Ancient Gods: Card Battle RPG

Author: Hexpion

5,000+ install


Ancient Gods is a combination of gacha and deck building rogue-lite. You don’t need Internet, you will experience unique adventures and build OP packs from hundreds of cards and characters to overcome new challenges.
* Light strategy turn-based card battle
– One-on-one battle, single-player mode, decide which cards to take to create great malfunction combos! Adventure awaits, but can you make the right decision in randomly generated events along the way?
* 30 beautifully designed characters to play with their unique cards and passive abilities
– Summon and upgrade your collection of gods
* Classes and skill system
– Create your own deck by choosing classes for your character
* Combination system with the color of the card you play
* Over 300 maps to build
Since ancient times, all planets in the solar system have had life. The inhabitants of most planets have very powerful powers, except for Earth. One day the Sun entered a new era and created a terrible explosion that burned all the planets. Earth is the only place to live, all races on other planets have migrated here, using all their skills to protect this last planet and survive the apocalypse. Over time, the original unity disappeared, leaving powerful despicable races of people who divided the earth and ruled the people as slaves. At that moment, 3 sisters appeared to humanity with special powers, that is, to copy the power of others. From there, these chosen ones begin their journey back to their planet.

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File size: 243 MB
Update time: 2023-02-28T09:09:54.000Z
Current version: 1.3.1
Require Android: 5.0
Developer: Hexpion
Price: $Free
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