Alchemy Merge — Puzzle Game

Author: Pavel Ilyin

1,000,000+ install


Take on the role of an aspiring alchemist. Your teacher has succeeded in harnessing the four basic elements: fire, water, earth, and air. By mixing these elements, you’ll be able to unlock all the recipes you need to uncover the secrets of alchemy. Inventions and potions, animals and plants and much more interesing things!Create combinations using two or three elements (you can use every element twice or thrice). Recipes might be based on science (water + fire = steam) or on a set of symbols (fish + fountain = whale).- More than 400 recipes.- Classic Alchemy game mechanics.- A stunning, colorful visual style.- Ad-free gameplay. Free hints every seven minutes.- The ability to suggest your own recipes.- Adapted for the visually impaired.— Bugfixes — Translation fixes

Customer review

Georgia Jones

Good game. adorable. The option to combine 3 elements is very nice and the hint system is very well done. It's nice out having to play for a couple minutes to get a hint than to have to watch an ad.

Jackie Peter

fun game

Sidhya Patel

i loved this game so much ! it was so interesting

Jorge Baptista

Fun little game... Some of the merges are debatable but I guess it would be very limited otherwise. Well done.

Wilmari Vand den berg

love it

Stephanie Villalva

it's so Great 😍😍😍

Kartika Bhalia

its educational and i even got my mom and sis into this game its simply genius❤❤❤❤🧠🧠🧠

saintn A

fun game!!

fans fantastic findings

The game is fun and easy to play when you're simply trying to pass time. The graphics are cute and the mechanic of finding the elements is simple enough for anyone to understand.

Delora Kiema

love the how you make the recipes for some things that not a lot of people think of

Wendy Davel

Love this game

Martin Troy

Not bad but the lack of a proper endgame was disappointing. Some of the combinations are a bit of a strange.


I just wanted the hints



Omar Makhloufi

I love this game and when it made me restart then I was able to remember all the combinations thanks to this interesting thinking game :D

Kimberly Kissel

Yes, you can play for free, or you can spend money. The choice is up to the player. If you choose to play for free, you can watch ads, or do other items suggested by the app. If you want to spend money you can play ad free. There are enough hints to help when you are stuck.

Strawberry Kenxy

I really luv this game!!!!

Erick Oliveira


marie Francis

I learned I lot

Alexander Marshall

Fun and addictive.



rameash rumar Pokharel

it's cool game ,no ads, offline game I just love this game

Inem Udoffa

it's a very nice I learn a lot

Wangdi 1984

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Madalyn Peden

A really really fun little game that I am so sad to have beaten. I enjoyed sitting with my partner guessing formulas since some were really silly, or some led to us having that "ohhhh" moment of realization. We had so much fun with it and I am hoping there will be more combinations one day!!

Balchandra Yadav

good game .Chem lab niceeee


This game makes you feel smarter 😅. It also gives your brain muscles a much needed massage 💆.

Calvin Jr Fuller

the best game

dion melton

game is fun and inventive but does get a tad frustrating trying to work out what elements I've already tried but overall good

Pinki dey

this game is really good.. but maybe a little more animations could make it more interesting.. rather than that it's awesome

Leila Daniels

love it

Sage Turmelle

Great game

Tamara Espinoza

Alchemy is an addictive and also educational, fun game to play!

yuliana triyudha


Hellen G

The original little alchemy app is better... makes more sense but it's okay

Mahant Prashant Swami


Alice Pusztai

It's fun game, good to pass time or relax :]

Hector Crespo

so much fun, i spent quite a few time getting the combinations

Shireen Fakie

I love it🥰

Sankalp Jain_IMT Ghaziabad

great game

Riza Op


Zeeshan Qureshi



simple and fun. very few ads!

Regina Roark Roberts

working the brain.

Evelyn Oaks

Fun and relaxing game

Skylar M

It's okay. I agree with everyone else that some recipes make no sense ex. Soil+soil+soil=gravity? The recipes either need to be science based or metaphorical doing both causes confusion. The hints is by far what really ruined this for me. You don't use a hint to unlock how to make said element you use 3-4 hints for a single element. 1 to unlock the picture of it & 2-3 for the element that is used. It's a really scummy way of making you use up all your hints so you either watch ads or buy more.

Its Fabulous

Nice and simple , love it

Nhật Nguyễn

Nó giúp tôi học hỏi thêm nhiều thứ về Hóa Học💖



Satya Rao

I just do not havs words for this It is a rly good game

Maha Dieb

very nice game quite addictive

Jessica Stanczak

I love this game! It's so fun. I especially love that you can get hints. I also love that you can mix three items at once!

D. van Gaans

Super spel! Verslavend, je leert er van en lekker logisch. Heb het compleet uitgespeeld. De hints waren ook super handig en geen reclame! Echt een aanrader!

Evelyn Willsons

It's beautiful but hear me out idk why the creator of this game puts ... Inappropriate ads like showing b00b$ idk why and some...sausages like men yk and having s£ggs idk why but my little sister had downloaded this and I saw the ads. Pls fix it

Anyong Babe

i like this game and I also like that it gives us so many free hints

Dragon Gaming

The game is good but after some days it became boring

Hilary Kemp

a lovely waste of time

Griffin Cavanagh


Muhamed Faiz

Please have a dark mode choice.

Jade Gorrod

Great time waster! Finally completed it 🙌

Alexis Mcgrath


Nadia Maseko

very fun game love it so much

Ruchi Agg

It's a very educational and easy ga me..It teaches us formulas..It is very easy and unique game.. Loved this game💜💜

Savita Pawar

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Kartavaya Ranjan Kumar

Bad game, very bad, worst, cow and blade makes meats, i am hindu, u can't make a game that affects anyone's religion...

Vitor N.

Fun, but non sense

Iman rifqin

this game is very good and suck

suki da

It's really cute and easy to play. I really love the icons. It's good overall, except for the hints and the difficulty. Anyways, I enjoyed playing it!

Kimmi Reizen

it's okay for pass time

Maulidiana Rahmani

really like this game

Niz Sh

It needs Alphabetic list.

Megan Parry


sara hamdy

Amazing but is it avail for ios??

Kameni Gomolemo

It's very educational

Mandisa Tyala

The game is very interesting and fun


amazing, I love it

Cassie Burton

user friendly puzzle game :) I like it


It's a great game to spend time when you're bored.

kathy lee

real good

Sneha Kumari

nice game

Golnoosh Masjedi


Abby Secor

this game is fantastic! the mechanics are great and the artwork is very cute. I finished in about a week, was a little disappointed that there wasn't more! the only criticism i have is that when you enter the game after being away for a while, the timer for free hints doesn't update unless you back out to the main menu and hit play again. doesn't affect gameplay at all but thought it could be something improved to make the game that much better!

Sarah Meen

An interesting game tho I got confused at first

Mari Nya

fun game for passing some time

Rainbow Drizzle

Absolutely loved my experience with this game. Perfect for a road trip! Thank you!

Rajalakshmi .R

It's actually a amazing game and I love it so so much. It is so interesting game

Niraj Kumar Acharya


maryam naqvi

Very addictive and with no adds lol

Carla Blom

This game is so awesome 👍 and so cool.😎 You get to know how things are made. ⚗️ Love this game. 🥰

Kristina Paulsen

If you are into building your own world type of game this is what I recommend because it's a puzzle game but it's almost like you create your own world.


this game is so good!!

nilofar fazeli

عالی بود❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Pushpa N

very nice game

Sapphire M

got to 209/550. quit after "zombie + sword = bone." but they do give you a reasonable amount of hints.

Cassandra Prado

Fun and creative 5/5 no problems or anything

Tsebo Mohajane

I like it but it really to try and figure out how to make new things

Ariaga Rhiyoncee Shanlie M. G8 Bonifacio

this very educational, to say and simply enjoying

maya stevens

the game is really good but very addictive like it's day 2 of playing this game and I already have 107 and a bit unrealistic but I don't really care because it's fun

Persian King

perfect love you in game


good game