AFK Battle : Idle Princess Quest, Auto Battler


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AFK Battle : Idle Princess Quest, Auto Battler – Challenge battle heroes and play strategy fight to destroy enemies in idle RPG.

Detailed info

File size: 58M
Update time: March 30, 2021
Current version: 1.0.9
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

muhammad izat


Spartan Ranger

Great game.


Stop this plagiarism. Make something original. Do not copy from others. This is a exact copy of taptap heroes.


Did you seriously delete my review? This game is the exact same thing as Summon Princess. They either stole this game from the devs, or the devs couldn't handle the backlash from having a seizure inducing screen on start up and just released this under a new name. Either way, game is boring, menus are glitchy, animations are basically non-existent, this game is trash. So many other idle games on here that do the same things but better. Don't waste your time with this.

Dwight Hill

If i could give negative 5 stars i would. This game is basically summon princess just a different title. Play Summon Princess instead of this one or not if you like it better.


This game is the same as Summon princess. Just stole it. The original app glitches though so this is a good alt. Very sketchy though. It's almost to obvious what happened.

Jayson Sultan

happy for this game

Twilight Jigga Boo

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Krystal Alvarez

Its cute

Green dragon


Jasper Du Toit

Do not download this game level 4 said not responding on my phone developers please fix this bug or issue

Vailoces, Ferderly Grace

So far so good since i install this game just now..But i have a one problem and that is the coupon which I don't know where to type the coupon to get the rewards it has..Can i know where should i type the coupon codes so that i can have the rewards it has coz I don't know where sorry..If you tell me where po maybe i will be give this app a 5 star😊

Isaac Valk

Its good And grate

Ricky Webb

Great idle game just started today and used all y'all codes keep it up

Franz Menorca

Its nothing its says not corresponding

Christina Nguyen-Do

Cute, but no point in an idle or collectiom gatcha game with a speed up option locked behind level 50 or 5 dollars.

lightfox 1

Nice game to pass the time

Javier Aldana

Good game


This game is just a copy off tap tap heroes

Muhammad Qureshi

There's way too much going on too fast. It's cute though.

DeJa Vu

No Google login just FB 😡😡😡😡😡😡 garbage