Ant Art Tycoon

Author: Wix Games Ltd

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Ant Art Tycoon – Become the next Anty Warhol!

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File size: 131M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 2021.9.13
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Wix Games Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mohammed Ail

When I tried load the game suddenly it crashed when I reload it it crashed again can you fix this game pls

Mikhail Tal

Wow its so satisfied

Jvacha10_ Shadowhi

This is super fun and never boring for me

Lenden Reynolds

ants paint for you. it is what it says, and there aren't too many ads.

Karragan Freeman

Love it so much

Isaiah Osborne

👍🐜🏗️🏗️🏗️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😊👍. Ads🚫

Dawn Davis

I dont know why i forgot to update this but its a really good game!

John Hancock

Frequency of ads is enough to make you personally dislike the developer

Kassidy Smart

Good game but add safe less progress so you can save your last progress when you delete the game

Gloria Bautista

This game is so fun Colorful ant

Kirby Kian

Great game to play easy to lose time off of anything long

Edward Valencia


Andrew Tubbs

I started playing it back when there was only one studio, there where no galleries, and there was a more simple gameplay, then the update came, I'de gotten past parts of the change that where required to get any progress in the update. (The update was the first one to add studios to the game.) So I deleted it, came back years later and downloaded it. I'de lost all of my progress but that was okay, I'm very happy with gallaries and studios, I'm extremely exited for the updated version! 6/5 stars!

Alciekhysha BM

so good I completed it in just mins hope some updates will come

Gasmyl Kangoyi

I like the game it was enjoyable but the ads like why does it has to appear every like 2 minute like this is kind of annoying can you guys sort this out please That all I got to say

Saud Mahmood

Yes please

Ray Hendricks

Interesting game start. Hated to see it end after 1 min by Forced ad. Enough said. Zero stars.

Roni Bhattacharyya

really very good. Thanks again

Julie Plete

I in love it

Isaac Bachman

less ads and then we good 👍 😌 👌

Aileen Zhang

Overall the best ant art game I could find on Google play. Also it's really relaxing just to see the ants paint. Could you guys maybe add more new types of art painting? Such as pastel & oil pastel painting as well as watercolor painting and maybe acrylic and oil painting. You know to make it more fun and long lasting and not get boring really fast. When I mean really fast I mean like in a week you could get bored because there's only type of paint they use in the game. Which I think is Acrylic.


I'd give this 5 stars if it didn't eat my Pixel 5's battery.

Legendary Russian Blues

It was good, but I got bored of it, still recommend it, because it doesn't get boring quick quite fun! Give it a download!

Feisty Texan

The only thing I don't like about the game is it seems to be a huge power drain. Phone is brand new so I don't think it's a phone issue. I would like to see more rooms for the galleries or more galleries and maybe a convert monies to kudos. I have so much monies it no longer gives me a number amt just says Lots! Lol but could use the kudos to reset my studios.

Math 02

Game would be a lot better if ads didn't pop up preventing you from pressing buttons causing art to be sold instead of letting you put it in a gallery. Some art also sometimes turns plain white (but sells the same) at random intervals.

Empires Flame

i like the game but the ads piss me off i press the x button and it still brings me to the play store then i lose paintings that i want to save to my gallery and the ads r basically every 5 seconds. Its so annoying if the ads would calm down and not come every 5 seconds and if i can press the x button without being forced to go to the play store i would give this game 4 stars until then 2 stars is what im giving. (edit the ads is still dumb and im leaving the 2 stars)

Nikki Wall

I'm giving it 1 star cause it doesn't even let me play

Brian Graham

I can't get enough kudos to upgrade the studios/galleries. I have billions of $$$$ but only like 3 kudos. Please put in a "$ to kudos converter"

Ryan Coon

I played until I was at studio 3 and it was fun BUT it keeps crashing after a few seconds of me launching the app AND THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR A YEAR NOW since I played a year ago and it was the same problem

A Google user

It is a masterpiece of a game fun easy time waster great game 5 star round of a applause

gabthegamer YT

like this game very much pls try

Lawson Walker

a fun past timer

infinite bros

Man y'all complaining about ads? Just turn on air plane mode


it's a pretty good game 10/10 would reccomend, but there's too many adds. there's adds like every 1 minute

Bartek Kudlaczek


Reyes Hernandez

It's so funny because you get rich and And it's more funny here because let the ants make pictures they make paintings and this is that so funny

Rhea Fababier

Laggy game

shelly smith

Liked it before came back to a different update version

The Pro Gamer

I suggest updates for the shop and the mail. You should move the shop to the menu. Also, change the buttons to chat bubbles. Besides all that,, It's a perfect game.

Steven Dennia

very good

Alicia Gates

It's an incredibly fun game, but holy moly there are WAY too many ads!!! There's an ad every 30sec to 1 min and the ads themselves last around 30sec each. I understand putting ads here and there in a game to make some money, but not so many that the game is basically unplayable because ads keep popping up!

alx 061311

The game is great the only think I have oh I'm sorry hate is a strong word I loathe the kudos function

Lo Drews


Lynn Bissonnette

Love i love you can change the amount of money get more ants and diffrent ant type but why i gave it 4/5 star rate is becuse one of the most expensive painting was only like 50000.....and someone loved it but did not buy it its suposed to be like 100'00 but still no one got it it took 13:48 minutes to sell i had to make it cost like very low see 53457 dollars it made me so mad cuse i thought it cost a lot but besides that good if you fix that rate 5/5 also please remove add brakes But great game

fives ARC - 5555

I would rate it 5 stars but I find it really annoying that there isn't a way to sell a large amount of the paintings in your warehouse

Peyton Collins

I love this game💗💖💕💓❤

Jaxon Chastaine



Nice idea but after a while it gets very laggy due to the amount off ants on screen.

Grammy Norma

This game is a good game, and I have liked it as long as I have played. However, there has been an issue recently, where the game keeps crashing a few seconds after I open the app. This is a big issue because I can't do much progress if I can't even play the game. It was pretty fun before it started crashing. If it didn't crash, then I would definitely recommend.


Decent take on idle games. Forced ad breaks are a no go.


I recommend it to everyone! There isn't too many adds, from time to time there's adds you can skip. It's also really satisfying to me and once again I highly recommend it. ⭐

jon idk

Why are there so many ads now?

Alex C

Decent game, there's just too many forced ads..

Kenneth Basiga



Fun game! I wish you were able to save your data or link it to Google or Facebook so if you ever delete the game you won't have to start over. Update: keeps crashing on the first screen and can't play.


This game is awesome creating famous paintings and is very fun to play

Justice McCulloch

Way way way way to many ads this needs to be changed



anime red naruto

It's a great game and all that but there's like so many ads

Breydon Genshin

its really fun its like the more you gain the more etter you get

Brandy Spohn

In Airplane mode the ads are tolerable, I would pay, but Google play is blocked in China. I liked being able to use my photos as paintings. I didnt like managing so many galleries and having to swap paintings. wish there was a bulk select/swap ability. its a very passive game that requires no thinking, and sometimes you just need that! so if you're looking for a strategy game, dont bother.

Siti Ñ ŠHåm

I love this game

Robert Foley

Good game, paid for no ads , finished game. Reinstalled it 6 months later. Said I had not paid for no ads.

Audemars Philippe

It should be 5 but the lag when I hit 3205 ants the game always crash on my pc and I have to install it to my phone

Teh Xyriel

To much ad

Delilah D

Super fun. 100% 5 stars

kendra Macasero

It's pretty

Aubrey Alkire

It is pretty good I've been playing it for a long long time and I really like it. It has had a few downsides and disappointments. like when it released the gallery I got confused. The time I discovered a different kind of money on it. But all in all a good game pass time. (Edit) So I realize my post was really um good, but lately I've been having another issue. After resetting it bc I was at studio 10, i played until i was at studio 5 and i couldn't buy anymore. So I was getting 💵 for nothing.

Xanis o

Ads. Lots and lots of forced ad breaks. The potential is there, though the game itself lacks any depth. The entire game is summed up below: 1. Buy ant(s) 2. Buy upgrades or more ants 3. Ant automatically paints picture 4. Sell picture automatically, you can set price. That's it. 5. Ad break every two pictures or so 6. Repeat Upgrades are not decided by you. They are given to you and then you buy them via a scrolling list on the right side. They are not optional. Such a shame. Great concept.

Benson Nguyen

I like ants

Kennedy Taylor

Too many ads

Scott Hurley


Jonathan Noble

great game lot's of ads though

ryan dills

It's a fun game and I'm really enjoying it but I noticed something, if you have airplane mode on the cost to get rid of ads is $3.99, but you can't click it, and if you turn it off, the price goes up to $6.99

cotne zubalashvili

best game✌👍👍

Hasan Ojail

Perfect art

Sonia Farfan

Tooooooomeh H

Bhavish Kumar Madurai

I played this game before

Michelle Perry

Funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr smartyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys

Bella Ally

This game crashed my phone.😡

Isalis Calispal

Where is the version history for this game so I can see which studio prestige is currently the final one?


amazing game

Heilie Palma

I don't know why people said something rude..

Lenard Banawa

I deleted it and it was COOL i like being a noob pro hm nor bad on pro

Grant Ingles

I hate the game because it won't even load and to many ads as well

Rock Faunya


Mason Lefebvre

I got so many ants and now it's got too glitchy to play

B Pinkas

Very fun game! Quickly addicting and fun. Ads are a little too much but I don't get too effected by them. Definitely recommend to times like being bored in the ur bed at night like me. 5/5 stars!


This is good, great even but is very let down by the adverts, over n over, forced and repeated, if you go offline it will freeze when trying to play one and it can't, shame, genius idea, same old greed

Jared Sakura

Too much ads

Arlene Tingco

i love it! but some how it stops but its a great game


A few to many ads but not bad, one really bad bug though, it makes it where it crashes when you choose a custom painting in studio one (idk if you can in others I'm not that far if so)

Dylan V

love love love

Guerschom Louis-jacques

Amazing game! It even tells when an ad is coming 5/5

Yaboi :P

Pretty entertaining

Elijah Euan Capacite

Idk what to put here

fauziah mat isa

love game

Trey Holton

This is not just some random bad art game it is actually super fun and I would recommend it to anybody that is interested in art 10/10

Guilherme Louzada

the game has potential to be fun, but with that many forced ads, you can't really enjoy playing it

Cement Table

very nice