Alchemy Knight

Author: 111%

10,000+ install
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Alchemy Knight – Challenge the new Adventure! Skill Action RPG! ‘Alchemy Knight’

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File size: 172M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 1.0.7
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: 111%
Price: Free
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Customer review

Pacer G.I.T

alchemy knight dead? unable to get into game. keep getting error message "Please check your internet connection"

-ItsRobbie -

It doesn't even start up, keeps saying to check my internet connection and im on my wifi. Playing different games


Pretty fun, had an alright time.

Cương Test 2

Nice game

Thomas Latopolski


Galahad the Great

No Discord community,no multiplayer system,an idle type of implementation is a must.. Edit:Last update-30th September 2021(minor bug fix)


I particularly don't care much for idle RPGs but so far this one isn't too bad.

Ben veltman

Won't load or update

Mykolas Kulakauskas

It's a fun little time waster. However, frame drops are unfortunate

eric littles

Good game so far. Ill return later with input


If you want a new Nonstop Knight style game, this is for you. There're way more skills to mix and match, up to 6 at a time, either active or passive. But it's hard to tell the difference between skills based on their icons.


This game could be really, really good in my opinion, only if they'd do more stuff better. This game have a very, very limited amoukt of content like stages, the tower and doppelganger. It would be fun it had guilds, raids, pvp and more things to do. I like how the thought of this game but right now, it's not exactly in my radar.

Michal Gaszcz


Gregorius Winarto

Good gameplay. Slow for f2w. Bugs found : Critical didn't work as it supposedly. Splash didn't stack.

Faci Boi

Was difficult to progress past first map and seemed to have bad luck with drops....

roy alunan

Everything is money matter. Not a friendly game. Don't play for it. It is not worth to play.

Elias Mozine

This game felt amazing at first, but you will quickly find out that stage 1 hard mode, what is the second easiest stage in the game, already is a pay wall. After 2 days of grind I think I'll be bored of this game before I can go through it and get to stage 2, what seems to be just the beginning considering the lvl of the itens available to buy in the store... Basically you need to start by opening your wallet


online connection for a platform game ?



Helal Ali

That could have been a really good game, if they cared for gameplay a bit more

Ricko Sadli

Good graphics, greta story...

david sertimer


Pascuacharles Pascuadarwin

Good game

Vitor Teixeira

So fun!!!

salah muka

Gameplay is ok, quite fun, but, ultimate cash grab, p2w game for sure. You will need 500 gems for Runes upgrade, and another 500 gems for every 2 level upgrade, so.. in lv 3 you need 1000 gems, and this just for 1 freaking rune! There's about 6 or 8 runes in there, my god!

menard urriza

kinda having issues with the connection

Tobias Nilsen

Top notch so far. Annoyed by skill changing when fusing gear...

Robert Blair


Jake Junkus

Fun for a few days, then slow to develop and repetitive, then boring. Such are most games...

Kyle Warner

This game brings a bit of a different experience from the normal Mobil "archero" style games.

zeus mark

Difficulty is very high. Gears are hard to get. Upgrade stones have low drop rates. And levelling is very hard. Your just telling us to buy in the shop many times. The game is not yet properly delevoped yet and i have experience a crash in app just watching the intro. Hope u solve all these issues

Rhenn Rhenn

Please check your interner connection everytime you visit the shop. And it wont go away unless you close the game.

Jayr Sandiego

Dc always

Paul Examen

Good game


Really good game with no ad bomb fun simple addictive!

Seif Ali

Great game

Dan Adkins

Every time I try to click on the store it just says "Please check your internet connection." I have to restart the game to play again. I have great internet connection...

Rich LaRouche

Not a rpg... just a auto dungeon grind. Boring

Dan O'brien

Fun but it take a sec to figure outhow things work

Raffaele Lavuda

Cool merging mechanics, with a good semi auto gameplay

Scott S

Check your internet connection issue when opening store. Doesn't go away despite my having perfect internet.


not an idle, just a boring dungeon diver

Zac Decherd

Great game


What the hell just happened to the difficulty of the game. I started playing it again with new ID just finished lev 1 so easily...

Kaene T

Pretty good just keeps saying that I need to check my connection to get into the store

Anax of Rhodes

No forced ads. Really well done combat system. Great animations. Could use some optimization. Otherwise plays great.

Michael V

I am asked every minute to turn on play protect. This is extremely annoying. Fix this please.

Grant M.

In game shop is bugged with my wifi, otherwise its a 4 star.

Kevin Lee

Bug keeps popping up "Google protect is already turned on" Repeatedly almost religiously when you start a run.

jeffrey chiu

111% has done it again!

nguyen pan


Kevin Mcbrogan

Good game great job guys

Trapped in a maze guy

I'm having fun with this game. I don't mind the grind to get more gear. There are enough things to do and to challenge me. Graphics and sounds are great also! Thank you 111%

Ronnie Harris


Arian Goodwin

My my. I'm glad I gave this game a chance. Most importantly, it's fun. The skills coming from gear that you can merge is a great mechanic. So far no over the top encouragement to spend, but I might anyway due to how much I am enjoying it

Alvin Springael

Good Game.

Steve Nichlson

This game is annoying. Been playing the same level for hours. Gear upgrading socks. I'm Uninstalling the game.

Dominique Beez

30fps trash sadly. It's 2021, almost 2022 as a reminder since a lot of developers are still stuck in 2015

Sai Lazaros Sofikitis

Again you guys outdid yourself gj!!! 1 thing I would like is to leave the knight doing a dungeon and be notified when he is done. Is it something you consider? Example: I am farming the first dungeon but I don't need to cast spells anymore, my knight can solo it, I would love it if while he is farming I could leave my phone or change apps! Edit: it could be an option you can check after you finish a dungeon for the first time. Amazing job!!!

Peedee Williams


Andy hunter

Not bad lack basic controps so you uave to take all damage only relying on skills to dodge

Rudy Lim

Before i can play normaly. But after update 1.0.8 i cant even login to the game. Lol

Tz Ju

Auto play is so boring

Gray Fox

Not bad

nathan salgado

1st time to play a game that ull be stuck in stage 1 like forever

Leiam Mace

I already knew this game was gonna be good because 111 percent made it but one problem is the movement is weird and it lags my phone a little bit please fix it.

Erik Jakobsson

So far this is a good game, some thinking, some idle, up for customization of playstyle, and a few random elements. It's not super over the top, but I can definitely see myself playing this in the foreseeable future.

Tomy Wirawan

its been a years since my last time post a review in play store. this game is super good,but i think not everyone know this game. the concept like nonstop knight with some adjustment . i like how we can use many skills set and customize whatever we like, no energy system so i can play whenever i want. good for casual game yet challenging. i am looking forward to next update... i hope in the future there is update for interaction with other player, like chatting, guild, pve co-op, or even pvp

Trisha Webster

Seems great so far... a little early to review beg though.

dragonoflightX0 -73

This game is fun and awesome. I cant wait to see what more they put in this game.

Cristian Dumitru Popov

Shutting down due to security policy. Poor implementation then. Also, when you scan my apps and decide to rage quit because you have one on your blacklist, tell me which. I might uninstall it, to try a game.Edit: are you f.kidding me? I just told you I can't open the game at all. You have no idea what happens behind the scenes, don't you?

Christopher Jackson

Good game so far

Philipp Bartholomäus

Aaaactually super damn fun so far 👌


so far this game is balance in away with semi idle and hack/slash gameplay... its not boring coz the graphics are minimal ang light. Good work dev team!.


Nice....hope for more update..thanks

Adrian Cheung

very nic3

dominique lorion

to much loading

Jlius Kern

I'm giving it a 1 star. The game itself has potential but about dodging and controlling the character? Im not so sure, im disappointed and stressed playing this game, i wanna dodge but its auto, skills are the clickable one. For now thats my opinion.

Adrijan Tefiku

Super game, enjoying 👍

Amit Samad

Game is good. I don't like idle games much but this is among the few i would like to play. Graphics is good. Gameplay is good. It's like an idle version of Mighty Quest which i used to play. But i will drop it at higher levels because the grind will be insane along with the decreasing rate of better gears. Spending money saves so much time. It's interesting but not worth that much grinding. Hope that helps.

nassim chelaifa

Good game

Eimantas Skruolis

300-13-0 code error game guard. cant open

Durtschi Draws

Fun but almost to easy to die... hard to advance in the beginning.

Cesare Hip then Hop then Hip

Where is the update?

Prvate Private

NONSTOP KNIGHT knockoff with more laggy, buggy, steps. Graphics are okay. License is very very suspicious (downright creepy). Symbol of company is 3 downward arrows (archery or ANTIFA Jewish Terror Group responsible for $20 billion in American arson, terror, murder from 2015-2021 and arson, terror, murder (55K victims) in Poland 1917-1930's until Germany arrested and executed them before WW2), extremely offensive symbolism. Generally the game lags and becomes unplayable after a minute.


I rooted my phone to make it faster , but it doesn't open on it , so 1 star you deserve it🙂

Gabriel Gallo

Great fun and exciting stuff I recommend it


I'm so confused. It says the recommended power for stage one is 1000, and i have over 3000 power but i can only make it to B6. There needs to be more ways to gain power. The gold drop is so low, I'm only getting around 100 gold per run. There are not a lot of free rewards, and the daily quest rewards only give you one green gem thing. And i don't see an "auto skill" button. Going through the first stage over and over again is getting frustrating and boring. I hope you can fix this game.

Adrian De la fuente

Nice have

Carlos Teodoro

The game is good.. The graphics also.. But pls put some joystick to control the character and pvp battles also.. pls pls.. Good job devs.. I love the game so much.. 💕

Stephen Zeber

Very good

Im Galadriel

The gameplay and graphic is good. But, i dont know it is a bug or not. I have 13% crit chance + crit insting 25% crit chance so its total 38% chance crit BUT not a single crit damage happened!!! And btw your alchemy is the worst, cmon dude merge epic+epic (purple) gear and it became common (grey) gear on the next level. LOL!!!!!

Jamie Samland

The inventory screen is super laggy and the amount of grind needed to adance is stupid.

Abdullah Muhammad

Love the game but for the daily challenges I have to do equipment upgrades but when I do the daily challenge doesn't complete. How do I get it to complete?

Hossam Ahmed

There is a problem in the shop it always says please check your connection!

Jason Adams

It's a good game but insted of idle make arrows and a attack button pls?


After the update, I can't play the game coz it freezes after every 5 to 6 levels. This also happened before but only after playing for at least 30-60 minutes but now it happens too frequently.


Fun game! Would love to see the addition of a female hero to level up. I'm considering VIP but will play more before I commit to that and see how the game progresses. Money isn't as easy to come by with the inflation here in the USA!

Arnold Kervon

Great game but we need a leaderboard!!!


Enjoying it does far.