Almora Darkosen RPG

Author: Gear-Studio

100,000+ install
Role Playing


Almora Darkosen RPG – Hack and Slash Retro RPG

Detailed info

File size: 65M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 1.0.83
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Gear-Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jeff Holmes

Great game. Not too bad without premium account. Wish there was expanded inventory ability

Renee Duff



Just go get it..

Aurora Arlotta

went ahead and bought premium... & I don't regret it!!! Even if you can't afford the $6 for the full game and such... The free part of the game is still amazing and so much fun to play! There is a reason why this game is rated so high! DOWNLOAD NOW, YOU WON'T REGRET IT! 😊

chime sopuru

Awesome game Easy to play Totally offline

Paul-H Langlais

Great game.

Omri Ezer

Not too many adds. Fun game, offline! Be careful can ve addictive

Chad Brittain

became MOST PLAYED GAME recently on my phone

Alec Fisher


Almar Dela Peña


T R (Lazarus007)

Good RPG

Wasiko Sulakauri



Great game so far awesome off line game...

Migz Valdez

Excellent, i love this game

Jessica Northrup

Love it its a good game I give it 5 stars , can't believe you .ade it by yourself !$

jeffrey barayoga


Caiden Robeck

I liked the game. Guess what! It doesn't save your progress! Hooray!!!

Mohammad Naufal Ridzka


Masked Ninja051

Its a good experience yet is totally like,alone.A lan coop multiplayer would help.Besides,im a poor guy and load isnt an everyday feature for me.Please if your planning to add multiplayer.Make it LAN first.Add some arenas on maps so that people can custom pvp when stepping on some plates or talking to some PVP activator NPCs of sorts.Then add Online multiplayer if you like.Im excited about the multiplayer,hoping its local hotspot,u know,that simple connecting thingy,ty dev,i know ur a gud guy..

Platini De Mcdowell

Good game

Jacob S

Great game. It's still missing a few maps, but a great experience overall.

terral ch.

Very amazing game it's not boring and it make me feels a kind of challenging to level up in this game

Viet Kojin

I like to play again n again. Cause this game is awesome and I wish you to change it in another dimension, so am here waitin almora darkosen 2.

Mitchell James James

Very cool game indeed. Keep it up!

Paul Dodd

There are a lot of things to like about the game but it's just too dark. Three stars is probably a bit harsh but I'm currently in yet another cave tripping over traps and scenery, and getting slaughtered by enemies that appear seemingly out of nowhere.

Siddharath Bairar

Best adventure game

Dedi Wahyudi

A game developed with passion is an Art.

Forgot My Brain

Love this game, great jod Dev ! ★★★★★ all day long

J Johannes

The developer has worked hard on this project and it is a job well done.

Guilherme Rocha

Fun, hard and impressive. Props to the dev for making such a good game all by himself you have my respect

Amit Kumar

Very fantastic game RPG, second part needed

Charlie Rogers

I am loving the game now. I hope you will add more missions in the future. I also hope you will develope other games just like this one. Thank you!!!

Abdelrahman Kewan

The game was very good 😊

Nay Aung Lin

👍 nice

Jason R.

Well thought out and engrossing game. you'll play for an hour and not even realize it, Which I always feel is the sign of a good game. The balancing of skills, equipment management, and crafting system keeps the game entertaining and decently challenging. For a 1 man passion project this is a massive succes of an RPG

Patrick Anderson

Great little game.

The Belfast Viking Martin Brown

It's all right

Jonathan Downie

Its fun so far.

Miguel Rodriguez

Extremely fun! I like the satisfaction of leveling up,and unlocking new gear. The abilities are fun to use and can give you that edge you need in battle,Its also offline which is a bonus for me.

Jeremy Mitchell

Having a good time with this game exploring and learning.

Rick Short

Another rating. Just finished this game. Well worth the time to play, and worth supporting the developer with the premium. I would definitely play a 2nd game!

LiroxtronIV (LiroxtronIV)

probably the best rpg ive played on mobile

Patrick Patton

Nice game


Awesome game, you can feel the love and creator's dedication in every mechanic. I loved the soundtrack and the gameplay

Eric Kremer

I like it

Jovanie Tabanas


Cynthia Davis

Pretty cool game to pass on time

Shean Tahalea (SP Ambon)

Everything just great. Cant wait for the sequel !

Gerald Llarenas


David Boone

I love this game!

William Zayzay

Good game

Reva fbaby504


Dilbag singh Aulakh

Op game 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Calvin Godfrey

this is the best game I have ever played I found this game when I was looking for something good to play and I got hooked when I first started thank you so much for a very amazing game

Julian Wu

A great RPG.

Rick S

This game is an instant classic RPG game. You can the time and effort that was put in to it. You don't have to P2W in this game. Hats off to the developer that spent so much time on it. Great job! Update: You do not need premium to play this game. However, so much effort was put into by the developer, that it just felt wrong not to. Get the premium, support the dev.

Randy Jenson

Great design and well thought out. Luv it.

Tucker Fox

Pretty meh, controls are clunky, progression slow, you have to grind mobs to be able to keep up with the quests.

Sa Se

Good game, already finished the game and waiting for next adventure (Hopefully)

William Weber

Good old hack n'slash.

steven Hesselgrave

Meh, combat control sux if you don't turn off auto face enemy every swing is at a different monster and it makes it really hard to get rid of the harder opponents mixed in with the Lower ones

Joseph Medak

A good game!!! Needs another sequel based on ending so will there be another? Time will tell!!

MD Kawser

The best classic rpg game found for playing on phone . But one or two places seems to be missing their map .

Drizzt D'Urden

I like the game but the controls are horrible

Wojciech Budzilo

Better than Diablo Immortal.

Darren Henshaw

It took a while to get going in this game, but after you start levelling up you can compete quite quickly and you don't have to spend a bundle doing it. Only down side is that it can be hard to hit where you want to. But as there is an automatic hit what's in front button it's not too big a thing

Adrian Acsinte

awesome game, it's buying it, best mmorpg for mobile

Dorian Lemons

Simple and very in depth

Marek Poliak

Tutorial, info about crafting and actually everything is hidden behind payment. Controls are nightmare, map could be imroved also. You will not enjoy this game unless you pay in my opinion.

Robert Lee Gordon Jr.

Good game old school Rpg

Reeve Simpson

Great game to play

da wae


magda garcia

Fun gameplay.

Joel DuVall

Nice game, was fine with ads, but bought premium to support the devs.

vernon nathaniel

Love the game,love open world exploration,the storyline,quests,sound quality,fantastic graphics,items,loot ,thanks for a great game😃please make another game like this with more monsters and challenges and more great weapons and gold and please add different characters,thank you👏😊

August Era

Nice game

Tinnini aung


Brandie Cummings

Really enjoying it!

Jhaymine claire Clarito


Justin Barile


David Washington

Basis of a really good game here. Shame that either your are completely overpowered by the ememies, or you completely overpower them, no middle ground. And when you die, take a few minutes to think about it will it all reloads to start again, then takes all the exp points you just earned which makes you weaker. Also crafting, gathering materials, pointless unless you pay to have access to be able to craft.

Derrick Crispin

Great game, would love a follow up

Ayrton Silva

Its truely a very good game. Could you include in buying your own place? Like a sort of base for the player? It would be cool to also have familiares to acompany you in battle like a dog, wolf.... beasts that can aid you in battle, and not have a time limit, and you could put in an adventurers guild for daily quests with high stake rewards with the mercenaries tag along for a price option as well. At least for premium players. Im sure many would like that. Still a very cool game. Keep it up.

vitaliy otlyev

great game.beated it under 20 hours.the damage seems a bit too spreaded (min-max)but thats ok.would be cool to have more monster variety too but not necessary. By the way,is there any chance to get rare items from unidentifed as a drop?i accidentally sold legendary diablo sword😅

Wutt Hmone


Monica Brixey

Super addictive. Fun, old school type rpg

Mariamay Diamante

There's a second part of your game?

Rosalee Dunn

Reinstalled the game and really liking it this time around. Well done 👍😁

Arpit Singh

Good for killing boredom

Erik Johnson

This is truly great, old school hack and slash ARPG. Very fun and engaging, and amazingly enough, all written by ONE MAN over the course of 9 years! Some of the writing has a very evident ESL feel, but that's the only thing I could possibly knock about this game. And it's FREE, but please consider playing the $5 for the upgrade... it's not going to a fat cat game studio, but one very hardworking man. Enjoy!!!

Jeffrey Jaroszewski

Great old school RPG.Nice graphics and game play! Just finished the game and I wanted to thank Grzegorz for the hard work and making an excellent game. Worth every penny for the premium. Please show your love if you like the game and support his studio for less than the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Hoping for a sequel!!!!


Very nice game thank you for making it but we need part 2 thanks again

Chris Moustakis

This game is one of the best that I've played on mobile. In all honesty, I expected something very very rough and unfinished but this is beyond polished. If you want a solo hack n slash experience this is possibly the best way to do it on mobile. It's fun, has a good pace and decent visuals. The best thing about it is the way it sets the mood for areas, from lighting to music etc. The only advice ig is to try to make the advertising a bit better, the game is so much better than it appears.

Amala Murtadho


Jason Hall

Awesome game...literally just finished it. Great game became addicting. I'm sure my wife is glad I beat it. Lol Didn't need to pay to play. Ur able to find and or Smith all the best weapons in the game if u take the time to. Was a little harder to find full suits of armor though. For instance end load out was Legendary soul armor, Legendary flame sword..Legendary dragon boots..Unique Fire Helm. Legendary Demon gloves. Unique Wolf Stone and I forget the bracelets.u get idea

Londor PaleShade

control kinda hard on rlly wide screen..beside that I like the game

Kieran Coppenbarger

Awesome game doesn't require pay and play

Pasha Sharifi


Mas Cu Enk


Hector Ruelas

Extremely fun game well done you guys