Agent Legend – Legendary Sniper 2020

Author: Mint X Games

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Top Intriguing Sniper Shooting Game in 2020
Top Causal Sniper Shooting Game
Top Sniping Puzzle Game

Download now for this Causal free shooting games! Follow the instruction and shoot all the enemies on action.

Agent Legend – Legendary Sniper is the most causal and relaxing shooting game.

Operator A: “Watch out! There are many shooters lurking around your target! Shoot your target with one clear shot” Sniper: “Copy that! I have it clean. Shoot!”

Operator B: ” Save the girl! Save the boy! Shoot the kidnapper with eyepatch! ” Sniper: “Copy that! Fire!”

Agent Legend is a sniper shooter game with many adventures:

Key Feature
– Causal & Vivid cartoon graphics and animations
– Hundreds of exciting missions
– Easy to play – 2 minutes a round
– Tons of weapons
– Addicting puzzle solving and First-person gameplay
– Intuitive controls – Trust your instinct
– Free and available on all Android devices

Read the mission instruction and find out your target
Swipe your finger to move the gunsight to shoot and shoot the target.
Collect coins to upgrade your weapons and snipers.

This is the top first-person-shooter puzzle game!
Observe and find out your target. Use your instinct to become the best sniper in Agent Legend! Easy to get started and suitable for 18+!

Motive, easy and engaging gameplay. Fun and Easy to play, You can play it anywhere and anytime; get the most fun out of your breaks! If you are a fan of shooting and solving puzzles, you are going to enjoy this sniping shooter game with no doubt.

– Enjoy this sniper shooting totally for free!
Enjoy the shooting and merging experience in the perfect shooting puzzle game!

If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to contact via Facebook:
Follow us for updates, more and more exciting puzzle levels are on the way.

Thank you for playing Agent Legend – Legendary Sniper 2020, the best sniper shooter game in 2020!

Detailed info

File size: 41M
Update time: June 11, 2020
Current version: 1.4.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Mint X Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

sad reaper

Awesome game, hitman part is great, and defintly the female spys 😏

Rajesh Parsad

,veteZe,z s,x,wAqx#~

Kennard Jones




shahida akter

G00D gam3

Momin786Mzr Rahman

What the hell is with the female spy thing its not even an actual spy its just a woman thats sexualized why man this game is also full of ads just don't waste your time playing trash pile


My 2nd attempt to enjoy this appears to be Fun...

kallan bugeja

game yes ads hell no

Wayne Marnitz

This game so much thank you for it so big sponsor have to all of you that made these cool games like that other game that I just said about that I love it also big sponsors Sana AU thank you☺😊😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Mayte Singh

The gameplay is actually pretty good but whenever I get a reward the game just crashes and I lose my reward which is just annoying and it makes the game look like a cashgrab after I keep watching ads to get my things back.

Florence Quinn

I love this game because you get to merge you guns

Dwayne Watson

I love all the play legendary games so this one is great atomaticlyaaa

Ashif Ashi


tamiru yigletu


Fayaaz Fritz


radhamohan sharma




Imam Ramadhan

Woooww good sniper game. Casual, funny, and cool.

Nervous Tomato

Trash and have sexually innoparate

Adrian Andersen

not playd yet

Samyar Hassani

This is very very perfect ilove this game.😎

Cassius Lee

I did the accidental kill but it didn't say I win nor I lose. Just staring at the ragdoll's corpse.

Jeremy kent Mahinay


mxx Gamer mxx gamer


Body Ayman

لعبه مش حلوه

Lisa Stotler

Will you be uploading more levels? My nephew has maxed out and wants to keep playing. Thanks.

SkinnyBoyD'Jango Morrison

All these Ads, and it Boring.

Jacqueline McClendon

Can barely actually play game....take 1 shot and ads roll in. U installing.

radz banaylo

that dating is amazing can you make the girl nak*d

Jabulani Cheese


Richard Roybal

This game sucks!! To many ads even if you go to menu, one shot and it takes forever to get a second shot in. Waste of time


Great game 10/10 would not play it again

yutsufg666 10

I like

Greg Hughes

Haha. I have not watched the video

Arthur Morgan

Very poorly made

roland clarito

Be The Legend

Barry Parsons

You have to upgrade your gun every level, and it's not just a click of a button. It's a process, and you may not have enough coins. Just don't waste your time on this, there are better games out there.

it melvin

the femalenspy thing is not nice pls remove it and maybe I will reinstall it

Tara Khatri


Welly Sutjipto


Ahmed Taher

So so so so so so so bad

Alap of gods

The game is alright however you have to upgrade your gun every 2 rounds it is just a bunch of ads

Rehan Azhar

Very bad game

Oryan Benjamin

I ie this game because it's a time waster

aä.çrew feildshawkins

Fun funkill

erik ritchie

it fun a you got a female spy

sweet potato Tracey

Too many Ads. And game ask to Upgrade weapon without clear instructions. Female Spy is very insulting and bad gaming experience to the rest of the play.


It's only 101 and rest of level is not opening please update.

Xander Dureza

I like it it's awesome

Griffin Edward


they luv cam

The girl has her hobos out

Angelasri Efe Emmanuel

Nice game but please make it a bit less inappropriate for the kids, I mean DATING???!!!!

YSN_ Zay12


Cam W


Francisco Jaquez

Add another girl

Joven Calibo

Joven calibo B.

Philani Philani


May Yap

Not nice

Brontavious Coleman

Not bad

Kirsty Wright

Good game I am already level 25 !!

ali amir

this is bad game cause of sexual content

Karen Sackett

I'm just doing this to stop the option

A Google user

thus is great😄


This game is nice then i give.five star for this game thank you

Mathilde Wray

I like this game but there's so many ads.pls make more info havin two stars😂😆😂

Ghulam Fatima

Bad poo

Jarmila Selner

You get ads in the middle of you game so you lose every time game freaking sucks

Le-anne Pearl

Hard to earn money win if your offline

Eunico Reyes

So very good game

April Wiseman

cool game bro

Regardt Vermaak

Bad conditios, when laying in a bed it just is unconfortable, not to mension, one of the up-coming ads were sexual content, tapping tje red button with the plain white girl on. She becomes undressed... Not a very good game for children or older...

Pogi Pol

This is So Cool

Padz Icasa

Could have been more fun....... When you watch a video for 15 weapons create, it will give you 15 lvl 1 weapons which will make you watch more advertisement. Buying weapon using coins will increase dramatically....


I would play this but i dont whant to a stupid female spy thing. Also there is too many ads. Thats why i uninstalled this game. Good game otherwise.

Mostafa Selim


Miles Simister


Aumanaserigalaaa Militia

Too many adds, anoying. Uninstaled, byebye

A Google user

This game is sexi thats not cool

Esmail Makda

I love it


This game is fun and all, but it's basically nothing but ads, you have to watch them every 5 seconds basically, and the female spy thing is inappropriate for kids that like to play this game, sorry, but I'm uninstalling this game, it wastes my time.

Adam Zenilden


Hazem ElAmrawy

They were not in for boys

Marlon Solamillo

im rate this app also fun this game this game is good and fun and shoot the wanted

Abdallah Gamer 4Legend


Emma Solis


james clark

Its fine but I find it to easy to get good and the constant adds hold me back from a 5 or a 4 star

Dragon Slayer

Dide dont put naked girls ugh yoir gonna get ban

Norma Talbert

Awesome game never a dull moment on this app great job guys


Umm i just dont like it

Aadesh Arora

Good game Addictive game Best game of agents No glitchesn

Ruan Kleynhans

A really entertaining game, one that is really unique and fun. The game is basically living on ads, but so many games are like that nowadays, just because of ads doesn't mean the game has to lose a star. It is a long term type of game which you don't finish in one day and that's what l like about this game

Among Craft

I think this a demon and as the female spy But very nice game

Samuel Bjorklund

Great game but there is one glitch were the people that are there disapper so pls fix that. Its probably just me so guys reading this i would download this awesome game!!

Tantan Gmail

I'm loving this game ever think about you guys the Bad humen ti

Travis Keany

I like it it is a bit violent for me but not to violent. After that,I like it

Karl Darryl Tamparia

I hate it be cos you will date and a i am 8 i hate it plz ri move the date plz i hate it Thankyou

22 Yestin Huang 8F

Please quick make new updates

Adam Tamer



I played this it is awesome.

omar fathi

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