Animal Tales: Fun Match 3 Game

Author: HeroCraft Ltd.

10,000+ install


Animal Tales: Fun Match 3 Game – Play with pets & animals, solve puzzles in a free Match 3 game Offline!

Detailed info

File size: 130M
Update time: July 13, 2021
Current version: 1.20.5
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: HeroCraft Ltd.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mary Deppen

I'm watching the animals interact having to stop and think about your moves before you make them it's always fun

Trecia Mcdonald


Jonathan Jeffries

I love the talking animals in this game

pat berrett

Loving the graphics. Simple instructions.

mary oneill

Nice game

Robert Gray

Awesome game

Elizabeth Dickman


Ja C

Happy birthday

Holly Haugen

Fun game. Enjoyable!

Joy Gaming


Carl Saddler

Very cute game.. I just started it will see if it will stay a five star game



Cassandra Stone-Nixon

A very cute game my youngest daughter enjoys playing the game.

Md Kounain Alam

Md kounain Alamein

Tiffani Saunders

Love this game already then you guys

Mama Wolf

Fun game

Lynn Smitzin


Felicia E Wright

I like the game.

Tope Gbadamosi

It is very good.

Diane Dixon

Love it

Nancy Armstrong

Very slow n drags badly. Uninstalled

Barbara Fisher

Great fun very relaxing and cute too

Mattie Reeves

It let me down load and let me open the game then said i don't have permission to play. If you don't want people to play the game don't let us download it


Far too many glitches in the first five minutes of play. Please do a thorough cleaning run of bugs and such then test the product before delivery. Otherwise, graphics good, music good, effects good but a bit slow. Strange four straight gives black bomb and four squared gives one stick dynamite. Didn't see intro to story so confused when started game.

Shakira Vosges

It's a fun game

Lauretta Kalisz


Mommad Ali

Best game

Bettie Smith

Nice game so far 👌

Chrissy Sue Cullum

Fun game

Lauren Heath

So far it's fun 😉

Jaime Hollen

Great game

Kelley Maxwell

Cute so far. Too early in the game to really know.

Debbie Hansen

Game doesn't load so I gave one star sad

Sandi Montemurro

Looking for game different than redecorate same type house they all start off with stairs n entry way and so on hoping i wont delete this game so far im enjoying it!

Ruth Figueroa

Relaxing game


So far, it is cute but very buggy. Text or visuals will disappear and tends to freeze. I've had to close out the game a few times.

F Smith

Cute game

Sara Andre

Playing the game so far it's fun again

kim jacobsen

Just started playing see how it goes

Leeanne Scott

Fun with ease but still challenging enough to not bore you. It would be nice to get more than one star every time - especially on harder levels or puzzels ...

Kelly Bartlett

Adorable graphicS and the puzzles are fun!

Anca Sorina Craciun

Very fun.

Angela Pumphrey

Love it

amy barlow

I've only been playing for a little bit and I am loving it

Pat Gowland

Fun, relaxing game.

Jessica Oquist


Kathy Jansson


Ashleigh Hanisch

So fun to play

Amy Gerhard

Very cute game love dogs

Karen H

Very fun 🙂

Roselle Egan


Nalini Raina

Nice game just started

Ladeen Nowell


Sharlene Rytting

I really like this cute game.

Vearley Downey

💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 it

Lynn D

Fun and relaxing game with cute and adorable graphics.

Liz Call

I haven't played very long on here so i don't really know what to say. The one game I played was a match 3 game and it was fun.

michele simmons

Such a cute game!!! Great job and I agree with the other player who said the ad doesnt do justice for the game all you animal lovers this game is for you!!!! Keep it coming

Future Gohan

I Love The Game Because Of How Fascinating It Is

Adhya Gade


Tracey Nash

Great game

Mama Deutsch

Grafics great but it doesnt load.

Lemau Nguyen

Cause this game the best game ever played

A Google user

Love it so far

Shaun Of The Dead

Only at the very beginning, but playing great so far, just hoping the ads don't start soon lol

Lisa Goodwin

I just started i came back and super love the ga.e graphics are fantastic love the animals super relaxing

Rose Bloom


Melissa pierce

Really fun game

Janene Healey

Just started playing the game give me about another hour or two and I'll let you know how much more fun it will be

Jacinda Harris

Wonderful game. I love animals who makes me smile in the story for saving them in some way.

June Fletcher

Nice little game

Rosalind Gomez

I love it

Darlene Donahue

Just started playing but I love it. Great graphics

Robin Black

I just started playing so far so good

Miranda Hill


Janette Kendall

A fun game to play

Tracey Furness


Khloe Duncan


sarie du plessis

Its a fun game

April Grissom

still love this game

Kelly Leedy

It's fun to play. The graphics are great. Keeps your mind occupied. I have no problems with it whatsoever. Keep up the good work.

Arthur Mitchell

Very enjoyable.Thank you.

Coffee Kat

The game was amazing until the upgrades stopped appearing. I saw a similar comment, and reached out to the support team with no answer. Good game if you don't intend to finish it like I had hoped to. There are more levels, nut after I got the monkey I couldn't progress or upgrade further.

Cheryl Harrison

So far, I like it.

Anita Moore

Love playing

Janice Wade

Just started playing

MImi sky

Good game..

Amy Taylor


Jenny Rayner

A really fun game

Mary Love

I had played this game before but I don't remember it being as fun as it is now if you like playing three match games and I know you will enjoy this one

Beth Vermillion


Jediah Seabrooks


Petro Maartens

love the game

Lisa Butler

I'm new this game it's fun so far animal is cute

Diane Mahoney


Ann Leong

Same with the rest of match & build; start easy & gets quite difficult to get pass, gets me more frustrating than fun

Helena Maddux


Brenda Jones

Fun so far! Just started playing about an hour ago!

link moonsammy


Gregory Mallinson