Ancient Bricks

Author: Zippy Mobile

1,000,000+ install


Ancient Bricks – You can reveal the secrets of an ancient temple in this brick breaker game.

Detailed info

File size: 84M
Update time: June 8, 2021
Current version: 1.5.22
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Zippy Mobile
Price: Free
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Customer review

Joel Oliveira

Crazy good, replayable and fun. Thank you for bringing this gem to us, free with the right amount of ads.


Nice game, but too unbalanced for a ftp player. Also, the bonus which blocks movement is pure garbage

Freedom INDIA

I play brick,and i really like game,and graphic,i complete all mods and all levels, please update new extra level,or different mood🙏 otherwise i uninstall this game permanently sir,, because no more level 🤝

Shaun Henderson

It's fun for a while but had to uninstall because I couldn't progress any further

Dennis Kabantiyok

Great game!


Very good time paas.

carnason drakith

Very cool game with very cool mechanics, gets boring after a while but it's a good amount of entertainment for a free game with barely any ads

Jack Saleem

Finally the archealogists discovered. Ancient Bricks after update deserves 5 Stars

Shuvo Love

Good app

Bill O'Brien

Fun & Free!!!

Saeed Jatt

Good game

Ian Budden

It's a well realised bat and ball game. It would be nice to be able to adjust the ball speed - it's a little slow for me - but that's being picky

Ja An


ghost party

I want to like this but I feel like you don't have enough control over the direction of the ball when It bounces. It's makes time trials and the mine extremely aggravating.

Ye Olde Foxeh

Great! Edit: no update or any new content (coming soon, remember?) since October 2017. Abandoned project. Also I keep losing my progress every time I reinstall. Your cloud save doesn't work at all. Worthless this way, once played through and still no final "chapter" since October 2017... 2022 update received. Still broken cloud save. No.

DarkDay _11

فنانة !!!

Rox Roxanna

I think this game is real gooood!

GoldenEGG 10

You spend every second just looking at a paddle to try not miss the ball . Everything else is pointless 🤷‍♂️ . All the animations are pointless cus you dont get a split second to look at them . Its not nice to play at all.... . sorry

Ryan Nioda

It's easy to use without found issue

Dario Anicic

Not a bad game. Mind resting game

Marcia Robertson

My type of game , I like everything about it

TEBOGO Richard

I have a lot from this game

Silver Monkey

very very fun indeed

Adam Williams


Imran Khan


Ajish Eappen

U guys r brilliant!

Manole Marius

I was looking something along the lines of old PC games like DX ball or Richochet.... and this game managed to fill that gap.

Elijah Young

Is vary fun but encountered glitch that makes it impossible to play because it kicks you out of the game.

Robert Kipkoech

New brickgames never disappoints

MrCasper 001

The game is nice but lack of explanation what is buffs you can get when playing. When you play it you really just need to learn it on the hard way F.

Lucky Israel

Best brick game I've played online.. big time killer, great game with lots of stages to enjoy. Offline game and add free .. what an interesting game.

emerson king

Me gusto el juego

Christopher Cook

The day system is broken keeps going back to day 2 after day 3! even if you log in daily! the mine is also buggy you go to tap the paddle to shoot a fireball and it uses your mine stop instead so you end up wasting that! also in the mine there is a anoying AF negative powerup that shoots 2 fireballs at you if you get this it's basically game over near impossible to dodge if it hits you your done no matter how many balls you have. Ruins the mine completely!! stick to Ricochet!

Samir Gupta

OMG! Very nice game I play this game very good.awasome game I like it so much

Achmet Dervis


Anita Mans


Zu Heil

Good game


Fun!!! Exciting!!!!! Unique!!!!!!

Armand Krispy Mouton

awesome game

Erick Fenstermaker

Great game and not too many ads will done

Bruce Cummins

Alright level design

Sunil Verma

Bugs...coins are callected black bots see


Impressive game play

Utkarsh Kalmegh


Tudor Kovacs

Addictive! Too much!

Andrew Hart

It's just A joy to play I enjoy it

Micah A Weeks

Pretty good one of these types of games. Like breakout.

Masud Rana


Jack Irvin

It's fun and challenging

Javad Vovin

buttons doesn't work

Jerri Irabon

Honorary Military Rank

Elisha Aday

Kool game

King Ghosty

Nice Game, No Problems, Good For Passing Time.

Tushar Singh

Nice game

Mohamed Sobh

I love this game in every possible way.

Mahi Mahi

M Ramzan 🇵🇰

Hải Phan Phi

Good time killer

Subbu Kant

Nice depth in something simple.. kudos..

Lori Woloshyn

I like the game but what's up when the the ball blows off the paddle when it's on MAGNET power up, also paddle seems to freeze when you get to bottom right of screen, this game still has some glitches. I've been playing this game for a couple of years but the glitches are trying my patience and actually thinking of deleting.

Mohammad Abir

Nice game

Kosh Kosh

Really nice...👍

Mishu Hoque

Good game

Anthony Sweet

Very fun. Challenging yet not complicated. Perfect game for me.

Angel Veliz

Very fun

ahmed ashraf

Items is so expensive 👎


my daily keeps reseting. fix this

Karel Giron

Amazing game, I love it



no content G

Dev. Work on Paddle or controls. Music is good.

Ylli Bara

Super game

Mitesh rana

How to stop the Grinder in Mine ???

Vishesh Likhitkar

I used to play this a lot a few years ago... Its a well made game, the level design is great, the theme is great, i like the mine a lot, the upgrades are great... Overall a very well designed and polished game edit - please port this to android TV

Ramone Walker

It's a sick made game. I love everything about this game

Michael Doucet

I love the concept, the art, and the idea of upgrades. The fact that I hit 3 ads, in the first 10 minutes of play means Uninstall. This is greedy, there are better games for fewer uncontrollable ads.

Juan Delgado

Da bomb


Waste of time

Jaime Cuellar

Very goo d game !!

Bradley Jones

Brilliant game. Graphics first class.

Antonette Coots

Great game and only short adds

Ajay Singh

Ajay singh so beautiful ball game and see more

Michael Tusa

Enjoy...its awesome...simply the natural colors...makes it easy play...

Jeffrey Short

Love it, I'm hooked.

Juan Manuel Guevara

I'm loving it!


Overall pretty good, and not a carbon copy clone as far as I've seen, but i kind of resent being made to replay the previous level on failure. I also don't like how short lived the power ups are. You need some REALLY fine aiming to make even the slightest use of ice balls

Ariful hoque Tarek

Nice game

zayyar lwin


Jason Hawkins

sweet!!!! Thxxxx . Little repetitive after a while.

md hira


David Schwartz

Still playing ... They added more levels and aspects to the game. I'm guessing the additional features are done at this point.

Sagar Dalki


İlkan Küçükkiriş

I am not changing my 1 star until you dimwits do something about the level 80 in tombs you designed. Completely based on luck, no challenge or strategy i have been trying for a month now. The person who designed that level is mentally incapacitated. I hate the game i used to like now thanks to this one level.

Helen Marsico

Best game I have ever played

Setu Kumar

Love this type game since 2005

A Google user

It's awesome I love the game

Shakir Khan

Good working nice game

Eric Moomey

Definitely cool

Timothy Jackson

Been waiting for a game like this

Juan Delgado

Da bomb

Steven Apgar

One of my favorite games great hand eye coordination exercise

Muange Kivai

so much fun and brain teasing