Affairs 3D: Silly Secrets

Author: Alictus

1,000,000+ install


Affairs 3D: Silly Secrets is the best game if you want to realize your desires!

Detailed info

File size: 159M
Update time: August 27, 2021
Current version: 1.0.6
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Alictus
Price: Free
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Customer review

arcelin Jean

I like your game

Sandile Khumalo

This game is so amazing

krystle smith

Ads.... I hate them so much!!! I can't even pay not to see them! I always pay to not watch ads... But this...

كرة القدم العالمية

Its learn people how is charting very easy for adults

Aline Gonçalves

Jogo é divertidinho, mas tem muita propaganda.

funmilayo oyeyemi

I really love it so a good game

Bella wu


Rehana Begum

Can't say anything about this game this is too boring and from my opinion do not download this game bcz this is having alot of ads n all....

Alice Sims

This game is so cool even though it got adds


it's fun but way to much ads but other than that it's good

Kelly Combs

It's okay. Nothing too hard.

Ikeya Knight

Relaxing 😎 game to play

Raymond Lesley Sturgeon Jr


Woodley Jennywoodley


Tawon Ar

คำเตือน ปิดเน็ตก่อนเล่นนะจ้ะ เพราะโฆษณาเด้งมาขัดจังหวะตั้งแต่เล่นด่านแรก และเด้งมาตอนเล่นผ่านทุกด่าน55555

Miraflor Martin

Good game but it keeps repiting the same thing so it got boring playing.

Dave Parsons

It kept kicking me on the 1st level I can't complete it at all 1 star

DatOne Boi

Ad watching simulator, end of a level? AD! Middle of a level? ANOTHER AD!! Barely even starting the level?! Guess what?! ANOTHER AD!!! Oh, and dont forget the ads littering the home menu and banner ad just to add salt to an already open wound! Oh, and lets also not forget the ADS IN BETWEEN LEVELS TOO, this is ridiculous, it really is, I wouldnt recommend ANYONE play this game, it is just a HUGE waste of my time, and it will be a HUGE waste of your time too. If it was possible I'd rate this -1/5

Wendy Smith

Rilly fun but there way to many ads

Bertha Williams

Toooo many ads

Jade Ross

This game is horrible it kick me out 166 time Do Not get game

Shymel Griffin

way to many ads


Too many ads

lubna khan

So cute 🥰 beautiful 💓🇳🇪

Emiithsty Gomez

It has alot of add and ok n lvl 13 and 12 when you complete it you can see the girls bo0bs and it really slow

Jaydan Bryan

İt is okay

Colin Kenny

Way too many adds

Billy Roof

it's ok

Ryne Balentine

pretty dumb game, it's basically an advertising game very dumb

edward clark

two many adds

Christine Nicholes

service name this game is so awesome boxing even though I'm a kid named Andrea


Dont play it!!?? Im so mad


The best game I haven't played it but I've bestie told me about it

Daphnie Endaya

It's nice not an addddds

Blast from the Past Cinema

it's amazingly fun

Bebaaa Rib


Lola M

This is a terrible game

Abby Riche

It is so stupid because everytime I try to download it cannot be downloaded because there is something wrong try again later if it is still not working find common ways to fix it

Gl shank

Horrible app, to many ads and slow and laggy and chashes

Miranda Ward

funny but too many ads

Eric Grigg

I give it 2 stars bc it takes forever to load ade it's so easy.

Moneer Khader

Mommy 2010

Mohamed Elashker


Jose Miguel Hernandez

it ok

James IKE


Karis Boyet

How is this app even still on the playstore this game is cringy and boring af


★★★★★ That one of the love Apr 9 2019 Tuesday ⚪⚪⚪⚪★'s Feb 23 issue you can't get a rid of and funny lowercase t tuesday edit yay Tuesday has E no C

edgar soares

cool but stupid silly

John Carrington

you can't even play the game with all the ads this is a complete waste of time

Kori Jones

I'm hate it

Vaishnavi Vanama


Daniel Drozd

There are 20 sec ads per lvl And one lvl takes 5sec its boring i dont recommend it And you need internet to play

Elvis Powell

Game will not even open click on it it opens to where there's a person in the back mask and then it shuts down we'll try a couple more times if not we'll delete

Brena Rodriguez

it's ok

Neveyah Smith

I love it

Marco Roux

I'm giving this game 2 stars because after level 1 the game kept glitching and kicking me out

KJ Kitson

It's ok but it is Cind of corny

Bridgitte woodson


Juanita Wright

Because it's like the man doesn't want the girl child when sometimes that's not true so it kind of offensive to dmsr people

Yasmine Khattab

The game is strange and beast 👎🏻👎🏻

Keely Dutton

It stopped working before I could even get through level 1. Every time. >:(

A j

I'm sorry, but this is a stupid game I'd that's what you want to call it. Trish me when I say it makes zero sense. It's not an actual game. Example: walk a guy to a girl and say you're pretty or in cheating, level complete. Literally nothing happens. It's a bone head app and thrown together and yes ads after each. I don't see how this app has any ratings at all. Has to be fake.

emo alone

okay it

Kenneth Ross

Fun but wayyyyy too many commercials!!!!

Jamari Jackson

too many ads

Seattle Red

Fun enough to play.

eddie Wiggs

Like it now

Priscilla Mongane

Very nice game

David Williams

Trash it is trash I hate it I deleted it it is laggy and to man ads dude/guh WHO EVER MADE THIS GAME IT IS TRUELY TRASH like I hated this game

Candy Biehle

It doesn't make sense at all y'all need Jesus Christ n God almighty in ur everyday life this game was made for devil children anyway sorry games I ever played I'll pray for you develop like I pray for me n everyone else

I'm a Guinea pig

played 5 mins so in total and 4 mins 30 of that was adds and the rest gameplay.

Teneda Thomas

it is so fun but it does have ads but i just get off the game and get back on

Matthew Thomson


Jill Cabezut

This game took me an hour to load and I didn't even get to play so DON'T DOWN LOAD IT I would have gave it 0 but I cant

amadu Bocum

This game is like so much fun and there's hardly any ads! How unexpected is this! I give it 4 stars because there isn't much quality and it kicks you out after every level. Otherwise, it's crazily fun!

Buzz Houle

It is a awesome game

marie farragher

Dia 5 tú io

Yolanda Taylor

too many ads

Sangam Ghimire

A trash

Tashawn Baker

This game is trash it's laggy my phone turned of and it kept playing add I was lagging so hard this app doesn't even deserve a one star 😤


So many ads is very boring and I deleted it right after I downloaded it it's very boring do not download this game you'll get bored very fast again that for downloading

Martrice Warren

love it 😍😍🙌🙌

Nikki Smith

Cool game!!! Ruined by too many ads 😭

Daniel Lazaro

The guy never threw the baby.

Y u r i . . .

Rlly?!. Is this how you wanna teach kids about love/life?! This is ridiculous...

Black Diamond

The scenes are repetitive . You can turn the phone on airplane mode to not see the ads. About level 70 it gets boring . The Mini scenes are short. It has potential . Developers have more work to do

Ginny Nelson

Pure ads nothing like the ad

Domo Deshe

I love this game so much it got so much details and it got like funny stuff on it lol

Maria elena Dalazar

This is a good game but to many ads but it is a good game 🎯

Lotus Maddox

Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Garner

is fun but wen you get to level 12 is hard so I sucks hah

Homeless Man


Maya Westby

I plead the 5th

Javayne McDonald

I love it

Bre Boyer

It sad be 0

Princess Navalez

I love this game it's so interesting

Zenno Shugunou

Way too many ads. There is an ad after everything and even ads after ads. The game won't let you play without an internet connection even though it doesn't need one to work. The gameplay is decent but not worth the ads.

Apollonia Bahnez

it's really silly.

Moris Reyes

I think that will like it

Durojaiye princess

This game is not good11