Animal Rumble

Author: Thomas Foucault

10,000+ install


Animal Rumble – Explore, tame, fight, increase your team of animals !

Explore a whole new world filled with a lot of animals to tame. Will you be able to build the best team ever & find the legendary animals?

Detailed info

File size: 92M
Update time: October 22, 2021
Current version: 0.9
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Thomas Foucault
Price: Free
12 votes

Customer review

Salman Shaikh

game is very best

Virly Mukumbang


Yusuf Nabawi


Aden TAN

Too many ads!

Julia Kesik

It keeps on going onto my screen! I dont want to play this I wanna play zookemon!

Rashley Vicariato

So many ads

Marcus Daniel Vergara

fun and cute

Eric So

Just adssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Kevin Yefta

It's a normal game but it's fun to play and i want a dinosaur for the update

Rayghie May Ligad


Roni Rayanto

too much ads

shin D

If posible, i'll zero star .. Ads every 30sec. of play time .. everything you do need to watch ads ..

Finz Finz

very good others should try this game

saranya suvn


titan gojira 2019


Hussaini Khalid


as ikhsan


Just Parker

More ads than gamplay....

Moshe Seragih

it's good

Maki Rapas

This game is unfair I can't fight the snake I saw this in ads and he fight the snake in ads this game won't let me fight the snake unfair 😤😤😤

Teresa Vitale

Its litterally a pokemon rip off just get an emulator or something

Siam Hossan

Pokemon copy game ah

David Head

Has inappropriate ads of animated nudity

Carmen Jimenez

I love this game because is the funnies game !

Marjiolina Laconse

ads is not ok but this game is very good for me wow nice game congrats

Josef Andersson

Forced ads...

aatif gaming

vvvvvv.good game

Shivam Krish

This game is bad finishing

Dean Hull

It's a Pokémon ripoff and way to many ads this game should have negative zero stars

Jeremy Yarbrough

yet another ad farm.

Danz Chez

I love it

Priya Mahajan

Worst game ever on play store too much ads you made a very good game into veryyyyyyy bad and you cant add any animal till you remove some old ones and very much if you want to fight a rare animal have to watch a ad when you are just playing the game there is ads and some ads are like that you have to close and open i hate this dont install this i will delete this any way !

Kapil Deo Prasad Singh

OK game

Keerthana KR

So so so super

janardhan mandal

Not better game

King Santiago

Cool game pls add dinosaurs

Muhammad Ridzwan


Joanne Magpantay

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Marivic Oraño


Christ Falls

great name fux