegamer44

It's a good game but my only problem is that it's extremely laggy and because it's so laggy it crashes like crazy every couple minutes if you can make the game run way more smooth on android that would be awesome and would easily get 5 stars from me

Ron Patterson

Click to start -> moving blocks -> Nothung happens, not even an error message. Can't even play the game. How about you invest in some decent servers and netcode if you want people to spend money on your game? If you won't put any effort into the game, no one will make an effort to spend time or money on it. EDIT: After reinstalling the huge game files and update, the same thing happens. I have a Samsung Galaxy A71 5G model. Every other game I've played on it works fine.

c m

A cool game, cute and strategic. Its just the bond gift part, its quite laggy, plus there suppose to have sort put rare and normal gift.

Haxiner Thaerion

Game seems fun but they removed the free pulls, false advertising.

P El

Great game

Dior Jay

Game's fun and all but the fact that we can't use our customized character is uncool, maybe try giving every character a power of choice and the choice to use their character or the mains, please take this advice into consideration.

Cherry Wine

It's a nice game that can be played as f2p.

eNda A

Pretty good tactics game, n pretty generous too. For now.

Ferdie Yawder

Nice gameplay and graphics

Relic Malkvian

Scribe terrific, great heros!

qt_OwO Ashe

In my experience , I like this game once I started

Abraham M.A.

Nice game that catch my attention

Micheal Harmon

Great graphics good storyline worth checking out

Enviola Makunat

Very explain things well without going to a point thats its irritating like some similar games where even the most obvious things are explained. Cute char designs love it

Emrys Paindragon

Just played it good but i don't have a s contestant yet, can i have one :( BTW tnx for free contestants.

Paul Joseph Centeno

awesome game! keep it up!!


( ◜‿◝ )♡





Anubiz Is here

Love it

Xander Zeidel

The game is fine, the combat is simple, but there are just hardly any units in the game. Some of which are behind paywalls (which are obvious the most OP ones which makes the game lean towards p2w) The custom character you make is neat and all, especially with custom clothes, BUT again clothes are paywalled, color change is paywalled, and the character is pointless anyway, its not like you can bring him into battles. He is just a random side character.

Manuel Ambriz

Super fun game to play, but after the update on the 9th, i am no longer to log into the game. It just stays in main screen loading. I have a galaxy s10 +.

Adymas Sulai

So far, this game is enjoyable. Love the story, graphic, gameplay, drop rate. Had a great potential.


I Love this game because I got REG. Please add more voice / Change the voice-actor. (The VA not so good for someone like Reg). The Bonding Voice lines are not Complete in REG. I CARE VERY MUCH ABOUT THAT DETAIL. Other contestants got a complete Voice every words in bonding not REG!

Gordon Albert

Whole new gameplay for me..But, i love it!!!!

Odnil Callao

Its super cool game

Sonny Morante

I enjoy playing it,:)

Jhon Gabat Gabat

nice game...

Sugure (suguresu)

I watched the animation, so I'm glad that there's a game for it!!

Secret Garden

Wow, this is such a cute and amazing game! I just started and it's already good. I'm loving the storyline and the tutorial Is really simple. Hhh I look forward to games like this rising in the future

Elchuri Sai Amruth


Melecio ObinqueJR

Nc game

Boba Tea

oof,been so long since i played,i played the 国际服 one and it was better.why is the art things kinda bad here.

Brett Streutker

great game style, but, why does it take so long to load in? please inform me, it takes about half an hour to load, but then when i loaded in after that half a hour, it glitched out.

Dillin Michaud

Its a really Unique experience compared to other games with gacha mechanics, I actually found myself wanting to come back and play more even though there seems to be some slight lag even with low settings. My advice for the developers would be to fix a LOT of the in game dialogue. A perfect example: When you increase your bond with Palos, it literally says "she" and instead of "equip" on the avatar Logo screen it says "equipment" would further immersify the consumer. LOVE the combat!!!!!

Daryl Skinner

It's different but it's pretty fun. Definitely worth downloading!

miguel rodriguez

Pretty fun strategy game and good graphics

Mujabiir Bandong

Good game love it

Corgi Corgi

not my type of game, but still its fun

beast menito ytt

This game is so fire 🔥🔥🔥. And really enjoyable 😉

an vo

Nice game

Ade Fauzy

Nice S hero rate. That's important!

jimmy buttler

great overall, but why are the Minigames so difficult? even easy mode is difficult

Aswang Aswang

Ol gud

Hayden Clarke

Complete voice overs and awesome character Art. My only grip after playing for so long is a lack of community. Also the content seems to be declining.

Bill Gordon

Super fun


The refresh timer on the trust badge redeem is bugged out. It's already been 17 hours, but I still can't buy the data box.

Adam Ghanem

This very good

Fishcake Fi

Epico.. But gem store is so expensive


Pretty cool game

Galebreaker 123

The art style is by far my favorite part of the game, I absolutely love the little almost cutesy art style and the combat is fun and different enough to really stand out to me

Abass Abey Esther

Good game

omi kami

can't even past the tutorial wth death many time kill by giant dark type

Gautham Rock


Abisatya Atharazka


Hako Amakusa

Good game but my lobby is stretched and i felt discomfort, my phone is oppo reno 5 fix this please.

Arkaaa Everything

I got a lot of summon for free


Great game, Great graphics but one question, I have bind my email to a guest account, how to login using different device on my guest account that have my email bind in? I have submitted but if you know how to it would be great!

Saikat Biswas