AFK Battles: Idle RPG Legends

Author: Hero Adventure Mobile

1,000+ install
Role Playing


AFK Battles: Idle RPG Legends – Enjoy yourself in this Unique Idle RPG. Train heroes and fight for victory!

Detailed info

File size: 185M
Update time: January 11, 2022
Current version: 1.0.0
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Hero Adventure Mobile
Price: Free
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Customer review

Marek Oskarek

So nice steal of other game. If google bans china and hk, it would be great.

Nolan Lunt

Stupid nothing different

Jesse Jr. Taborada

Good game

Otaku Senpai

Love the game, but it crash pls fix it.

Javeluna, J Niño


irvin kakegamic

I'm confused ....I seen this exact game a few times with different devs..and a different title...

Dipen Bhatt


Chris Matthews

Great game lots of fun

Mohdzahrul Rezza


Meldrick Villanueva

Nc game but it always crash specially when i enter in senior arena when the battle begins it will crash thats why i dont have senior arena points plss fix it 🥺


Nice one game super duper exciting and excited

Joshua John Arada


Damon Cummings

Pay to win garbage. Tons of fomo purchases. Tons of servers. New server bonuses that incentivize you to switch to a new server and spend more. Sure, you can get a TINY amount of premium stuff, kind of like a drug dealer giving you a tiny bit to get you hooked. Sure, they say it is f2p friendly, but it is not. I don't mind dumping cash into games that actually try. This is the same game you have played 100 times in a new skin. Asset flip with nothing original.

Angela Lo

I started playing today and I am addicted. AFK Battles is more interesting than Idle Angels. There are more strategies in it. Just download and have fun!.

Mark Patino


Key Reiff

I think it's the best game ever because you can play all day every day it doesn't ever get boring. AFK Battles is more interesting than Idle Angels. There are more strategies in it. Just download and have fun!♡

Nick Stanton

Fun game

Elmer Lasquite

Nice game

Hines Blondin

This Game Is A Lot Of Fun. Keep Up The Great Work. Bored with AFK Arena and Idle Heroes? Come and play AFK Battles!

A Google user

I love this game a LOT. Very simple, very fun and easy to grind! Enjoy Hero Wars. It's awesome in AFK Battles!

Dwi Nugroho

Start crashing at very beggining opening this game.

Mcleod Neale

This game is probably the best game I've ever played it is super addictive after you play. Bored with AFK Arena. Come and play AFK Battles: Idle RPG Legends!

Moses Hession

Easy to play. Enjoy Hero Wars. It's awesome in AFK Battles!

Paolo sosa

Good game relaxing to play

Langley Lage

this game is amazing you have a lot of different opitions to get heroes, you level up kinda easy, and I admit I grind in this game vut what can I do its amazing!

2792 Qazi

This game is actually great unlike a lot of the other games. a great time waster. Just raid resource and create your legends in AFK Battles. Double thumbs up for the new afk version.

Gentry Azzam

This game is the reason i ddnt get out the house in time to go to the grocery store. I love this game.

Dat Le


Dennis Chika

There is a lot to learn in the beginning. Once you do it is fun. Great graphics. Looking forward to playing more. Great concept, easy to play.

Sjoberg Mauro

Dont waste your time. They are making multiple copies of the same game. Legit carbon copy of another game. FPS is bad like its a game created last 2015.

Cameron Colligan

Fun easy game to play during idle time.

Mcknight Samantha

DIS GAME SO GOOD IT SO ADDICTING WHOEVER MADE THIS............ AFK Battles is better than Idle Angels and Ode To Heroes. And I will recommend it to all of my friends.

Herring Dough

This game has idle in its name for a reason because it's amazing! I would totally suggest this in a heartbeat.

aldrin siacor

Good game for beginners

Dawson Graciela

Just started playing today, leveling is quick and the game itself is entertaining to me.

Lynch Keziah

Amazing but I can't figure out fusing. Good game though. AFK Battles is better than Idle Angels and Ode To Heroes. And I will recommend it to all of my friends.

Snow Hitchen

Like really really addictive. AFK Battles is an amazing Idle RPG. Better than Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG.

Graves Snyman

I love this game so much, and the fact that you level up your heroes to fight strangers monsters. I also love the excitement of getting a new hero! Good Job!

Axel Almonte

Nice game

Joerick Orzales