Alice’s Mergeland

Author: LazyDog Game

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Alice’s Mergeland
Each merge will reveal new discoveries in Alice’s Mergeland. Come create your own fantasy world!
Match and combine identical pieces, lift the curse over the lands, expands new lands, reveal new discoveries and meet characters in tale.
You’ll need a little bit of strategy to find different possibilities and combinations, progress through this fun merging game.

============== FEATURES ==============
● Free and wide-open game world: Drag, merge, match and organize puzzle pieces the way you want.
● Hundreds of fantastic items: You can merge anything you find.
● Build your collection: Match and merge to build castles, unlock and collect both classic characters.
● More discoveries are waiting.
● Special events: Complete unique match puzzles to earn specially themed treats and surprises.
● Free to play.

Bring order to the chaos and match puzzle pieces to make your game world look exactly as you want.
Enjoy Alice’s Mergeland!

Detailed info

File size: 102M
Update time: May 6, 2022
Current version: 1.39.230
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: LazyDog Game
Price: Free
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Customer review

Elisabeth Adduru

Fun and engaging

Josie Doyle


jenna pecora

Been playing this game for awhile now, and I really enjoy it, but recently it started just kicking me out of the app randomly. It's done it several times and I'm not sure why.

Berta Marcsi


Master Blox

Very fun game

Natilee Plass

Hey long no talk, but I would like the breaks were shorter and the events I bit longer please thanks for reading.

King Family

Love this game it's exciting and magical plus Alice in wonderland is my favorite ❤️

marilyn wescoupe

It keeps taking away my buildings and i lost a worker. So i just stopped playing and installed this game...rated 1 star 😒

Gabriate Starr


Laurie Williams

This game is a lot of fun if you like organizing and building. There are options to watch ads to get extra energy or items or free build time which makes extended play time possible. The only complaint I have is that there are a lot of spelling and translation errors when playing in English. It doesn't affect game play, but it makes me giggle! Lots of events. There is the usual option to buy extra lands and coins with real cash, seems on par with other games as far as the cost.

Nancy Evans

I'm starting to not like playing this game. It shuts down every minute and a half right now. 2 days ago it wasn't awarding the gifts. If it keeps going then I'll stop playing, I started putting money into the game but I can stop cause it's not fair if you stop the game too much. I'm starting to not like playing this game. It's starting to freeze after every video. What's going on?


Fun game. Variety of things to do. However, what needs to be done or how to do isn't always clear. Could do with an undo option when merging - trying to merge 5 but only 3 merged meaning less rewards.

Seanette Wong-Colobong

I play daily on my phone & my IPad. The game starts out simple & easy, but it will get get hard as you through the characters or Alice in Wonderland. So far, I made to Rabbit, and love ❤️ this game. 😍.

Maryanne Webster

I love this game because its very pritty and iv always loved all of my disney to xxxxx😀

Sara Wright


Melissa Cairo


Angela Arreaga

Fun and relaxing

Karen Hendrickson


Alice Wilson

🙀 amazing

Wahid Tahmeena


Christine Jaram


Maria C Fairchild

So far I like it

Jessica Poore

After the last update it won't let you watch the ads to get free hearts. Always says try again later. Super annoying.

AOU All of Us

Really Cool

Tim Bramam


Kiana Dennington

It's a super fun game to pass the time. I like that you don't have to pay actual money to advance. I also enjoy the characters and how true they are to the original version of Alice in Wonderland. All in all a super good merge game.

Tifini Jolley

Fun, relaxing game!

Sahara Anne

Fantastic, stress reliever

Mindy Montgomery

Cool game

Lloyd Sheen

So many problems this is an app that can be used to show incompetent developers.

Jacqueline Shaftoe

It keeps my brain working!

Jamie Payne

Super Addicting

Jade Gambino

Great game

Shane Moran

I'm loving it 😍 ❤️ 💕

Sadie Kinne

I love this merge game! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite fairy tales.

Cheryl Daynard

This game is fun. The only problem I haave is that its slow. It takes forever to complete a task. Game pieces move slow. Thats annoying.

tracey Tracey

Love the game , it's great fun to play, really easy to play, and fun too

Evelyn Steele

What happened to my progress

Krista Neal

I absolutely love this!! I do wish you could earn more energy without having to spend coins!! Most of the time you don't have very many coins to purchase energy more then once!! Other then that I am addicted to the game and play as long as I can!

Trish Beard


Christina Matwyuk

I enjoy playing this game. But I am not understanding how to play the fairy tale part of it. I do everything it's suppose to do but it is taken forever to get the characters and put them in the right spot.

Elizabeth Satterwhite

Awesome Game

Andrea Hampton


Christian Arnold

Been fun and good at killing time. Love it so far

Sharon Webb

Love the game....just wish there was more Really enjoy playing it...♥️♥️

Milli Hicks

Awesome matching game for my Granddaughter and Grandson

Debra Doran

Seriously addicted to this game right now

A Google user

Very fun

Megan Naylor

Love the game but y are my builders busy? They aren't working on anything!!!

Izzy Boss

Art is nice, mostly mediocre gameplay, though.


This is a fun game except that there are SO MANY pop-ups. Pop-ups when you complete something every few seconds, pop-up instructions every time you do something (even past level 20), and pop-up offers. Then the ads: ad offers after merging, more floating by, and when you've just watched a couple of ads to get free things, it makes you take an ad break. Edit: there are also some major translation issues in the story to the point that I just skip the text completely as it makes no sense

Tanisa George


Phillip Harbaugh

Easy to play and great time to waste.

Mary Bleech

It's alright but it sticks alot.

Christine Salas

Love this game

Wanda Dishon

Love it.

lora sedell

Just love!

Debbie Beattie

So far so good 👍

Sora Greed

Great game just let us play without in app purchases.

Sue McDowell

Nice game but it takes an unusually long time unless you are willing to dump money in the game.

Gail Hendriks

Love the graphics and the storyline

Kim Cover

Love, love,love, love ,love it! Plenty of free/ad watching stuff to keep you playing for hrs!

Greta Kezar

I love merging games and this one is easy for me to play and relaxing also.

Marie Nichol


Debbie May

Great fun, want 2 keep playing

Carol Keller

Can't play it. Blocked by Solitare Please get me in to pkay yes I'm trying to get in to play Alice mergeland Solitaire fish has it blocked and I need that out so I can play Alice thank you for your help

Louise Henson Hogg

I'd love to give you a 5 star rating BUT the link for free lives is broken every few days. It reduces the interaction with your game drastically! A pity, it's a fun game but frustrating



Kim Willis

Cute game

Mandy Jones

Like this game

Philip Pollard

Best game Ever

Beck Whelan

Fun a day addictive

Monee Roston

Enjoy the game. I do wish it did not multiply to cut down the wood. It uses up your hearts too fast. But I do like it. Very calming to pass the time.

Jeff Williams

I really enjoy this game,thank you.

Analysa Smith

I downloaded this game cause i like merge game. I have 2 other merge games and I do enjoy them. But this one glitches so bad I don't know how to stop it. Can't even play 1 minute before it glitches on me. Not fun at all

Marion Farrell

Its fun

Cheyenne Pannell

Super fun and creative

Connie Mitchell

interesting and fun

Moreblessing Moyo

I love the story and the pictures are great.i would recomend to anyone who loves merge games

Cheryl Johnson

Very relaxing to play

Bessie Lucia

I give you 5 stars

Lisa Jackson

Fun game

elize Joubert

Awesome game

Natosha Staggs


Renea Kidd

Love this game

Glenda gummings

Like the game

Natasha Lenhart

I love this game its creative and entertaining.

Candy dishman

Good so far. I wish heart's rejuvenated quicker. I love the characters.

Sylvia Griffiths

Good game

Claire Banks

Love this game

Casandra Ruiz

I love this game

Pamela Coleman

Like the game so far but not enough rewards.

Elaine Rubidoux

Love it

Rebecca Howland

Way too long to build a building. Makes this game boring .

Stacie Talbot

Addicted FUN NO issues at all

RC Jackson

A fun way to kill some time

Robert Maischoss

it sucks

Keith Dubs

I luv this game! I have a lot of games like this, but none as absolutely amazing as this one!

Toni Daruvalla


Jessy Bumz

I am enjoying this game so much as Alice In wonderland is my favorite story. However my game is extremely laggy and slow, it's not my phone as my other merging games run smoothly. Can you please fix this issue. Thank you.