AlchiMerge: Merge & Craft

Author: PocApp Studios

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🧪 In AlchiMerge you are the Shopkeeper of your very own Alchemy Shop!
🎮 Match and Merge materials to harvest magical ingredients for your Shop!
⚒️ Craft mystical Potions, Spells and more!
💸 Sell them to customers for profits and become a Legendary Shop Tycoon!
🎨 Decorate your Shop and Customize your human, Catanian (cat) or Lupinian (dog) avatar!
📚 Befriend heroes along your way and uncover the mysteries of the Vortex Isles!
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Join forces with other players and Invest in your City together!

Interested in knowing more? Here’s what you can expect from AlchiMerge: Merge & Craft.

■ Backstory:

The kingdoms of Catania and Lupinia used to live secluded from each other, but everything changed when the Great Tremor hit, causing a Rift Storm in the middle of the great ocean. Dimensional rifts started to appear out of magical thunder, introducing a whole new archipelago to the world.
These are the Vortex Isles, a place of magical flora, mystical ruins and ever-lasting storm clouds.

Upon sailing to the Vortex Isles, Catanians and Lupinians met Humans for the very first time. They were also brought to the world of Anima by the Rift Storm. In AlchiMerge these three kingdoms meet to explore the mysterious Vortex Isles. Will they all get along?

Players familiar with PocApp Studios’ previous titles, Castle Cats & Dungeon Dogs, will be able to meet beloved heroes in an entirely new format. Completing Quests from new and old heroes will reveal unique stories of the characters and the world of Anima.

Key Features:
■ Merge Gameplay: Merge Your Way Through the World of Anima!
Match and Merge endless materials to harvest magical ingredients for your shop!
■ Crafting: Sell your wares to customers!
Craft mystical Potions, Spells, and ancient Trinkets. Sell and trade them to customers for profits!
■ Shop Tycoon: Become the best!
Hustle, bargain, and strike deals to become the most prestigious Shopkeeper on the Vortex Isles!
■ Avatar Customization: Show off your Shopkeeper!
Customize your avatar to your own liking and start your adventure either as a human, catanian (cat), or lupinian (dog), the choice is yours!
■ Shop Decoration: Show off your interior skills!
Be as creative as you want – your customers value a well-designed shop!
■ Multiplayer: Join Forces with Other Players!
Team up with friends, invest together, build thriving Cities, and powerful alliances between Humans, Catanians, and Lupinians!
■ Story Progression: Uncover the mysteries of the Vortex Isles!
Can the three races work together? Are dogs still a Human’s best friend? Complete Quests from Trust Characters to unlock their unique stories and learn more about the world of Anima!

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Update time: Jun 29, 2022
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Developer: PocApp Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Alexander Wiseman

For a newish game it's pretty good. But I have a few suggestions. Please make it so we can search our recipes by material. So say I want to minimize my mushroom plants. I'd want to search by what takes mushrooms to make them. And then, according to my husband you can't remove people from your city. We have several inactive members in the city he hosts. This is irritating because it's slowing our city progress. He says he can leave his city but then we would lose all the hard work we have done.

Steven Isenhour

Now I've got two of four crafting slots stuck with items in them I cannot take out; trying to causes the game to crash and reload from backup save.

Fowler Silvester

I can't wait to be a pro at this game too! :3 and also I love the picture for the game :). @pocapp studios sorry I don't have discord 😓 I'll try to get my mum or dad to help me set up an account

Flippidy Flop

So far, I think it's pretty good. A lil rough around the edges, but still a pretty good game.

shikon tama

Good design, good ideas, but hard to play. Not enough energy. Many tasks require too much energy. The friend's requests are too much. 10 same items, 7 same items requiring an other crafted item. Yes you must in fact pay to play the game. Only frustration awaits common players.

Marta Louro

Very weird game.not for me.sorry

Dark4rt WiPanimatior



1. I wanted to report a freaky bug with heads but 2. I proceeded to support, it took me to discord. 3. I can't do $hit on discord. If you don't fix both those errors, i can't give this game more than 2 stars with all its rawness

Nina Trenchard

I've been playing PocApp games for 5 year's. I have every game they have made. I'm currently playing Alchimerge and I really like it. I live my avatar and I love making potions like a wizard. There are still a few bugs that need attention. But for the most part I really really like this game. Hopefully it will be a favorite like Castle Cats that I've been playing for 5 year's straight, everyday 😊 Not sure why but I haven't been able to update this week

Chris King

It is an amazing game. I love the artwork. Often there are requests for items that cannot be made due to not having the materials yet.

Megan Thompson

Pretty fun game. The only complaints are that I wish we could stack materials and that I have to tap on things multiple times to get a response. The color change for the shop keeps reverting back to it's original color everytime I change it. Yes, It acts like it saves but doesn't. The game works fine otherwise.

Sarah Seabury

So far it seems to be playing fine after the problems of last time & considering I don't normally enjoy these type of games, I'm actually enjoying this. It's fun & easy to play, the things to play ain't forced upon you like other games

Sam Baret

It was good before the recent update. I'm stuck trying to merge "heirlooms" (it wasn't even something I could merge...) so it's basically unplayable now. It was great before. A little buggy, but expected for a new app. Now it's no longer enjoyable. Hopefully this great bug is fixed soon. Really nice game otherwise. Loved all their other apps.


Wonderful merge game, not pay to win. 2/3 stages for the game include decorating/organizing. I would rate it 5 stars if the mechanics were smoother, but it's an early game likely to be patched to become better.

Jon Leon

Would rate 5 stars but resources for crafting are sometimes hard to get. That helps a little but in game money and energy then become the problem. But thx for the advice.

Finor Colic

Gameplay is great and I haven't run out of anything yet such has things to merge or stuff to make. Customization is pretty limited yet it's a different addition that I've never come across in a merge game. It's fun to play and I've probably been playing for 2 hours straight with only a few issues here and there.

Cheryl Strunk

Won't open

Iain Crawford

I'm really enjoying this game, it's great fun & very addictive. I love it & would definitely recommend it

Sarah Quilter

Purrfect game!

Jo Gonzalez

Like the game and graphics so far.. No issues..


Overall a pretty good game, but the energy regain is too slow.

Nadia M.

devs made such a complex game you become bored within a few levels.

Michelle Coyote

Was really liking the new take on the merge genre. But the stamina is a huge let down. I mean it doesn't even refill when you go up a level. Even after spending $$ the stamina just disappears so quickly its not even worth it in my opinion. Hopefully some adjustments are in the near future so I can try again.


This is a great game. It takes the mechanics of multiple different games ive loved, and puts them together, which means there is always something to do. That said, how do you get more expansion orbs? Also, you should have button in the shops to see what chests/bags have in them before they buy.

Tamara Baug

Better than normal merge games

Emma Turner

Wasted money on this game no instructions cantbopen new areas

Alyazi Al Ameri

bah humbug, all u keep saying is "omg u love cc! play or nope!". SO GIMME CHROMA IN CC!

Tiffany Tucker

,0 vc o v9 h cvf c gb v

Caitlyn Cosgrove

Super fun. I love making the avatar

Cheri Wadsworth

Good game cute not really expensive but most of there games are affordable. I enjoyed it but it gives a bunch of every item but the little orange berry's and I've even bought the stuff in the market I'm still not getting enough makes it hard to progress. The tent seem a little glitchy but the game is a very new

lynn jackson

Very relaxing and fun.

Teresa Bennett

Cute so far. Just started playing.


Super fun and definitely addicting! Game devs and mods are super helpful in discord!

Harmony Smith

I'm having a lot of fun with this game.

Neko Aumelie - Sama

Really fun but if you go into the Avatar Customization, it gets REALLY laggy. So pls fix this issue as soon as you can, OK? I also pre-registered and play Castle Cats and Dungeon Dogs btw (EDIT: AC lag was fixed but there could be more options of Customization to choose from)

Sarah Wright

Good luck keep it up 👍

Crystal Qualls


Victoria pitkanen

I can't do anything on the merging area

Kerry Greenhalgh

Having a lot of fun

Ericka Winston

It's so hard to gain energy for the actions and the energy refills too slowly.


Decent, but constantly keeps kicking me to a loading screen messing with my saves, or saying I lost connection when my internet is stable. No reason for this to be online only and it just constantly causes issues making it unplayable.

Rob Lenheiser

Dun AND Free. NOT adtrusive!!😀👍👍

Joy Elizabeth

Really was excited for this game esp since I've played n loved both CC n DD for many years but sadly I was disappointed by some things.The gameplay itself is enjoyable but it leans too far towards needing to pay to play incld even the daily cant be completed w.o spending real money. While I understand its a business n they need to make money, there's many other ways to do this, some they're already doing so I feel making the daily only achievable by paying a bit too much. hoping it'll improve.

mehd alizade


Mikey Nazario

Extremely annoying. Requires a constant full WiFi connection or it doesn't work. Will keep sending you to a "lost connection" screen

Lori Berring

I just downloaded the game this morning and had high hopes. But it's completely unplayable. Right after the loading screen, the connection drops.

rebecca louise


Emilio Rodríguez

Game has nice potential. I don't know why is making our character a boy not an option. Game kicking me each time there's a slight variation in my internet is annoying. The buttons and transitions between store and adventure are not smooth, they don't feel nice.

Krow Pony

I can't customize my avatar and I just download it a little bit ago plz fix but love the characters being a Furry it is cute

Pernilla Larsson

I have had hours of fun, the merging is addictive. I keep wanting to play more!

Cora Sprinkle

It is still a very new game with lots of glitches such as a random loading screen, won't let me choose a cat skin for my avatar says it is invalid, when trying to sell items it keeps registering move furniture instead. I'm going to stay with it because I love castle cats and I hope the longer it is out the better it will get. Once some things are fixed I'll gladly up my rating.

Sean L

Love this game! Nice graphics and good merging, Love the shop too 😊😄 Super addictive!

Hez van der Meij

Would love to play but gets onto infinite loading screen after pressing play

Kimberly Dandridge

Didn't like the game too much.

joshua leland

I love it its funny passes some time.

Luna Staralight - Star Flower

A fun yet buggy game to play!! The game is definitely cute and definitely fun; however, it definitely is buggy at times. Loading screen takes so long at times and it just happens at random randomly happens, too. I'll be harvesting some leaves and it would just phase black and comes back with a loading screen. Most of the time it's pretty quick, but as I'm typing this; it is currently taking a very long time. I'm giving this all 5 stars because I'm biased due to Castle Cats. 💜

Natalie Fischer

I pre-registered and I'm glad I got this game so soon, it's awesome so far! There are just a few little glitches, but it is a very new game. I decided to make myself a cat and the tail really needs fixing, maybe instead of waving around everywhere just have it going down and more still, then have more detail where the tail comes out. Anyway, I'm excited to keep playing this game! I hope this game keeps getting updated for the better!


Amazing!! I waited so long to play this and i finally can😁 thanks!! Its so cool

Verinrii Vahraniik

It is fun and love the art style.


Very Great Game to play Especilly if you have seen their three other games! This game is awsome!

Christopher Martinez

For it being released just a hour ago, for me, it's actually a pretty fun game.