Abyss & War – Strategy, RPG

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Abyss & War – Strategy, RPG – A brand new steampunk RPG. Strategy, construction and arena.
1800 years ago, a great explosion on the continent of Prora destroyed the whole world. After the explosion, a huge deep depression formed somewhere on the continent. It is a journey to deep exploration of a huge hole! What is the world like in a bottomless well? How many surprises await us? Or an enemy peeps through the darkness. Heroes from all over the world formed a league of adventurers. Curious and doubters, let’s go!
> Exciting expedition
Tropical rainforest, fluorescent grass, imperial palace, city of darkness…
In the deep part of the giant well new landscapes appear one after the other.
goblins, imperial warrior, eyeless, lizard soldiers, endless enemies stand in your way. Better to give up or teach them a lesson?
Hunting treasures in the forest, fighting powerful evil dragons, reaching the goal before running out of fuel, different game modes are waiting for you to discover!
> Allies on the way
A huge hole attracted heroes from all over the world. They had different talents and personalities. They can be demanding or burn like a flame.
But don’t worry, they are all ready to join this wonderful journey.
Now it’s time to prove yourself! It is a test of the team, but also of courage and endurance.
Form your team and go into the depths of the huge hole!
> From beginner to expert
Upgrade and evolve your heroes to make them more competitive on the battlefield.
Collect and upgrade equipment, make heroes even stronger.
Only if you are strong enough you can handle more challenges. And completing more challenges will make you even stronger.
underground quest, BOSS fight, hero fight, monster attack, there are different game modes to enjoy. And Heroes Expedition, Dungeon Exploration and other game modes will land in the future. Please wait for it.
> Compete with players from around the world
Challenges are everywhere. Welcome to Hero Arena! Take your favorite hero and create your own team to defeat other players and win glory!
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File size: 116 MB
Update time: 2023-03-10T12:14:06.000Z
Current version: 1.0.1
Require Android: 5.0
Developer: LovinJoy Games
Price: $Free
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