Alchemy: Forge of Gods

Author: Jolis

100,000+ install


Create new elements from six primary elements: air, earth, fire, water, darkness and light. Use all open elements to create even more elements!

Use logic and imagination, some reactions are really tricky. Be ready for surprises.

Discover new collection cards! Can you find them all?

Enjoy this trip, act like a demiurge and

Key features:
– Great graphics with interesting images.
– Relaxing music for your entertainment.
– Interactive hints – in case if you stuck.
– More than 170 elements for you to discover – it’s just a start, we will add more later.
– Collections – collect cards of 35 countries.

Planned features:
– More elements so you can enjoy this game longer.
– New collections – how about famous persons or mythical creatures? Propose your ideas in reviews!
– Competitions with friends
– New features, challenges and gameplay mechanics – let’s leave this as a surprise

Detailed info

File size: 57M
Update time: June 18, 2021
Current version: 1.08.005
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: Jolis
Price: Free
0 votes

Customer review

Happy Mefor123

Too many ads and your game graphics is so ugly and I hate it waste of money and your literally trash at creating games the graphics are ugly and I uninstalled now I hope this game will get update for more graphics

Shanice Barnes

It's cool but every time I watch an ad, it says oops technical problem check my connection. Smh it's not my end so you just have people watch ads for nothing.

David Hendricks

Very enjoyable and user friendly.

masoud mohebbi


Cat Lover

I keep having to close and reopen the game because the forge stops working

Matthew Hart


HaRmOnY JioVaNni

Disruptive and too many ads. Is this a game or an advertising show?! I have had this game on my mobile for awhile now, and I decided to try it out today...Big Huge Mistake. I had just started and not even a minute into the game, I watched more than 5 ads! Everytime another ad would open because it said"oops, Sorry it Seems You have Some Internet Connection Problems"....!!! Uninstalling Before Even being able to Start because of GLICHES, and Too Many Glichy Ads. BIG WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

Gisela Vivanz

I really like this game. I just wish I could open another world. Are ever going to update it so the other worlds can open?


This is why I hated it and made it to where it was opening 2 ads at once and if you didn't watch Both of them You didn't get the thing that you are trying to get through the add

Bill Rogers


Ohzion Davis

A lil challenging to find out new elements of the natural world

Tiger Blade

Total fun for those that like to learn where everything is coming from!!!!

myranda beckworth

It keeps glitching. Every time i watch a video for the extras it says oops there has been a problem even though ive watched a ton of videos to get the extras

ziyaan senpai

A game that definitely don't deserve such low rating like 3.7 , i honestly saw no problem in the game. It's an idle and easy thinking , also a good timepass game. It was nothing but a whole good experience for me.

Jhonas Carasig

I loved the game, it's easy to use tho 😍

Peter Choate

The game never pays out earned rewards I watch the videos and then it says sorry technical error and you never get the rewards

Baba Shango Oshun

Magical and Evolutionary 😎🔥💯

Todd Davidson

Mostly fun game, forced ads always work but when I try to watch one for purple gems it always says check internet connection

Barend Beukes

Fun to play, seeing other people's ideas of what logical should be... nevertheless... fun and inexpensive...

John Werkheiser

Game quotes working when switching between creative and quick. Have to close out and restart the game.

Shawn Rogers II

So far so fun

Samantha Brocker

My fav game 🤓

sarah miner

Too many forced ads... I get having rewards ads, but I can't stand forced ads. Completely ruins games flow for me.

Cheryl Couillard

First, I have to tell you, Korea is not spelled with a 'C'. But, I've only had the game for a couple of days & I've already unlocked everything including places & people. I thought after I got all 210 in the universe & 55 of the science, even though some combinations did not make sense, that the other 2 locked categories or at least 1 of them would open up but nope & now, until there's an update, it's an useless app on my phone. Bored now...

Connor Stutts

Fun but is there a secret country also how do you get the other worlds

Abby Garrett

Good game enjoying it so far.

Davey Ellis

How do I finish.... I have all elements and all famous figures and all countries and its telling me i still have one more thing to find.... 209/210 Cant.see what else i have to find.... Confused

Trista Brackenbrough

A lot of the combos make no sense. Wind+animal =horse?

ZorgionGaming 007

This game is awesome and their is less elements to discover. It also contains countries and famous personalities, which tells us about the person's who contributed to our with everything they could give us and some are still contributing. It tells us which country is famous for but and but was the reason of famous personalities to really become famous. But when we are unable to make another element then this game become very enoing but this is the real challenge.

Kseniya F

A state and a wall make Mexico? Life and clay make a human? Can we keep politics and religion out of games please?

Lamia MJ

GREAT 🎮...Grafics GREAT...Some New Elements..Really Enjoyable to play...

Bradley Nathaniel Benham


Amy J


Kevin Young

Fun. Challenging to a degree. Edit1: Would like to see future updates including 3 part formulas. Edit2: My old phone broke and lost game. Found this game again. Enjoying it as much as first time figuring out all my old formulas.

Jodie Watkin

Love this best alchemy game by far please add more things to discover like we have the universe and science be nice to see more absolutely worth the play and download.

Luis Ostasuc

So many of the combinations are unintuitive it takes forever to find even the simplest items without just trying everything, like the phone which is a brick plus the internet!

Jono Pearson


Leahia Gold

All I see it doing is pairing 2 together..... boring!

Pradeep Kumar

God's elements in the planets are so awesome

Randall and Mary Retherford

Nothing like other alchemy games I've played ad filled too

Ross Smith

Just started playing but okay so far

Melissa Harris

Fun game. Stuck with the famous people. A using hint for them would be great

Graeme Newman

I like the category panels. Makes everything a lot simpler to navigate.

Consistent Kody

I really enjoy this game. A lot more fun than the old one I used to play.

Gambler Ezra

Cool game, but having certain reactions in separate categories really slows game play down. If all reactions are in the same place, it would be easier to combine them.

Michael Irwin

Honestly having more fun with this game than I thought! Couple of things though would make it better! One is I wish there was a codex so you can keep track of what you merged to get what. Two, sometimes I swear I tried one combination that didn't work, only for it o work later on for some reason?

dustin casey

I would say 5 but I just


these combinations make zero sense. so many obvious ones missed, too.

Pamela Escajeda

Auper addicting !!!!!

Ellen Gozali


Ilene Marike Meiring

Needs work but has potential

Santos Delos

I really really like this game Its better than little alchemy..😊😊

Sa Mac

Was okay, very chill and simple, would be great for relaxing IF every 2 mins it wasn't a disruptive ad, when you look for a hint ad, not even diverse, literally the same annoying ad repeated.

Ninja23YT sad23ninja

Seems a bit like a doodle god ripoff

Landon Bellard

It's like Doodle God but without being choked by ads. They're still there but it's not overwhelming. Merging elements are easy to combine, streamlined menus. It's enjoyable!

Tyrone Tsan

The best of the bunch by far, the mixing alter makes accessing all the elements so much easier and adds are not intrusive however I believe in paying for quality so it's well worth it for the price! 🐾

Jaz Stockdale

Doesn't even load up for me, sits locked at a title screen and will eventually crash out. Kinda disappointing.

Emily Andrews

Really fun relaxing and simple game play

Victor M Medina Badillo

Very entertaining.

Antonio Gillard

Its amzing

Anita Prasad



Pretty cool game, simple, not overly complex. Dont over think it, some things are just obvious once you figure it out. Only complaint, and new players are going to hate me for this, it's really easy to just watch a thousand ads to get the stones and finish the game quick. I get competitive wanted to see how quick I could finish it. Answer 4 hrs tops. Also expected something to happen once you get all the collectables and elements. Looking forward to future updates.

Jodi Lynn Mason

I've played a lot of alchemy games in the past oh, but this one seems to be one of the best. It's very easy to use and is extremely fun.

Yan Lepage

Always fun

Wolf Hogen

Good game, but I ran out of combinations after 4 hours.


Yes very important to GoDs Plan. Gor real. All in the eyes of a belevolent nice guy billionair extravaagonzo of a person. In secret and not in secret here.

Réka D

Love the two panels, makes combining things much more comfortable. I especially loved the funny combinations (like clouds for sheep). A bit of explanation would have been nice for some features (like what di the red and blue runes mean, what do the colors and stars mean on the collectible clouds) but these dont interfere with the playing of the game.

Geraldine Adnaloy Arzolay Méndez

La idea de este tipo de juego no es nueva pero logra ser entrenido, quizá pudiera estilizarse un poco más la interfaz.

Carlos van Tonder


Chris Carboni

I absolutely love the interface. I've played a lot of alchemist games, and I've always hated the chaos and confusion. This one fixes every problem I've ever had with all the other games. It is very user friendly. Beautiful interface, organized tabs, and (BEST FEATURE EVER!) you can see your progress towards completion.


While mostly intuitive with how you fuse elements, the game is constantly interrupting the player with ads and achievement unlock screens.

Maria Moore

The game is ok, albeit a bit strange on what makes what. It gets boring after a bit.

Aslam Kayal


Ckyllon Bruno

I love it

ruth payot

Please be more scientific, I know all combination has its new element

It's Moca

Just the Greatest. Love this game no cap

Jason Moore

Alchemy game but fun and a little more intuitive.

Diana Goenaga

Engaging visuals, and easy to understand controls. Everything you could want from a mobile game.

Bobi Atanasov

Scam game

Kathryn Butler

Fun game, beat it in less than a week, would love to be able to go father. The only ads are for in game bonuses and one 15-30 sec ad every 15-20 match attempts.

derek fobbs

This is a good game for learning and playing it is a very very good game

Ry Fratzke

Was great until I got everything filled now its like there's nowhere to go

Christy August

Interesting but bit boring

Kimberly O'Hara

This game is a pretty okay alchemy game, pretty standard. I like the use of tabs to sort all the things which is kind of what gives this game its unique thing when put against the rest.

Andrew Riggio

Fun little time killer

Erica Constantineau

Really awesome!!!

Derrick Tinsley

Forced ads = trash app.

Jessica Jones


Liz Pfeifer

Unskippable ads make this unplayable.

Saptarshi Banerjee


Daniel Swick


jonatan fili

The idea is not new, therefor there should be more to it then just mixing elements or materials, cuz it's been done hundreds of times before this game. There is no actual game play, and the rewards for progressing is barely any good for something.. It's not a bad game, it's just lacks a purpose.

Ariel Rhinehart

Very funny lol brick plus internet equals phone. And human plus phone equals game lol

A Google user

This is my favorite alchemy game. Putting them in tabs made it so much easier


|| ¶ < ' . ' > 'Simple, Intuitive, challenging, and Perfectly Enjoyable Play * ; ) ( ; 'Blend of Enjoyable Stimulation + Educational & A great way to Relax and Experience Mind' ) • 'Playful Exercise for the Brain and such' : ) ( : < ' . ' > ∆ ||

Zeratul Jones Azeroth

Best alchemy game I've played so far! Badass guys! Thanks for all the hard workd

Braydhan Angel

Pretty fun haven't had to pay for discoveries

Timothy Clark

Is the same of all of the Alchemy games ain't really nothing new

Conrad Williams

It is quite enjoyable and relaxing.

seth orvis

Wish there were more things to make.