Anime Dress Up Queen Game for girls

Author: Happy Melon Games

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Anime Dress Up Queen Game for girls – Get anime Queen ready beautiful makeup and dress up in anime girl games for free

Detailed info

File size: 70M
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: 0.9
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Happy Melon Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Diksha s Vaidya

I like this game

Ayushi Mishra


Jonard Baslan

Its a great game i like it

Claire Hanika

Too much ads for me but the game itself was great no game is better than this, But I rated 3/5

Salilla Sang-Aroon

1 because I kept on losing but at lest I liked it I will change in too 5 cause I still liked it hahahaha I liked it 10/10

sh tabataba


Vans. Vans

This game is amazing🤩😍👍

Muhammad Saleem

Nice 🤗

Panzo Alvaro

I love this app its so fun

Neel Perera

I like so much this game. This is amezing. 🖒🖒

Lailah Baer

i love dis game

Ketounuo Chadi

It's a very nice game but to many ads and have to close my net to play but i really enjoyed playing this game

janani ramalingam

Very nice game but can avoid video

So Metta

I love this game but why i play challenge mode i lose😪

Parveeta Attri

So nice game 🤗🤗🤗🤗

aimer and abi sis vs bro

Very nice game

Abishek Binu

OK for me 💞

Akhil Chouhan

Amazing ❤️🌈

Jeya Jeys

I love this app . This is very interesting. Thank you for this app .

Gopal Saha

I love this game🖤💗, this games is good but why all item is watching ad to get😠

Ganapathi SS


Gusta Luchy

So nice in the beginning I thought it was one of those trash games but it is really awesome but I don't know why,no matter how much I try my other competitors beat me please fix it and it doesn't reach over 10 only nine and below fix it but it is really nice to play

Lily Husby

This is the best anime dress-up game i have ever played! There is so many diferent ways you can decorate your person. You can even do like a fashon compotision to where even if you loos, you still get jems. I love this game and suggest it to someone who needs something new to do.😍

Nikhat Imran Sayed

Very nice game 😘😘

Ayisha Minha

Good game😘😘

Espelita Carpio

Wow this is so fun to game so I give this three star I like this game is great

Mamta Devi


Guysly jane Llamas

OMG 👁️👄👁️this is a beautiful game anine

Adrina Arash

Good 💐💐^_^💐💐

carl denver esguerra

this game is so beautiful

Ariana Orbaña

Its soo cool soo a give you excellent star💗❤💓💕💖💗💛💚🧡🖤💜

Chikku Chauhan

I like the game but when there are competitions they always win the other one what if it is bad

Mustafa Imroz

Best game ever

Mike Afton

It was so fun

Maricel Demalata

Nice this game 😊💯

Safin Baro


Vinay Kumar


Amar Singh

This game very realistic and also good 👍😊❤️💕

Ladoo Ladoo

❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💖good very very .

Sakura Haruno

It's a great game.not many adds.its just that the front picture looks anything like it and the forehead is way to big.over all it's a good game

Mussarat Jabeen

Good game

Kaggy G.

Cover and game use clothing and hair from Love Nikki, it's really hard not to notice. Very disappointed.

D K Upadhyay

It's a amezing game

Madhuri Pattankar

This game is good but there are a lots of adds in every single thing I do and the ad are the same there are two adds 1:bilibili comics2:insta I am irritated please do work on it

Lyka Mandi

It's cute

Andress Miralles

I very like this game so much this is so cool

Timothi Narzari

It's good! ✨

lene thabah

it is very Nice😎 I like it ♥♥😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😙😙💝💕😗😗😗👌👌👍👍

Mikaela Baniqued


Manu Nayak

Nice 🥰


Like it😉

Hamza Jutt


muktar shekh

This is the best game for me because the soooooo many things in this game I love the game thank you for the good game

Sara Jimenez

Overall it's not too bad. But it has way too many ads and not many accessories nor many hair styles. I expected a bit more because of the advertisement but it is not like it. But it's still pretty good

deepak kumar

Very good app

Shoba Ruth bai

super game

AT knowledge Kendra

Hi i am lalisa Manoban and I am impressed with this game

Radheshyam Gupta


Aedrell Buela

It has sow wonderfull dresses

Maithili Nath

Lovely game

Shalu Chaudary

This is so bad game

Lorna Bia

You know guys, THIS IS SO CUTE AND COOL!!! This game is not boring! And not bad! This game is no ads when you turn off your wifi or mobile data! It's great, I like it! Thank you for this game!! 😅😊🙂

R.Reena R.Reena

So fun l love this game

Agyehtet Agyehtet

I Love. 😄😄😍😍😘😘

Krish sas Santhi

Is game is good 👍😊

Nuri Waghmare

Very nice

Siraj Khan

Good. Jopi

Kittikat Takesabreak

The obscenely excessive pop-up ads are messing up my gameplay experience. Can't even click on anything without some ad popping up.

Mujjamil Hussain

Im am very happy mere ko Itna sundar game khelna achha lagta hai 😍🤩😍😘

Mrinal Roy

OK I love this game this game is my Favarite game thanks 😘

Clair Degino

Sugui app

The Avneet Chattarjee

Free wi-fi dela ami as app takea download korbo

Md Anik Anik

Nice game 😍😍😍😍

sangeeta chauhan

This is my favourite game because of girls I play and enjoy love this game 🥰🥰🥰❤️

Benu Mishra

Good good 😌👌

Marykris Turla

Smile, dress up

rajendran k

Nice game I like it very much😍♥️

Ankita Thakur

I like it but just a complaint that a lots of ads come 💜

Sunil Gupta

Very bad game

bhupesh Patil


Ayusha Sanga

This app was nice and i played some challenges and everything was nice

Mithilesh Gautam

I loved this game but there is one problem at every step a add comes but this is a amazing game

whatr udoing

You guys should chill with the ads whatever I click every single ad that exists pops up I tried the challenge mode but it made me lose time with the ads it was soooo unfair and I didn't even click an option that needed and ad!!!! I mean it's nice and all but to many ads. The delete button is looking very nice 🙂

Priyanshu Patra


Elyda Ely

I Love this Games

Jhumur Majumder


Sanjoy Khoirom


Devi Posamma

This game is too good I love this game 💜

Rana Ali

Nice game

Veronica Cevedia

It's pretty fun to play

Alaia Danish

I like this app ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ App deserve 5 stars

Angela Soriano


Srinath dutta


Kayum Medok

I love this but make is not good

Jaiveer Sharma


Joyjoy Ahmadpour

I love the game but sometimes I lose but still an amazing game〈😚ノ

Phairoj Jewkaew


Nyla Grg

Goooooooood ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍👌👏

Anushka Singh

Amazing , Nice game for girls .🤩😍

Naksha Sanju

This game is very easy and fantastic game who has created for them hats off and there is no ads whenever it says to tap I have to tap 20 or 25 times fix that bug and this is a great game this game really makes fun 😁😀😺