Ant Art Tycoon

Author: Wix Games Ltd

500,000+ install


Ant Art Tycoon – Become the next Anty Warhol!

Detailed info

File size: 131M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 2021.9.13
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Wix Games Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review


The game is quite good but it keeps freezing and I have to restart the game 5-6 times but that's not why my review is so low it's the Ads they are absolutely terrible there is an ad every 30 seconds and it is terrible

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Mira Ignacio

i like it

Super Tigress

I would play this game on a rainy day if I had nothing to do.

Daniel O'Hara

Decent game but the forced ads ruin it quickly.

Trunita Graves

I like the game

Christian Hudgins

I love it but I have to restart it because I am installing it again and I was SUPER FAR IN THE GAME but it is my fault but otherwise it is AMAZING

spring trap


Thomas Hall

Installed very briefly. First ad it showed me was for a porn movie. As a Christian, I won't stand for that.

Iyla withers

Good but gets boring after a while and when u reach the max for the studios its boring

Cerita Anime


Dominic Wright

Won't even open after install Edit: seems someone else had the same issue and the culprit is my ad block software. Scummy money hungry devs.

Tylar Garner

Figured the ads couldn't be that bad... I was wrong. So figured let's try airplane mode but then upgrades don't pop up. So I just use airplane mode get a bunch of money and then spam buy upgrades and go back to airplane mode

Delusional Nerd

Too many video breaks with no game play in between. Also couldn't buy upgrades out of order, had to ALWAYS buy the first one even if you didn't want it. Very boring.

Jennifer Goulette

Idk I guess it's just not my kinda thing. I really don't even understand the point!


it's good not that bad

Dixie Cobb

I love this game its cute and artsy. I love watching the ants paint its so relaxing and calming

Alex Potter

way to many ads if I wanted to get rid of all of them is £10.49

Hi I don't actually exist

The game is ok but there are way too many adds

Sarah Locke

I liked the game but it is just kind of the same stuff over and over but the grapic's are good and maby do an update to change things up later on

Carlos Cardoso

Ad factory

kendra dement

there is an ad every minute it's ridiculous

Courtney Turpen

This is the best game I have played so far I love this game it is so calming and it doesn't give my ads every 2 seconds I love it if your thinking of getting this game then you really should

Anthony M

I think the game is great but what don't think is great is that every single 30 seconds I get a ad not a joke or overstatement I open the game up I get a ad I go to look at 2 of my studios I get a ad I go to settings I get a ad every 2-5 actions I do I get a ad even if I do nothing after 30 seconds I get a ad I hope this a bug and that it will be fix

Jennifer Pinto

so addicting, and free i suggest you play!



Руслан Ланюш


Kobe Smith

Great game I had a lot of fun

Gabriel Raymond

So many ads it is ridiculous

Adam Reezqy

Wow i Like this game because it has a lot of ants and then they paint it and it's so colourfull.

Peter Khabur

Why is the heck do you guys have to do so many ads and how do you put your ants to training

Michael B

Way too many ads.. Game experience is great! Never saw something like this! But somehow it's forcing you to buy "remove ads".

Bro Stars

Too many ads

Cory Cullen

It's a cool game but the ads are every minute which is extremely annoying and if you want them to stop it 7 bucks come on

Shania Kelly :D

The game is relaxing until you realize there's an ad every minute (not an exaduration) I understand putting ads into your games but at this point it's to much


it's so addicting plus I don't mind that the ads are short


extremely ad heavy, like 1-2 per 3 minutes. game is fun enough otherwise. ad free is $7 or $16 if you want ad boosts free too.

Jacquelyn Manabat

the ads are a little annoying but this is a great game

Eddie Hansen

To easy to play me you mark is head please

dolores olivieri

love it for my kids