Age of Frostfall


100K+ install


Winter is here, and with it have come the Unmelted, an unstoppable race of frozen monsters bent on exterminating all of humanity. Only you and your city stand between them and global domination, but you don’t have to fight alone.

Raise a dragon, build up your city, train a battle-hardened army, recruit legendary heroes, forge unbreakable alliances with your friends, and you can rise to become king of these harsh lands!

As lord of your own city, you’ll need to become a master of strategy, leading your army across both vast battlefields and in intense, small-scale fights to save every last house under your domain.


Unique RTS Tower Defense: Command teams of specialized troops to stop waves of fearsome Unmelted soldiers. Will you have what it takes to protect your homeland?

Mighty Dragons: Raise and bond with a dragon! Treat your dragon well and this fearsome, mysterious creature will reward you in kind. Will your dragon swoop in to aid your troops on the battlefield or help you build your city to new heights? The choice is yours!

Immersive World: The hell of war has never looked this good! Beautifully rendered HD graphics and vivid, icy landscapes will make you feel like you’re right there, leading your troops into battle against terrifying foes.

Rise from Nothing: Build yourself up from a lowly commoner fighting for survival into king of all the realm! Make friends from around the world and unite with them in alliances to dominate your kingdom together! It’s a dangerous world out there, but if you play it smart, you can rule over all of it!

Customer review

Chase Johnson


alan whiteley


Arish Ledda


Bojan Stanojevic

After playing for a month, and 2 restarts, review went from 4 stars to 1 star since being unplayable except if you like to lose. There are pay to win games and then there is this. Since being a Chinese game, Chinese players receive huge rebates up to 90% for bundles. Meaning that within a week they dominate all kingdoms by being untouchable whales that bully everyone for fun and there is no way to play. Incredibly dissapointing since the game is good.

Wayne Burchfield

Way better then 0ther games played

justin rowe

My game keeps closing please fix

Shawn Reynolds

Different and needed

Hassan Jano

It is simple, easy to follow and it doesn't make you wait longer to play other activities in and you do have to make some decisions as a lord.

Brandon Smith

good game

Lee Zhi Jian

Nice story

daimon lee-boyd

Give it a try

Dave Burns

Lovin this game, but iron is an issue very good though, as usual the Chinese and Korean players always ruin the experience for everyone ,pity ,such a great game

Senay Oakley

Nah this is copyright of bad north

Brandon Cooperevans


Jorge Baptista

Very nice plot and gameplay... The only downside is I feel like you tried to put many games in a single one and it makes it very addicting (which is not healthy). I really enjoy the fighting mini games (which I thought was the main part of the game) but it's just one part of the whole picture. I guess it's just too much.

Xavier -Inator

Ive been playing for a few weeks now. The game is ok but theres alot that should be changed. The big seller for the game was the defend game mode, there needs to be way more of that with more waves and more added characters. The match making / castle attacking needs to be changed, you can get attacked by someone +10 castle levels higher than you pretty much everyday which makes no sense and isnt fair at all. And the game needs more of a reason to be a strategy game. Theres no strategy literally.


I'm enjoying the storyline and battles, hope they can keep it up

Mariano Aquiningoc

Awesome game

Mahdi Nikpy


Josh Less

How long will it take to complete tutorial? It takes forever such a waste of time. And you can't customize ur own character. If there's a negative star here thats the one I will rate


Unique experience, great storyline and great gameplay. Thank you for creating such a game

Ethan Desmond


Henrique S

Intersting, a little boring, but the art and the tower defense is good. The problem is that the tower defense is not the main part so the game isn't like in the ads.


Waiting for my favorites. i will start this game soon.

Gino Cordova

Great game

Datnig Me


Philip Dineen

Story and game play are good, enjoying the battles where you control the troops.

Jamal Barnes

It's ok

nockiller 1943

Cool vame

hasanuddin Hanapi

ok je.baru main ni

Ricauther Dunn

WARMEST GOOD LIMITED barely Downloaded but I like so far awesome Game that why gived 5 stars rated.

Dishika Waters

Amazingly awsome sauce

Deborah Inglehart

Lots of fun. Haven't stopped playing it since I downloaded it!

Jesse Fritz

Best game I ever played

Craig Jerome


Adam Stacey


Stephen S

Good game in all but I seem to can't use the Google play store while playing the game. Sometimes it will let me use it but most of the time it doesn't.


One more cheap copy. P2W

Notorious Bledsoe

Great game.....

Fearless 135

Very good game

Carter Steinhofer

It's a really good game 👍👍

jeeB jaaB

For 1st day play. It just okey.. im not sure for next day with next quest and next level up requirment.

mostafa heydarzade




Abraham Leon

I love the strategy of your game it makes me feel like a winner

Carmen P

Good stuff!

Tyson Graham

It isn't letting me download the game

Mario Sierra

So far the start up is good

Matthew G

Its okay

boogiedown monsta


Robert Cartagena

When I saw the VIP thing automatic uninstall sayunara!

Aaron Taylor

Its literally the same game as Frost and Flame: King of Avalon. I'm really not sure how this game is allowed to exist. Being that it's EXACTLY the same. I'm not saying it's a rip off. Like, "Oh its similar." I'm saying it's exactly the same game. Exactly the same. It's fun. Don't get me wrong. I like it a lot actually. But I feel wrong playing Age of Frostfall when I know Frost and Flame: King of Avalon exists. So... guess I'll start over on the original game.

Ray Kilgore

Interesting so far

fabian quinney

Waaay better!.

Richard Swinford

Good game you get what you see

Tyler Hawley

Another great side game

Michael Bobo

Jury is still out. But I am impressed so far.

Ashely Inayah

i just started but it's familiar to play with,i love it

Russell Frehlich

This is a challenge game

Brandon Hammond

Love to game just wish I didn't get attacked so soon

Kong Lee

It's fun so far.

Scott Douglas

This game is fun and addictive

Lance Smith


Sean Pritzel Jr


francis lee pedrosa

Nice graphics, cool RPG!

Vince Morales

Game is amazing played a lot like but not like this I'm actually interested in the story and it's not all over the place

Michael Rinard

It's fun and cool and wen I have wifi I play it!!!

Ilya Kochubey

Another case of deceptive ads. They promised a pretty cool defence game but in reality it's your usual pay to win city builder thing. Those defence missions from the video come up once a day, last 30 seconds and become too easy after a couple hour of playing Such a shame, there is an entire, good, game that could have been made from that concept, not just another dumb Travian clone


Misleading game, toxic community.

Blank [ ]

Never even made it out of the first battle. It went on for 30min couldn't tap, just had to sit and watch. Very poor experience

Gavin Dyball

Great game

Slav Dimitrov

Game doesn't connect after downloading.. Fix.

David Waite

Enjoying the game

Legend Xu

pretty good ideas

Alireza P



Literally a copy-paste of Frost & Flame: King of Avalon :/

Gatin Miller

Fun and good story

Urzu Tycan


Marla Francis

Fun game,has good strategy and good story in my opinion and I hope others will like this just as much as I do

Matt Insomniac

Another mmorg

Eden Garza

It's cool

don holiday

It's actually pretty much good mobile game I'm enjoying it and only lv 6

shane steele

Only just started playing but great tactics so far. And not the same s the other games

jalal Z

very nice artwork, nice mini games, but in total its totally based on old games, its not some original game!!!

Chuck Smith


Ink Eyes

Forcing you to join an alliance.Bs mechanic

Team Anchors

Massively pay to win game. Its possible for you to survive early game, yet afterwards and after capturing the pass, if you ain't pumping money into the game you won't survive. Pay to win players are the main rulers of the game. Speed ups are a big issue in the game you get a not so fair amount from the alliance shop. However the bad one is from the shop itself, 150 gold for 1 hour speed up. Generally speaking the game is fun, it's only the literal fact that it is pay to win... point simple.

Dan Medeiros

Great job nice overall mechanics

Goose The Third

Great storyline

peeka boo

Amazing game

Ian M Pawlowski


joshua kendall

Cracking game so far

Robert Grandidier

It seems ok

CJ Jones

It's a very great game it has a lot of potential to be a very well known and very enjoyable game I enjoyed the beginning part of the game where you're fighting against the frost people and you discover the castle and you try to unfrost it and such and you're a blacksmith it's really great and I just wish the final battle could have gone on a lot longer or at least a little longer and I wish it was a little tougher and there's a few other things I think they could do to make the game better

Mick Oldroyd

Interesting take on city builder

Regie Ellema


Absentia 616

I could feel the cringe in the first 10 seconds of play, this "game" is nothing but a money pit, don't fall into it.

Gaming Jeffination

this is a complete ripoff of King of Avalon. Shameless.

Ti Dub

Just being told to click on things and then clicking on them does not constitute a game 0 stars

Rodney Martinez Aguon

The game was fun, problem is you get farmed every day by whales. If you can't spend $100 a month just for shields you can't progress.