Animal Doll Shop – Cute Tycoon Game

Author: Funnyeve

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Animal Doll Shop – Cute Tycoon Game – Let’s make cute dolls to create beautiful memories with animal customers!

Detailed info

File size: 70M
Update time: September 2, 2021
Current version: 1.2.6
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Funnyeve
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lex Cobardo

Edited: Game now is getting boring. Add more to the game. This game has so much potential to be well-known. And please add cloud save. I don't know why you remove it. Please listen to the feedbacks..


Am obsessed with this game but I'm on my last doll 😭 need updates

Tawon Ar

เล่นได้เรื่อยๆ น่ารักดี ภาพสวย🎮

Silver Petal

Very boring nothing new 🙄

Somaye Bostan

خیلی چرت بود

audrey huang

I love this game!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Melencio Manahan

I love it!

Gwyneth Liechandra

The game graphics are cute, the characters are cute too. I really like this game!

Aaron Panganiban

I love this app I'm so very proud. And so cute.

Afifah shamsul

dis game is cute l like it


Tarek mang



A Google user

i love this game so much!!!! the keychans are so cute

Myang Mamadra

I'm going to uninstall this app because my storage is already full. Hopefully when I come back I can back up my game progress to gmail or even just facebook login. Thankyou, goodbye.

Nica Belen


Charmaine Tan

I'm having a lot of fun playing this game!! But recently I just changed my phone.. Is there anyway for me to trace back my past game data instead of starting all over again? :( I still do have the game installed in my old phone but I wanna bring the data over to my new phone..

Nada Zya

This game is not boring

Julie Berry

EDIT: Do yourself a favor and buy the "Starter Pack" and it makes the game CRAZY FUN & rewarding! I like this game a lot! It would be nice if there was in in-game description for the tea parties and something less chaotic when combining materials. I would use the same amount of materials 5x in a row and get 5x different pieces for 5 different animals and relying on rng to get enough to give some of your oldest customers a cute new look! Thank you for your hard work and fixing bugs so quickly!!

Priyanshi Singh

This game is really easy to play. The graphics ,design, control is really good. But it be more fun if there is more ways to earn Diamonds because puchases like capsule and special parts can only be purchase by dimonds. These items should be available to purchase by coins.

Calvin Chan

It's just a game of keep watching ads to proceed with anything :(

Nurul Ashikin

boring 🦨

I stole Jimin's jams

Very cute game!🍪 well but i hope we can dress up MiM[our character/owner] yes i hope we can dress up MiM that would be more good, and getting money is so easy!! The guide is also there! Luv from my side!💝💝

Kate Barbie Placero

Its so cute!! For me it is vry easy to play and not boring at all!! I recommend this game!

Ash Johnston

Such a great game! Easy to earn coins and it's super cute!


I'm obsessed with this game

Reynalyn Nabio

lag 💔

Tiara Ainun

i love it😍😍😍

Christine the Pooh

I like the game a lot and I finished the contest already. Now I am maxing out my shop slowly. I wish there was a way to rewatch the story, because I want to show it to others! Very cute art and MiM is very likeable.

Cup Cakke

I love this make more games with MiM i love Herr 💗💗💗

Blue Moon

Great game a fun one to play if there is nothing to do or want a quick game to play before doing something

Mary Gh

Good 😊

strawberry milkshake pang

it's so good

Rita das

I like this game because it helps us to learn and have fun. I say the truth that whenever there is online class I play it😂

Althea Santos

Awesome game

chelsea and maria

I really love this game ekkkk

anes kifli

amazingggggggggggggggly CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Princess marian legaspi

The game is so cute I like the story part thooo

nur syazwanie

great game but suddenly it turns bored to me

sexed puck

can u lessen the promotion tapping bc it's tiring.

Jeslyn Lim

Good with

Alexa Villaran

I love this game is really cute

Mbela Getou

I love it

jennylyn montes

Its do cool!

lenny alegado

its a very cute game

Syed Muhammed Abdullah Baghdadi

Gets a bit boring but its ok.

Aakanksha anahita Talukdar

It's soo good love it 1000000/10


꿀잼! 이애요!!!

Vina Nurul

Bags banget game nya sama rame juga game nya aku sukaaa banget aku kasih bintang lima buat game ini

Onye Muo

Cool I guess

Sophia Kim Mateo

vjk Nik

Mallikan Mailange


Andy Ko

The new update with the doll making class is great. Looking at Mim doing her thing is just so fun and relaxing. Congrats on your award!



Xylee Mint Soledad

I couldnt do much in the game, all i could do was wait. The graphics is cute tho.

Tanya Mae

I can't take it anymore, ITS WAYYYY TO LAGGY AND THE GAME IS FREEZING ALL THE TIME 😢 I'll uninstall it for now and come back next time, I can't properly play because every 1 minutes it lags and its hard to exit the game. This is the only game I played that lags so much.

Tiffany Magruder

I love This 😍 adorable game it's so stinking cute!!!!!!

K. Sanchez

It's a super cute game! Not a bad time passer, but it needs some kind of back up or restore feature. I definitely won't make any purchases until I know they'll transfer.

Exho Not Found

I think the game is really good for people that are just bored all of the time, but I feel like it has room for improvement it's a little dull, But it's fun for me just because I'm always looking for a game to cure my boredness.

Sheriff Poblete

Taking too long to save progress and add facebook sync. I need to save my progress because I will change my device. I already reached 2000 reputation points but I need to say goodbye. Uninstalling this shi+-&£# ciao!

Faiz Zayanu

It is so cute and fun but there is no saving so I spend 9 hours in this app


Cute game

Adeeba Bibi

fun game, willing to watch ads for rewards, not long ads, nice peaceful

Moon Park

Fun at first then it starts to get boring when u just keep on watching ads for promotions and auto , theres also no saving in the game . Some employees i think only run when using auto. Diamonds are used for the doll slot thing and thats hard to get 10 diamons each slot 😔

lil ms chloe

This game is super cute and really enjoyable to play!

Lakiyah A Beckworth Beckwith

Very Good

Ari's Imagination Station

Well basically you just hire a pet and make it bigger and more customers come and get those pets little dollies and it's not really fun because it gets so high your fingers get tired 😩 so I perhaps if you have like the worked out hands in the world

Jannaya McKenzie

It's pretty cute and pretty fun. I often play it on the plane for a while. Simple platform jumping game with some sneaky platforms that make you lose. Good to chew up time while you wait for something

Zxane Aisleigh

Fun game i recomend you to download this app good for 3+ kids. Kids will enjoy playing this app 5star 👍

Mohamadreza Dadashi


chubby bunny

Super Boring 🙄

Miyo Chae

Tldr: unsatisfying and not player friendly. Upgrades very overpriced and with the considerably low earning rate everything feels like a grind from moment 1 with nothing feeling satisfying, even if playing 'passively'. Translation quality falls pretty rapidly and becomes really hard to understand during some events. Tapping for dolls/customers takes way too many taps especially paired with everything else being slow. Only local save which is not a good feature for an idle game or one w purchases.

ryan humphrey

Good Game Maybe Add some mini games if they're available 😉 I love kawaii games


Love Mim

Cristian Flavius Matei

I like the game, it's cute , but what i hate the most is that when you hire an employee the upgrades are more expensive then the employee. Like the first upgrade is 200k . It's nuts. It should be 10k the first upgrade, then the second 20-25k.

Vianne Alcala

I loooooove this gaaame

Noel Tolentino jr

its so good i been playing this yesterday its so good gowload it rn

Zerene Aiofon

Very very cute game with imperfections. I love how it is easy to follow and how adorable the game is. It's also nice that it have a little story behind the shop though I know the game will get boring as you go through more in the game. It's just a pass time game you will surely enjoy. MiM best doll tailorist ! 💗💕💓💞💜

Kayla the fox

Very fun you can make your own dolls by putting then together

deepak chopra

I mean not bad ? But...... Q i still hate it

Izza Hilyah Nafisah



this is addicting! i couldn't stop playin XD

Suchitra Bose


reyna rivera

I love it !!! So much I love how they give you options to earn stars and money so you're not forced to buy anything! Also everything is sooo cute

Ciara Graham

addictive and so cute! good time killer and great for relaxation.

Spear Paschal

Theres no way to back up progress which essentially breaks the whole game since idle games take such a long time to progress on them and with a single switch to another device all that time spent will be gone in a flash, totally not worth it.

Alya Wafa

It hang

Mimi Alberto

Its really a cute game ive earned 58,000 plus and i really wish if i can invite a costumer but i like it its reall an attractive game it made me stay up all night to make more money and stuff toys -give this 100/100

Heny Yusrimah

So good❤️❤️

Mary Ann Medina


Mik G.


Dura Mazlan



A verry fun and aesthetic game❤

꧁BubbleToca ꧂

It's very cute and addicting download this app right now!


It's amazing Im just wondering how do u get these diamonds stuff

Tia Huynh

Cute game, but isn't that girl Maruko chan?

Taif Khamis

Cute, simple and fun

Justin Keith Bacus


Stacy Bouvy



It's an absolute charm💖

oli aries

After a while it gets boring and nothing happens