Ancient Life 古代人生

Author: Wingjoy Games

100,000+ install


A package of events featuring ancient China are waiting for you to experience: taking imperial examinations, being officials, holding wedding, going hunting and catching crickets, asking for fortune sticks, and farming etc.
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Detailed info

File size: 110M
Update time: October 22, 2020
Current version: 1.3.102
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Wingjoy Games
Price: Free
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Customer review


This Ancient Life game has an interesting role playing, good graphics and I like the way that we can choose the answer without paying anything. I hope you can update this game with more Choices and add a royal family in this game because its an ancient time may be a prince or a princess? this game worth 4 still no update.....

No Name

Game is unplayable

Leonid Saykin

Hunting with an arrow shouldn't be that difficult. I find it much easier to sell bugs for a lot of cash on a cricket market. School exams can be bad, you can easily land an apprenticeship. Don't understand why you need books. How do you become geisha? those people literally spending 100s of silver coins on a prostitute, my character wants that job. I don't understand why the game is so addicting.

Summer Rain

Not bad. Good game

Jairah Raine

Overall very fun to play especially when bored. Please kindly update!

Mellaboo Ell

Kinda extremely racist but lol

Ken Lamoste

Good but no updates

Nurul Anis Nadhirah

I love this game. But, can u add job at the castle like maid or emperor. And, please add more update

Maricel Bucay

There is a pc version it looks cool

Melvina Ciendy

A very nice game, especially because I was very into Ancient life and their history. However i was expecting something like emperor or empress or a crown prince, anyway what I'm saying is that i want to try being an emperor, empress, crown prince, or just imperial concubine or consort. I really like them how making them? Like an option at 8 to choose being a councubine to someone or an emperor. Please make this happen, it will entertain me more being an emperor :)

Syah Zaidan

This had a great potential, keep it up!

Putu Ari

Update This Game Please

Lezareth Schnfield

This is really fun, I found this game in recommendation section at google play store, this game is classic, simple, but has many features and I can't get my hands off from this game. Keep it going!! The only things I don't like is the lack of explanation, there are some features that I don't know how to use it or what is that and what should I do. But overall, this game is fun.

Cynthia Siego

Fun game!

Syafiqah Leona

Love it

Desy Lustiyani

The translation are the biggest problem in this game.

Tenui Chawngthu

I like it but I request that we can be immortal that we can choose what we want immortal or mortal and we can become emperor or empress please please don't let me see the same

Melo Melo

Nice 👍

Shelly Stewart

Shelly sue Stewart

Khumbarti D,b


Endah Setyoasih

I enjoy this game....

Ida Mcclure

Its fun but it doesn't let you get to 1000 it TAKES IT AWAY so yeah fix that and its amazing


Very very addictive... & has alot of features which makes me want to keep going.. love it...

Indraswari Rahmadani

Lack of explanation and the exam is hard.

Sapphire Boomia

This is a cute game!

Sonia Valdez

I love this game ❤️❤️❤️


This is a great game. Give it a try.

Salamatpo Salamatpo


Anime Firegirl

Need more things to do

Chan Ann

Please update the app

marvelous studios moving pictures

I love it but this game got me feeling like i got a hole in my heart

Axel B Seijuro-

I hope there a martial art club .. And u can be martial artis like manhua


Love this game i already reach my 10 million gold in hundred generation of farming this is good but i wish you update this game i really want to be an emperor and i think you should add more farm lands houses and cart i wish i can create my conpany or trade to other nation please update this game

Luciano Vu

It is pretty good but sometimes I don't have the knowledge to understand some of the content in this game

chin yiquan


Hermina Herman

kinda a copy of bitlife but with a twist.


Glory to the CPC

Victoria R

Its a good game kinda wish you could chouse what rank you are but other than that its great

Jowee Loys P. Flores

It's a good game and it has a lot of potential but the translation is confusing and it hasn't been updated for almost a year.

Su San