Air Battle Mission

Author: mobirix

50K+ install


Fly a real fighter jet and join the battle.

– Feature –
▶ A shooting game you just can’t help but love if you’re a military mania.
▶ Collect various fighter jets and join the battle.
▶ Upgrade desired missiles and go into battle armed with powerful missiles
▶ Challenge the Boss Jet with a Crew and destroy it
▶ Adventure through various parts of the world and challenge the stage




Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 8, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: mobirix
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ifeanyi Frankline Chukwu


Ramdutt Yadav


Innocent Simelane

i just downloaded this app and i can't change controls

Babar abro


Daniel Kramer

just stared playing. Gamplay is a little touchy but it is fun.

Abenal Sainoding


Jawahar Lal


Ahsab Uddin


Virendra Singh


Aravind Nagpure


Joel Sande


Mr. E.T

it's ok not the best

Akash Senthil

it's so good game I like this game don't delete this game this game is have so many years so many updates come please this game is so perfect I like this come I put 5 star in this game

Analyn Casoyla


Biswajit Das

op game

daniel ngigi


Ranjeet Shinde


Gio Mar


peter kalunga

the graphics are not good

418 Jothika

nice game

Lynchie Buenaflor

so nice game

Uyanda Falade

it's such a fun game to play on a plain or anywhere!

raffy james


Lee Andriano


Brandon Begaye

it works good with my phone,I'm enjoying the game and the controls are simple to use.

Robi Day


Tanvir Islam


Railex Diaz

A cockpit view would be nice .. and some landing on the port and fly again. It will be perfect

Stanley Junya

It is the best

Dipak Mondal Mondal

fine game

Sanfung Brahma

Nice game

Aj Bautista


Philip Osaretin



I don't like this game because it didn't have gyroscope or sensor enable rotation. It should have gyro rotation instead of button/joystick. Please upgrade it to gyro rotation. Where is gyro?

Cam Thomas

This is a really good game but in my opinion can yall add some more score to the time attack mode the highes you can get is 5,000 score and i got 10,000 score and i got no more rewards for getting 10,000 score so could yall add more rewards.

muhluri rich Chauke

It's very good.

Richard 5ygxk Andrus


Salesm Abbas

Super game


Not too bad but not too good either. It's graphics is low but can work for low performance devices so it's alright. What needs to be improved? Add music to the game while battle as well, add special boss music, add sounds to to missile warning, add dialogues to more parts of the story. It's like you gave up on it after chapter 1. The missions feels kinda repetitive maybe adding more variety if possible would be great. I know this is a lot of work but it's my suggestion. Best add most of it.


Hi air battle mission

Michael Osborne

not bad for a first fightin sim to cut ya teeth with but there's better out there and a lot worst ad annoying simpelz

Ahmad Fauzul Halim

I love this

Mokamoka Frchichi


Abhinav Kora

Very low graphics

Finarmset Dinnerlmlet

Stuck at a lvl .. glitched out



Val Fredericks

it's okay so far I'll let u know how it goes🤪

James Price

like the game lots

Jefferson Crysse De Asis

App needs further improvement


It's ok

Lennis Parks

this is about targeting also I also you should go to my channel and leave a like and subscribe turn all those notifications so that way you'll be the first to know to know any brand new videos thanks again and this is about targeting and I did a 360 shot try to do on a Nerf gun and I hurt my butt so much

John Paul Biblanias


Ramy Samir

Not bad



ʍя ʐσʍɮʏ

I am giving one star only because of controls. I was not able to play the game. Add some control settings and gyroscope. Because nowadays we are playing games like PUBG, CODM, free fire and we got used to those type of controls. So if you can do that then only can it be playable for me.

Somasekhar S

this is a good 2 game

Deep Biswas

Enemy is stronger, my attack is lower, enemy is stronger than me, lower level, my enemies don't care about me.I don't see the enemy doing anything, the enemy is ending me. Fix this game. Enemies should be made less powerful, player's power should be increased. Then the game will be good.

Mitch Alves

How do I invert the pitch?

Farook Akhtar


Peter Cambridge

very good

David Bolomou


Hammad Naeem



Can someone help me in how to pass level 4 on area01? Looks like impossible, ty .

Tathanus Solinap

Love the game pls make the helicopter hover and add a new gun sounds pls and pls add the mi 24 hind,su 34 fullback,super lynx and su 75 checkmate and make the a10 have a BRRRRTTTT

Shuvojit Das

Very good game. I love the game. 💖. The game is much better than any other. 🎮


Best game ever 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Dante Hunter

love it so much, so far so good Edit: sad that I can't watch ads to get gold and buy repair kit, stuck at level 4 campaign, I have to pay and I can't do that... If you fix your ads, then I will be able to watch ads, buy repair kit and enjoy the game... So from 5 stars to 1 star...

Ion Ion

didint play that much but seems promising.Not many ads

Chris John

There's a bug in time match that sometimes my airplane or enemy airplane could go through below floor. And it is frustrating that the enemy wouldn't go back at the top. So I just crash my plain since the enemy has been stuck below

kevin bentson

It won't finsh downloading I can't even play it yet lol

than culala

mission to short


Love it but only one problem i hate the joystick. i know there is a word to describe but i forgot . When i push down my joystick helicopter also go down but i want when i push joystick down helicopter goes up

Eric Jackson


Vivek Kumar


Shamsi Sameer


Lee WOLF Wei

Nice to have a different game on another whole new level for a while

Orlando Shoy

Very impressed

Atriech Mcnair

great game


Compared to today's games, the graphics looks archaic which makes the experience dull.

Snowl Fly

The game is great. I can clear all area 7 as F2P. But, I need do crazy grinding before clear area 7. The ads is so anoying after clear stage. I can solved it with turn off the internet but I hope you can solve it to make more comfortable for player play the game.

Niranjan Salvee

Useless game. The plane explodes when it starts

Yunalesca Fox

I love the game, a perfect game to kill boredom! The graphics are fine. but I hope in the future the game will improve!

Yusuf Riansa

Big no no . To many ads

Brent Christian Candido

So far so good for now👍

Gameplay Tube

Awful monetization with awful Game that gives you helicopter to fight against SU-57 and bunch of SAMS at just lvl 4 Campaign! The dodge feature is completely useless coz the enemy can easily overwhelm you !

Brandon Wiley

You need to invert the elevator axis or give the option.....

شهيوات بسيطة

it's an arcade game more than a realistic one. how can a helecopter do a flip that easy?? the graphics are not bad also the gameplay. need to improve the realism and thank you.

ziad Nasr

it's not what I expected but it is good overall

Trebor Holder

I'll happily redo my review once Multiplayer goes live.

B Ibrahim


dragonlord warrior

idk how to say but helicopter s animation is same as a jet to Ben honest i expect more


I like this game very much its new launched so it is not giving its 100 percent new updates will come and will fix it and they can make it a top 1 Bishal........

Wikiki Mr

To much advertising and the game is not interatice. So bored.

Joshua Fox

is that an thriller game on a zillion trill

Freedom Isn't Yours to Take

I dont do forced ads. Keep your junk. Uninstalled.

ahmed omara

thr physical movements not realistic

Rick Kemp

Easy to control . Controls easy to read and reach need to expand the turbo boost. The overall picture quality could use a few more tweaks for scenery realism. The entire game itself is fun too play and stereo audio was spot on

Vikas kumar

Useless game not install in my device and more add very poor app only using my data don't install your device used for your personal data 😡😡😡😡

Anthony Watring


Roger Pemberton

good game, however no way to change control axis