Almora Darkosen RPG

Author: Gear-Studio

100,000+ install
Role Playing


Almora Darkosen RPG – Hack and Slash Retro RPG

Detailed info

File size: 65M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 1.0.83
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Gear-Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Scott, Fanofbrew

A couple of missing maps but pretty good

Ryan na lang

The game is really fun to play! I have no problem with the controls and each story is awesome! I highly recommend this game to my friends. Please create a sequel to the game. Thanks much to the developer's effort for creating such a great game! 🙂😁😀😘

Cris C

Just got the premium account, wish you all the best. Looking forward to controller support. Thanks. Edit: also any plans for a mini map?

Timothy Schulz

I want you to add more skills and Custom made characters in the game to.

Neilandami Ferguson

Excellent thank you

Dieter Oehme

Awesome fun!

Melvin Espiritu

Great game!

Nathan Ledford

Fun game easy to play, hope there's a expansion at some point

Phil Mallott

Very well written challenging immersive play.

Rommel Gonzaga

Great game,add more weapons anf armor

ABC Warrior

An atmospheric and very playable RPG built with craftsmanship and love, quite a rare find in this day and age.

minh do

This game is quite good. Certain aspects could definitely be improved on but all in all quite a solid game

Gregory Thayer

Good game but just one click 2 months of gameplay and five dollars lost in a second is there a way to get my progress back?

Robert Gonzales

Great game

Jamie D.

Awesome "dungeon raid" type of game. Very immersive, and the quests are not drawn out, or repetitive. Also, the controls are not painstaking at all. Runs smooth without bogging my phone down. 👍👍

Patricio Jr Abasolo

Very good game

Zeandave Empeño

(Add multiplayer) that site dosent help plsss just tell me the answer and pls don't make this game a Android 5.0 I am using a Android 4.4 pls and pls add multiplayer pls and good job for more gamemode and ios ver you will earn more money.

Edwin Prawira

Nice adventure..

Stephanie Rose

Great Rpg quest game. One of the best I've played in a while.

Stephen Day

Great game. Well made.

Bearman1 Arfaras

Great game

James Carroll

Pretty cool offline right, has an old feel to it

Eddie Romat

Top-down view is classic and great but in some scenarios it'a hard to understand what is what. It could make me uninstall the game. But I gave a chance to it cause it's being hard to find games like Exiled Kingdoms, Vampire Fall, Andor's Trail... ect. And man, how I HATE auto-save. The game has an option to manually save, so auto-save is really annoying. But it's just my opinion. Anyway, the game itself is really really good!

Mmegwa Charity

Nice game,but i cant seem to do a quest in dark forest each time i try to enter it shows me an X sign

Pume Mocco

Licence check spam. Too bad, looked good.

Youfu Chen

It is the best mobile game I have ever played. It is more Diablo II-alike than Diablo III, which failed to preserve the aesthetic style of Diablo II. The game play, art style, mechanics, ... Perfect.


So exciting to play this game


Absolutely love this game and at first thought, no, then got into it, it's the perfect old school, adventure, fantasy, fighting game I loved when I was young, quests, levelling up. Brilliant.

Jonathan Monzon jr

a perfect RPG survival game i found, but the enemies are too strong even you have a powerful armor


This game is really good, and i hope you can add a raid event that some rebel will raid the town or some monster, if you add that, the game will have more things to play with!

Joseph Lim

Nice game


it's a dope game


Grzegorz Borkowski, please make a sequel. More quests, maps, new monsters, equipment, etc ..

Aaron Pitt

Pretty nice for just 1 developer. Absolutely love the crafting with lack of durability. Though it would be nice to disassemble into [junk+base ore]. Also a way to give a mercenary your old gear.

Ryan Thompson

Mate you are one major solid genius how you came up with this game is so spectacular and amazing.True justice to emence gaming of the only proper way games should be about.Mate this is so amazing and awesome the only thing is how much life you lose and exp during a mass of opponents but hay that's just the way is a little tweek on the exp loss and health as sometimes they kill you off way to quickly especially in the cave of witches other than that what's the next game and when

John Zel Agnote


Mike Kesling

Love the game hope for more ended with leaving me hanging hope.for another part like what happened with brother and give me more

prof ginji

Remembering old days. Thank you

Russell Peralta

Can we get a daily task or a daily hunt for a certain amount of money,item, or almora for finishing the task thank you

Gian Beunove

Great game!

Nathan Varady

Almora Darkosen is an excellent RPG experience. Similar to games such as Diablo or Path of Exile, it condenses the formula down onto a mobile platform and does it very well! Controls are a bit complicated to grasp at first, but the gameplay is solid. Enemy variety is diverse and has little tricks that make you think about how you approach, and even tells a compelling story to boot! All of this by one person? Sign me up! If you love diablo-style games, this is a no-brainer. 5/5!

iAlfred Seko

Reminds me of Vampire's Fall. I love it. The music, gameplay. Its my cup of rpg. Update: I tried the green icon but it told me payment failure. Where is it trying to get payment from and whats the cost. There are no comprehensive instructions.

brian perry


Danny Bloxham

It's a super fun old school hack and Slash type game I'm having a lot of fun with it

Roger Porteza

I love

Kasmi Wahid

Nothing to say if being honest good game at all what have I seen well done

Can Bilal

This game should have been 3d

Zon Weaver

Fun, but challenging ! Hard to stop once you begin to enjoy your play.

Ickx Tan

I have no other comments about this game. Love the game since 2020. 😊

Jared Hornaday

This is a fantastic game. Well balanced, fairly challenging, with a unique variety of items and a crafting system to boot. The few bucks charged for the full game mode and to remove the adds is definitely worth it.

Will H

I was very surprised!!! this game is pretty cool for being old school.

Omar Espinoza

I really enjoy this type of rpg style game..keeps me on my toes when I have to face hard challenges and love how you're able to upgrade weapons and gear with items and ores..totally has been my go to game when I have anytime on my hands..move over hack and slash format games cuz this one's got me.

Kveldulfr Odhinnsson

Excellent old school style rpg, almost no ads, and are not intrusive.

Suman Sekhar Dash

Finished the game and it was dope apart from some points that were lacking. Ex: there were very few bosses in the game (I was hoping if you'd make it so every dungeon would have its final boss with its treasure chest). Edit: if possible please make sure to keep the skills we already unlocked. Edit2: make it as gory as possible(like alien shooter 2 where heads get ripped off and you can make a bloody mess of corpses) and please add some more classes,skills and weapons like gauntlets bows etc.

Maricel Callueng

Love the game tho, love the concept and the art style btw it looks so amazing one thing that I want to be in the game is control or hud customization

kris55 kris44

YES finally I got rid of that annoying license now I can play much more better it took me a bit long to understand it O-o but at least I can play much better now thanks 😚😚 YES YESSSSSS

Adam Hahne

Ok, here's the long review after a full playthrough. 1) just get it and upgrade to premium. This one is great 2) the long answer. Playthrough was roughly 20-25 hours, and yes end-of-the game was harder than I expected. But all in all, love the attention to detail and mechanics overall and everywhere. Inventory management needs to be attended to, crafting and what to craft when, gamble it all on Dices or when to grind and when to move. And keep the little easter egg trinket you get for later

John Doe

After dozens and dozens of very frustrating failed attempts (I died) to get better gear, I finally succeeded. Lost 100k experience or more as a result of this and at least 100k in gold from that as well in combination with buying expensive potions. You don't get much gold until you get to the level 20+ dungeons/areas of the map which only gives you about 14-17 gold. Should be at least 25 for gold drops.

Nicholas Victoria

Best game ever! i literally couldnt stop playing til it was like 11:00 pm which is wayyy past my bedtime thanks dev for creating this game. Edit2: i did all the things you said to do and it worked, sorry about earlier even i think i overdid my comment its cuz i was in a bad mood ps: i cooled down now and once again I really really like this game and its very amazing


Bitchin Camaro of a game ...5 bastard swords way up ! And a bonus Morning Star !

jan jankhot

Nice game !! But is there a continue story ...?

Akid ashrafullah

Best offline rpg game i've ever seen, awesome gaming.🧡


Wow... gear you outdone yourself this is a masterpiece! It has the feeling of one of those old school games and it has unique content. Some people may not like the point of view in this game but I think is very interesting. Okay.

Kenneth Germann

I've played this game for some time now. I think you people have really gone far to make this game one of the best

Dim ond

Ya cool. This game is .my life. Will you nexd update.

Johannes Marais

Gets good then stagnated

Johntrick Lorecto

Nice RPG🙂

Prosper Boms

Wicked sweet storyline mate. Been a long time since I engaged in something really satisfying. I'm hooked man. Can't wait for the next part. Great job.

Markus Ibrahim

I could rate it 100 stars if there is! (LOL) The game is just awesome!

Reza Ismail

Its a great game experience.

Carriad Williams

I've really enjoyed the game play it's been a while since I've enjoyed a decent hack and slash, Dungeon Hunter 3 was the last and that was a while ago! 3.99 was a small price compared to the enjoyment I've had playing! So thank you!

Cisco Hidalgo


Jerrys Rocketeering

Good game but could use some improvments. allow experin=ence point to stay at max for enemise so one can grind out to get more powerfull. Game is really hard to fight through.


I accidentally deleted my previous review, instead of editing it. I previously said that the game is difficult to understand for new players, but after checking the "FAQs" section on the game's website, I have no complaints/questions anymore. Now I just want to say I'm really enjoying the game so far! You really did an amazing job with this game, dev. Looking forward to the fruition of your plans for the multiplayer/sequel for this game!

Acsa-mag National power steering

Good, a little cluttered but great game


What can l say? That 4.9 rating speak the truth. Try it, this game is Diamond Rank 😃

Jeffrey Plamverjin

Best RPG game😍

Bobby Firestine

A lot of fun!

Jonathan Dable

It's an interesting game App but there is no way to the new town (new elioris town).

Tim Phillips

Awesome really like this game. Good story line and fun to play

irkutsk cartaphilus

awesome but difficult

John Almonte

I just finished it. It was a good game.I hoped there will be a chapter 2

gamer yt

Well Done Brother ... Awesome game and story.... I will definitely buy the premium in future... :p

Anil Rohidas

Super games

iron tarkus

I love the concept. It's very fun. A few notes I would give are loading zone and respawn ads are very anoying cut them back or overall swap the loading zone ads to every 3 crafts u get an ad. Equipment having level caps is a bad idea instead of level caps do stat requirements. The game has amazing potential just fix the loading zone ads and level cap for equipment. The rest of the game is great the style, the combat, the quest mechanics. Do stat requirements for equipment. Equiptment load weight

Nathan Furey

Zero complaints. Exactly what jli was looking for in offline RPG

Anabil Chisim

it requires data conection 😠

Jedan Dva Devet

Awesome game loads of fun and a solid RPG

sad larry the undead siege player

Now this is a masterpiece! Great game!

Theo SR

It's so smooth even on my low end phone (sd425). I can't believe this game actually made by one person, just perfect. Good work.

Michael Angelo Villegas

I love this game

Osunrayi Oluwaseun

The plot was great, I love the storyline, at first the handle and graphics was confusing but as soon as I got the hand of it.. it was great,. I'm Waiting for the sequel also. Enjoyed the game so so much. One of my best ever RPG. Great work.. The joy I felt after completing the game only to find out the brother was in on the plot 😲😲😲😲😲. Kindly do the sequel please. Thank you for the Game.. it kept me company while it lasted


Great game great story I like the graphic really great 10/10

Rmsp Alam

Finally! I got it.. I've been looking for a diablo-kind game, offline rpg for killing time. And this game, it is just perfect. The art is good, the story is awesome, & every experience in game is perfect. I have 1 concern though, regarding the ads. Its always crashing after the ads over. However, i bought the premium version so... it s no longer a problem. Anw, really looking forward for the sequel, or prequel, anything :)) cant waitt

GGforFuN gamez

Good Game

Jose Molina


Michael Adelberg

Great game! Challenging but not overly. Definitely a great addition.

Maria B

Im addicted to this! Brilliant game! Downloaded it again just this week. Still love this game.

Phillip Gossage

A very good game.

Kolay Kolay