Alice – Wonderland Solitaire

Author: Bear Hug Entertainment Limited

1M+ install


All game content can be experienced without purchase. No forced ads (ads are entirely optional as part of a prize wheel). Small download size. Play as much or as little fits in with your day!

It’s all here in Alice – Wonderland Solitaire!

– Invent new curse-words as you try to outsmart hundreds of engaging levels!
– Design your own perfect Wonderland
– Immerse yourself in beautiful artwork and gorgeous graphics
– Unlock a roster of exciting Wonderland characters!
– Non-competitive, play at your own pace.
– Ads and Purchases entirely optional. PLAY COMPLETELY FREE as long as you like!

Bonus: NO WI-FI NEEDED. Enjoy the thrill of winning level after level wherever you are.

Download for free and save Wonderland. It’s seriously fun and wickedly addictive.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 12, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Bear Hug Entertainment Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review

Cassandra Demus

Love it.

Jatalia Lopez-Thornton

It's fun

Eleanor Maranda

Pretty good, but I can't edit previous designs.


My Boyfriend and 💕😘 it's the that James Likes The game 😻🎯🎮🎯🎮🎮🎮 but he likes the robot 🤖🤖 😂😆😍🤖 He Loves 😜🤣🤣🐱🤣🤣 to blow 🌬️🍃🌬️🍃 the Russians but remember He Said it's my tablet but he's the one 😂🕜 spends the Most the time 🤣 we'll I need to go mBBF aka.( James koerbernick aka.Tailfuzz.) Has read this 😬 I love you have fun 😊🥺😊 Handicap spot!!!! Which is everyday!

April Halcomb

So cute and fun

Kelly Barfield

Easy to play. Love the graphics.

Goblin King

This is advertised as solitaire. It's not.

Awnan Syphus

I love Alice in wonderland and it's so wacky and weird just like how Wonderland is supposed to be. The music is inticing and quick paced a very good reminder of Alice in Wonderland live action

Scott L

wont install


I actually really love the game, but it constantly crashes/restarts my new android. It is the only app that does this.

Anakarenina Pérez

It's ok for kids, adults it might be boring, though I'm still playing it because I like the cars game, not so much the building stuff, looking for pages to go to next steps... I might just get another card game. But I recommend it, give it a try. The guys did a good job with graphics though.

nick devlin

Cute, but it's not Solitaire. It's more like poker

Marcus Demellow

A wonderful game with beautiful animation

Beau Bacason

The game is enjoyable. Fun idle game and I love the graphics!

Rose-maree Lyneham



Fun, lovely art, unobtrusive monetization. The customer service people are also super nice and responsive.

Tiffany White

Amazing game

Dawn Nichols

I used to play this game. But I lost the game when I upgraded phones. Well, upgraded phones again and saw this game on the app store again and was so happy so I downloaded it it onto my current phone and have been playing it for hours. I started playing it at 8:30pm and at that time it was still light outside (I live in Missouri.) And it's 11:30 at night.

Victoria Hill

Fun to play, easy time killer

Ashly Mixon

Ienjoyed the game until it became impossible to progress. It's not really solitaire since you need runs and sets to win. The only complaint is it's almost impossible to win at times. Enemies cause a lot of damage with each hit, and even though some won't hit you until 2 turns, when you first encounter them they hit you after only one turn. That's a major loss of health when fighting off 2 baddies at once. And there's no way to increase health before you're dead. Uninstalled. ☹

Amber Parker

Addicted already

Caroline Crawford

After 1 purchase started charging monthly fees. Loved the game till then. But i didnt authorize to be charged a subscription on a beta testing game

JoJo R

Good graphics, good idea, poor execution. Levels are too difficult to hold interest, no extra free games to play to pass time etc, no events other than the daily one, just - lazy 🤷🏼‍♀️

Misty Tarter

It's fun. Can play for hours.

Sam I Am

So fun

Shorty Little Bird

Fun to play! So far so good!!

Marilyn Bruch

It's really not solitary

Natasha Delgado

This game is just so much fun.

Domnaru Daria-Elena

I like it :)

Charlotte Andrus


קרינה אוסט

nice graphics

Jocelyne Secander

Love this game

Sara Kuhns


G 6

This game is fun to play but there is a big flaw with it. Flaw 2: It says you win unlimited life for 33mins but it doesn't work.You have zero way to heal yourself nor do you auto heal before your next battle. Since you cant heal, you just die, you can lose a life but it takes you back to the first battle, you can use 800 coins to stay alive but you dont have those without paying real money.

Missy Day

It's a different kind of fun

Greg Swanson

It's ok. A bit repetitive.

Simonay Engelbrect

Very great game... Ideal card game with story mode in...

Yvette Lynch

Fun to play! Never gets boring leveling up & unlocking new characters, along w/new worlds. Would definitely recommend.

dejan kostadinovich



Overall great game. Love the concept. Doesn't get hard until level 170, don't use coins until then for extra life. Finished the game in 2 weeks. Minus 1 star for a bug: if you fight the turtle and use splash back when it is 1 space away, pushing it back to 2 spaces, it still faces you but doesn't take damage, cards bounce off.

Autumn Mabis

I am loving this game! It's fun, and the graphics are great!

Tania Cleaves

Fun game, keeps you busy for hours.

Amanda Harrell

Good game so far!

suzanne waghorn

Really liking this game so far.

the gamer soul

i loved this game since day one i have never seen or played many games like it im a card lover and this is a amazing game to a 10 out of 10

Rene Brits

Best game ever

connie tano

Cute, fun easy to play card game. Yet it is not to easy as to be boring.

Catherine Powell

Very good game

Hot mess

Really cool clean graphics and fun, would gave 5 star 🌟 if it didn't randomly kick me off game right when I fixing to win . 😠😖😒 Happened several times. Other than that I do enjoy it.


Can't remember ever playing it so that must tell you it was not that much interested in it


So much fun SERIOUSLY


Time kills ...

Pauline Cline

Cute graphics, not hard to play and better than a match 3 game. Adds are not intrusive and they have a limit on the ones you can do. Over all one of the better "design your space" games

Danielle C.

Really pretty game. Simple but fun!

Jen Segovis

So far so good.... I just started playing but I am enjoying it so far. I've always loved the wonderland tales. May revise later as the game goes on.... So far entertaining has a lot of the same ideas as many games do these days but there is enough going on with in the story line and the ability of each item to keep my interest so far.

Tammy Armstrong

Random cards. They already know you won't win. Thumbs Down!

No Name

Cute game, ended up waiting 5 minutes, between selecting the cards, waiting the points to increase to doing the damage, never actually got to do any damage, the game froze sat there, staring at the screen waiting because it was going at a snails pace. Then it just stopped, so there's that. I love the game concept, but it needs some serious work on the whole not freezing up part.

Michelle Franzen

So far so good. Definitely unique.

Randie Hennings

I enjoy that unlike most games nowadays the levels actually get more difficult as you go along. However, as you go some of the levels seem to be made out to where there's no chance of passing the first time, even with all high level characters, which can be a bit annoying, but otherwise good game.

Annie Lovell

I just didn't like the game I thought it was like solitaire with the pictures of the characters from Alice in the wonderland but no it has nothing like that it is so lame

Charlotte du Plessis

I have passed hours playing this game. Absolutely addictive!

Amy Austin

Great game

Moema Daniels

Such a wonderfully beautiful game! I restarted the original game 3 times just to play and build the enchanting pages and am now thrilled to see it has expanded!!!! Although I miss the 'map' you could walk about on; I adore the graphics of this version as well. And even though I lost my game when I transferred phones, it's so much fun to play I don't mind starting over! Such a brilliant game! Thank you.

Alma Maseda

Super fun

Kate Moore

Great game, ad free, just right amount of trickiness

Heather Landry-Bean

So much fun!! Beautiful graphics 🥰

Lori Hamilton

Love it. Fun, easy tonplay. Love the progression of the game.... the theme? Amazing.

Play Storage

Cute little game. Sometimes can be challenging but not enough to drive you away but to keep you coming back for more. I eagerly await for the next chapter🙃. And as for the decorations, I'd really like to be able to review some of my old choices like it was possible in the early stages of the game. If you could make that available again it would be a big plus for you 😄

Siobhan Fox

Good game overall, it's impossible to get through levels with out health, there's no way to get health unless you charge up characters, which is impossible to do as well. Deleted purely because you can't get health or upgrade characters

Queen Ashlee J

So far the game been great. There are no annoying ads. I'm playing lots of fun levels. Haven't seen any glitches. Highly recommend.

Melissa Davis

Its fun and colorful its fun

Sammy R

Fun and addicting

Ashley Walstrum

Beautiful and relaxing fun

Vicki Krause

The Game is Even Better & Much Improved!!!

angie taylor


Ines Goronjic

Amazing game ! When next levels are coming?

Stacey McBride


Alexis Saylor


Lindsay Neider

It's fun and challenging.

Charlene Mcmann Tremain

Not really solitaire, but fun card game

Lori Marie Thillman


Ginger-lee Hodgkinson

Is a well designed game!

Jessica Schneider

Fun game

Sarah Lundback

Fun, easy game mechanics, cute illustrations and easy game

Wendy Prancik

fun never boaring


Great fun.

Joshua Pelkey

The graphics are beautiful. The game is enjoyably addictive. No pop up adds. And, it has run perfectly on my Chromebook, no freezing, very quick load time. Overall, an excellent free game.

Jessica Guilbes

Lots of fun and engaging. Art work is bright and interesting too.

Larissa pernicka

Really like the game but it keeps turning off


It's stupidly hard because while your foes get stronger, you don't by much at all. If you don't get the cards needed, your health runs out long before you can pass the level. It's literally a cash grab.

Evonne Burris

Cute graphics, easy game!

Crystal Martins

Very addictive 🤗

Carson Smith

Fun relaxed ay

Lynn Tate

Cute, fun, not hard to learn. Interesting elements to game play.

Kashkara _

Fun little game with rummy mechanics

Catherine Devereaux-Reid

Very cute, my 5 year old helps me pick the furniture for the house

Jamie Eddy

Love it!!! Super cute fun game!!!

Kayy's - KPOP FF's

Lags a lot, freezes up, game randomly closes. It's quite annoying.

Raina R.

I hate to be that person who moans when something changes (especially given this is in beta), but the complete overhaul of the UX feels generic and lifeless in comparison to the storybook layout and decoration choices pre-update (that the page still advertises). I don't want to reset my progress, either, but don't see my converted progress making sense unless I do. Maybe there could be compromise? Make the current layout the "chapter title," of sorts, and the old design the core game?

Faith Montgomery

Lots of fun!! Will keep you well occupied when in need of some activity!