Alice’s Resort – Word Puzzle Game

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Alice’s Resort – Word Puzzle Game – A BRAND-NEW relaxing word game with interesting stories!

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File size: 63M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.1.06
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: WePlay Word Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Beryl Taylor

I have been playing this game for a long time, and at first it fun. Now Alice has disappeared and the same words are used in all the games. Also the Decor to fix up rooms are not appealing Uninstalling. No longer a challenge. If anyone reading this review wants a challenging word game. Install Words in word. This game is still stealing my coins and gems as the choices to pick come up blank or otherwise. I have updated the app and still giving problems. the game is still glitching.

Freddy Jones

The game is fun but I can't renovate any more

m charlton

It's a good game

Laura Lee Slusher

I really like the game, but wish they would update and add tasks. I have over 1 million shells and no tasks. I've completed all tasks over a month ago. Would give 5 stars, but waiting on tasks.


I'm still waiting on new tasks to be added so as to continue When I click on tasks it keeps saying new tasks coming soon but this has been shown now for over 2 months It's a pity as I was enjoying this app

Mark Leo Simagala

Fix ur game when I'm playing the close to nature event I can't buy the items I have a lot of leaf 68 but I can't use it because your game is broken pls fix this

Lam Vera

Really enjoyed the game.

Rebekah Spratt

I've reached the mass of improvement, when are you going to open up new levels.

Jaylyn Johnson

Would rate higher but it has been close to 3 months with no tasks. Only a note there will be more soon. Seriously, I no longer believe. Planning on deleting it soon.

Karen Moore

Hi I like playing this game I am on level 1292 and quite a while ago I completed the resorts and I cant go any further to complete more as keeps telling me coming soon its been a long time now and still not one resort to build I will give it more stars once u have sorted this game out

Sheila Thompson

I love this game. I'm stuck on level 1391, it says more content coming soon. That was forever ago. Is there actually more coming anytime soon? If not then I'll just uninstall the game. That would be too bad as I do really enjoy playing it.

kimberly williams

I need of an update. I have finished all the levels and homes.

Dave Triepke

Are you ever going to update the tasks?

jean birch

Enjoyed game too many ads just wanted to play the game.

Sherry Carter

The game is pretty good. Some of the decorations that you have to choose from don't match with what already exists. I guess I've gotten as far as I can go. Finished level 1880 and got a message stating more content coming soon. I can still play the game just can't decorate anything.

hi sad girl


Jerissa Dignos,Labajo


Lynn Sibley

I solve the puzzle and another puzzle rotates. No shells. Getting shells is the point of game. I have emailed the developer with no success. Unless it's fixed, I'll uninstall. That would be a shame, as I like the game.

Robert Cordiner

Love playing this game only downfall is I had to change phones and when I transferred data I had to go back to the start

Cherry Pie

I think you need more ads! And longer ads! Instead of 30-40 second ads nonstop? Make them at least a minute or more long! 🙄 Seriously! This game used to be fun, now it's just ridiculous with the STUPID ads! At one time I had given you 5 stars! Now you deserve 1! If that! Ad after ad after ad!!! Seriously?!

carol doubtfire

When is the game going to be updated, been waiting for new levels

Kisha Mary Pyrtuh

It's really amazing 😘😘

Nicky h

Love the game play it everday .just wish u could do something with these adds, like not soon many and the time for the adds to watch are to long. 10sec is enough .

Sami Babar

New update plz I'm waiting

Teresa Dunn

When are you going to update the game with more levels to play? I have been playing this game for weeks now waiting for an update. It is relaxing to play it but now I wonder if I should continue?

Tracy Smith

Been waiting for weeks for new levels,not updated regularly enough.uninstalling if they don't hurry up!

Shravistha N

Overall the gameplay and story is good and helps to increase vocabulary but there is a glitch the phone heats upon playing just 5 levels to such level that holding phone becomes difficult and other issue is there are too many ads which popup after every single level

Rowena Menchu Gabriel

Love the Game but, there's a lot of advertisement I'm getting bored... So I decided to uninstall the game and switch to another.I hope you can improve this game .Lessen your ads please ✌️✌️

Veronica Hood

Fun game would be a lot better if it would upload new levels

sadia aftab

I have completed all task and waiting for the next but there is no new task to do.send me new task immediately

T'ori Rae

Still broken. Won't let me edit some items. Hasn't added any new tasks. Really enjoyed this game, but I've quickly lost interest.

Mashell J

It's ok

brandy wilkerson

Loved it until I ran out of places to renovate... they're are literally only 3 places...I have completed every single level. There's literally nothing else for me to do. Very upset.

Carol Gibson

Love this game but when are u putting more levels on. I have gone as far as I can go weeks ago. Where is the new levels as promised

Linda Cohen

Alic. S. Resort. Word. Games

Kath Pinnington

Still waiting on new content

Anna Alexander

Have achieved level 1591 and can go no further. P10 of the storyline does not play. If selected it hangs the game which has to be abended and restarted. Would be nice to be able to review words AFTER the individual game is completed. Currently you can only view words used while the game is in progress. Game is obviously for Christians aged 5-12 due to the limited vocabulary.

jessica griego

Love this game. Confused on the 🍃 I have 86 but yet can't use 3 for the floor.


Good game, wish they fix the leaf event bug, cant place decorations.

sarah Jacob

Good game

Elmy Fadilah Nur

I can't use my leaves in the event, please fix this bug

Dennis.Kathi Richardson

Apparently I completed this game a couple weeks ago. For the past couple weeks it tells me that all tasks are tasks coming soon. But...2 weeks + waiting to be able to continue is irritating

Connie Conley

Love to spell & decorate

Devon Glime

Really like this game but having a minor issue. For example with the event going on where you earn leaves to buy event furniture, well I cant spend my leaves. When I try to use my leaves it just shows me a preview of the item I'm trying to buy with no button options to complete purchase or exit the preview. I have to use my phones back button to exit the preview. I'll give a 5 star rating once it's fixed.

Linzi Poulson

I have finished all tasks and it just says new tasks coming soon but it's been a long time so is there going to be new tasks or is the game finished.

Eugene Lau

Options are great!!

Patricia Booth

Was enjoying this game.but for weeks now its keeps coming up as all tasks completed new content coming cant move onto the next stage an now my rooms are falling apart.all i can do is play the word game.😟

Yolanda Thornton

Simply need a major upgrade. Doesn't open completely in order to play the game. Slow to open.

Gail Haynes

I like this game but, if you use a word that the game doesn't recognize. You lose points. Example: rone. I lost points for using this word.

Wendy Maříková

Love love love the game! Spent many months with it and now I am just waiting for updates, cause I finished all available levels. The game does have downsides - adds and occasional glitch..but all and all really love it 😉

Denise Hayes

Waiting on new games..says coming soon so how long is SOON???

Janet Collins

What is the deal with leaf challenge You marked mine as done and NEVER was able to play !!!

Barbara Bryon Wisdom

I really enjoy this game. Like others, I play by watching adds. I would give it a 5 star, but , when they up the clams ,I'll give up that star

Come On Fhqwhgads

Pros: Beach setting is an instant win. Offline play. You can get free premium currency evey day via the spin wheel & unlock some things by watching ads, thus all items can be unlocked without real money. Mostly cohesive decorations. Cons: Dictionary needs expanding; Won't accept TART / TARTS (tiny pie), SUD (soap bubble), TEET (cow udder), or ENT (but will take Orc). My plans for an all blue & white resort were dashed in the dining room. Broken events where items can't be redeemed or placed.

Rooney Cassidy

I really like this game, but have only given it a 3 star rating, the game is constantly kicking me out. 😥

Pansy Quintal

They raise the price of the items you need to purchase to continue fixing everything but they don't raise the shell's that you need in order to buy things. It's always 200 shell's after finishing every puzzle but like 1000 to buy one item so it takes forever to fix everything..

Donella Pattie

I enjoy playing this game. Any idea when more tasks will be added as I've finished them all.


I like the game but it doesn't give you alot of rubies like the Alice's restaurant. I like that you can change the wardrobes but it would be nice if you got more outfits to choose from.


Like the other game my progess is deleted when got updated

Kaz Miller

Wonderful little word game! I've completed all the current content with having completed around 1200+ levels. It's very cute and fun. My only complaint is the latest content is very buggy and has a crazy amount of glitches.

J.L. Atkinson

I absolutely loved this game. That us until the story line ran out and the areas to update ran out. I feel like it's been a few months and there is still no update 😕 😞 if they updated and gave me more areas to refinish I would gladly change the amount of stars I give this game.

Helen Simard

Obviously, I been playing..a lot. Now, for the last 3-5 days, some homeless junkie hacker & his junkie gfriend have been messing with the game. 1) They keep using the same EXACT WORDS FOR the puzzles, changing only the main one & 1-3 of those a bit smaller, but the 3 letter words r almost always the same, they almost always have something to do with the situation that we/they r experiencing & usually have something to do with drug usage as well. But now the creep keeps stealing my coins.

Albert Welch

I like playing but why so long for updates?

rosie miles

Good game but have run out of tasks!

Tifini Jolley

Fun game!!!

Sharon diener

Love it. They just need to update the game. Is the game going to get new content or is alices restaurant replacing alices resort. Just curious. I have both games.

Amanda M

Can't seem to get ahold of anyone for an accidentally purchase made. It's like finding a needle in a haystack! I loved this game and unfortunately a young family member made a large purchase I cannot afford. Trying to find customer service is redonk! I have since deleted game as to make sure the accidental purchase items are not used. And have scolded the young one. Can someone PLEASE ASSIST ME WITH THIS MATTER. Thank you in advance.

Dave Leslie

There's only 2 levels to play. I completed them and uninstalled the game. It was fun while it lasted.

Kathy Wood

Great game. I do hope there are more areas to decorate soon though.

Victory Cobb

It's a fun game but the leaf event I cant buy the decorations so it's just there popping up after every game teasing me. I find it insanely aggravating. Update: I don't know why they did this you use to only get a 5s ad you could skip once you complete a level now it's also when you're just decorating they also changed the two free options to one (the free dont match most the time) The more I play the more disappointed I become. I also never received help for the event problem.

Hannah Alexander

No more levels just now?

Belinda Foster

Played the game ,wouldn't let me go any further

Melanie Greer

Overall i like the game, its fun and being able to decorate is a bonus. However, the close to nature event would never let me use the pods i had collected which has been frustrating. I tried everytime i played.

Sarah Mitchell

I like this game but really annoying. Got a game play issue and I can only email for help which gets ignored. I got a new phone and I had to start right from the beginning as it didn't save anything from my old phone. If customer services exists then it would be a lot better.

Lario Samuels

Looks cool nice Lario

Vanessa Irizarry

I've accumulated 65 green leaves and am unable to use them to get the nature furniture. Please fix asap I only have 4 days!!!

Cindy Ann Cornell

I get bad memories of my child hood because my Alice was evil

Kimberlee Snyder

Two games in one a building a resort game and word game

Elma Ombao

I already play it to my husband phone and it makes feeling good and relax but my husband is working so he need he's phone so I download it to my phone now and I admit that this game is so very very grateful and relax there's a hard level but it's okay because it help people to know other words also that's it! THANKYU FOR CREATING THIS GAME HOPE MANY PEOPLE PLAY THIS❤️

Melody Copeland

Are you ever going to start the decorating again it been 3 weeks

Rhonda Robinson

Kind of like a Scrabble type word game. I liked playing this game on my old phone but when I got my new phone I had to start over and I just didn't have it in me to play the same game all over again. That's why I uninstalled this game. It may not be the same in each case but that's what happened to me and I'm just going to move on to something new. Thank you. P.S. I still hold by the five⭐️rating that I had given it the first time around.

Amber Shaw

It's fun but I can't use my leaves to change the floor to wooden floor for the nature thing

Grace Farrugia

Love it...but I'm waiting on new tasks 😔

Vicki Barmore

Wouldn't load. So, who knows?

clarins ip

Game is good but can't login with Facebook Second review- only one resort can be built. Afterthat, nothing you can do but just playing the crosswords, any updates coming???

J P.

I've had this game a while and I actually really enjoy it. There are no "lives" or "energy" to wait for and the furniture themes are cute. Ad version has short ads and isn't invasive. Only con I have is some words that are okay, and some are not. The only example I have in a search for words to complete a puzzle is that "cum" was okay, but "pee" wasn't. Kinda weird. Maybe a dictionary refresh with some updated terms.

Teriquah Oden

Is this a joke I'm on level 1782 and what do you know there's nothing left to decorate tells me all tasks completed new updates soon. Well when is soon? I was playing this game constantly now I'm ready to delete the game I actually loved. Thanks alot for the let down

Gretchen Solidarios

already completed the task my level is 1500+ when im trying to renovate they said all task are completed and new content coming soon...i cant waiting for it hoping sooner i can play again the new task 🥲

Yuri VS

Kenapa Belum ada update baru?

Kate Spencer Adams

Fun playing the game, best of both my worlds. Word games and decorating.

Kristin Cox

I really enjoy just playing the game. The renovation part is a bonus. It is not a word find like the ads say. It has letters in a circle at the bottom and you have to make words out of them which populate in a crossword style above. I love that you can play until you're blue in the face and it doesn't have "lives" or "energy" to limit your play time. That is awesome. My only complaint is I can't link with Facebook or Google to save my progress if I change devices.

Debbie Rawling

Started off well but soon the one add after each game became two adds. It is quite repetitive too and doesn't always accept words that we use.

Sabrina Rabl Roberts

Fun while it lasts. But I'm on like 1930s no more activities or jobs to do so it's kind of boring

Marcelle Kleinmeulman

Love it! My only fix would be to give us the option to turn off the animation, it is a very heavy user and causes my phone to overheat if I play for an extended time and drains the battery reasonably quick. Also a bit frustrated that I get the same reward for doing the 2 or 6 in one puzzle as I get from the single ones. But love it otherwise, beautiful graphics and it's a challenge.

Melinda Martinez

Love it. Waiting for an update to continue.

Carol Sprenger

Whens the new content coming.getting boring waiting .why only half finish it?

Bobbie Chuck

Need to update dictionary. Tired of losing points when I put in valid words & you say they aren't .. i.e. MOB, tope, flay,ODOR, prick ( prick finger etc, , hag,tart, ogle, gay /happy, slag, loin (pork loin) ,Groin, vice, nude, RUT, as in a rut, dope as in someone is a dope, enema. Then make play 6 games and only get winnings for one. Like game alot pls update. This could be a 5 star game. Have finished all levels Ps they do not answer emails.

Shalandria-Lea Grahame

Too many glitches, especially with the story videos NOT working, or ads freezing up & losing the rewards!! It's gotten so frustrating!! The puzzles are fun but the word usage has become a bit too repetitive. I'm ready to uninstall because they obviously don't care that it doesn't work properly!!!

Mary Kako

Love the game. However the fact that you don't use plural forms in the crosswords makes it really easy to earn those coins folks because the game will have for example ink but not inks so add that s and it goes into the pot where you get coins after 10 or 15 words that are not in their puzzle.

David Wildsmith

I'd have given it all 5 Stars, but I couldn't because a notice on the screen told me that All of the texts have been played, and that I could expect new content SOON. But I first saw THAT message 6 days ago and STILL there IS NOT any NEW Playable Content at all. Even with these recent problems, I still must say that Alice's Resort is the BEST GAME I've ever played. I am 62 years old and so many other word play games are alot harder to play. Your com- petition is made for young. I LOVE THIS 1!