Ancient Battle

Author: Lion Studios

5,000,000+ install


Ancient Battle – Assemble your army and battle

Detailed info

File size: 133M
Update time: May 14, 2021
Current version: 4.0.3
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Lion Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kingstone Plays

It's pretty good it's just a tad slow but other than that I like it 👌

Dylan Jones

Fun game, good work.

raja p


Bosco Choi

its a fun game, easy operatable and the graphics are nice and cute, do try it out if you want to have pass time game~ ✨

Toby Robeson

Fun finger game.

Sikher Deep

Good game

Darren Spooner

Too many adds

Leon Thomson

Simple and fun

Andrew Parkhill

Devious and underhanded. Ads are forced on you and you can't close them or back out of them till they're done playing. And even after they're done playing, they force you to open the app store before returning you to the game.

Bekannt Von Teufeln

Was enjoying the game, even with all the ads. The new ad server now ignores mute settings and opens the play store without interaction. This is not only annoying but i consider an invasive act on the part of devs. Therefore i have un installed and recommend avoidance.



Kristi Alla

Not recommend this.

Brian Nichols

fun at first, but them becomes repetitive.

Marco Pedroso

I love it💘

Reaper01 Reaper01


d b

Great time killer. Ads aren't too bad. We never like ads yet we never pay so where is it for us to complain about ads. Thanks for the great game

Devin Hunter

Interesting concept

gideon kamwathi

very creative gaming..

Marky Loxley

Good game

Kay Reyes

Its rigged. The bots deliberately move to other bots once they're low in numbers and about to be killed. So its the other bots who get the army instead of you who did the initial attack. 🙄 or the bot army will suddenly be larger than yours out of nowhere. 🙄 the game has promise but its lousy because it won't let you win and actually blatantly cheats. 👎👎👎👎

Bilal Nelson



App won't load just downloaded it and played it like 4 times today and now it won't load...I have 5 bars of service and my data is on bc my LTE is showing.....

Kenneth Fleischman


C 4 Cow

Nice game

Eth Dunne

This is a very fun game and let's have a very amazing experience!

Aleksandar Stevanovic

Pay to win

Richard Garmon


kingjames kingjames

Good jod

Joshua Walter

Neat game, but I cannot see the store. It turns into a black screen. However, this might be good as I don't want to spend money on this, but I'd like to spend my free gems on something.

Mike Ball

Fun game


Youzer wow

Andrew Pytlik

Why is that I can't get energy for another 97k hours?

marwan taha

Very nice


Stupid game🤣 the king and minions

Dead Set

Would be an awesome game if you didn't go up against bots that either get rolled over or jus start off way OP



Aleksey Ni

Very fun

Ah Lyna

Too much fun, I love this game.

Hriday Hrishikesh

Good game but lots of ads.

Salitha Indrajith Pathiraja

Good game with lots of ads. Someone please clone this with less ads and more purchasables