Abandoned City Survival


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Abandoned City Survival
Welcome to the world that has experienced widespread devastation and where only small groups of people have managed to stay alive. Survive whatever it takes in this apocalypse game. Manage survivors, build the last shelter, and repair a large truck to leave the abandoned city.


In this idle survival game, you need to explore every piece of the land to find materials, fuel and other valuable resources that will help you survive. Break abandoned houses, loot cars, and scavenge to get anything that can be used for crafting and constructing.


Join forces with other survivors and develop your own shelter. Create a spacious storage for food and materials, upgrade the dormitory to allow more survivors to live in, and build a farm to provide food. Only you can protect the survivors!


The more resources you collect, the more new tools you can invent. Don’t forget to build a medical center to cure the survivors and make them faster and stronger! There are dozens of other upgrades you can use to make the city a better place to live.


If you like survival simulator games, you’ll definitely enjoy exploring the ghost city, looking for hidden crafting materials. You can even launch expeditions to other locations to get more valuable resources.

What are you waiting for? Loot resources, craft tools & build the shelter! Help survivors restore life in the abandoned city! Join one of the best idle crafting and survival adventure games.

Customer review

Arch angel

My game is not working at all fix it please

Ashleigh Smith

Not happy lost everything... when I did the update it reset everything... I have even lost my no ads purchases... pls fix

Richard Van Vleet

Still 2 stars. Second map came out and once you beat it. The game ends and starts all over again. Only you can't build anything as it's glitched warehouse quantities. So you can't store anything or build anything.

Rommel Tambalo

Super laggy when you are in 2nd city already. And there's nothing survival in this game. This is looting game only.

JayDat Onceler

Great and fun but the apps become to much

Javier Francisco

Fun & Addictive

Tracy Roberts

I was all the way at the end now it's stuck at the beginning and I can't do anything

Kenneth Boyce

Remarkably Disappointing Finished the game in less than a day. It didn't even let me finish what I was doing and I wasn't allowed to finish fixing the truck to leave. It just randomly put an almost full screen image of a sunset that said "The Game Is Over" and the only button restarted the game. Very disappointing that it both wasn't finished and wouldn't let me complete my own win conditions. Ads are annoying but that's the state of free mobile right now, whatcha gonna do.

Hero Steele

Fun. Lot of ads. Too short.

Cassandra Hubbell

Very easy pick up and go game. People get stuck a lot, or will glitch around screen. Overall I was entertained for an afternoon, needs more levels or a bigger map.

Yaamin Mohamed

I like it but the part where the survivors keep running back and forth together for a single task gets annoying after a while. If each survivor can be controlled individually, it would be amazing and less annoying

Latecia B

Minor bugs that make progessing impossible. First the tutorial got stuck on one place, I reset the game. Now the truck is saying that it has 505/500 fuel and its not letting me progress. I don't want to reset again.

Jacob Spaulding

Lots of bugs it seems like. Every so often inputs won't register, survivors get stuck on random things, and the most recent being one of the truck parts disappeared after I tried to collect so I can't advance. Often when I close the game I come back to find varying degrees of progress missing.

shane russell

I really enjoy this game but I'm stuck for the second time first time I was stuck filling the truck with food and it over filled it and couldn't do anything else now after re installing I'm now stuck again trying to pick up a tire... these bugs need to be fixed

ioi Dark

I like the idea of it but need work can't open the door. The game is asking for dynamite can't even make it so you can't advance

Urban Hermit

Fun little game. However, very short though, it only took me a weekend to complete, and I was hoping for more. The crafting recipes don't really make sense, upgrading backpacks from microchips & bricks for example. It is good for a little bit of fun, and assume the Devs will add more on time. Nice little time killer, but don't expect too much from it.

Kaylea Johnson

Interesting and fun to play. I would recomend.

Amanda Wolters

Fun game please add more levels. Update: With new update the little guys won't collect food anymore. Stuck on the first level and can't collect food to fill the truck.

Jen Cairns

Finished first map, went to travel to 2nd map, and game crashed. On re entry into the app, I had to start from the beginning again

karen b

I dont post anything for reviews but this game sucks, when u savage the cars for materials in one location, and a helicopter comes to drop off the surpluses whenever it want too. U just stuck there waiting. If u want to upgrade u need supplies n ending up buying them hoping too move to a different location and u still stuck waiting. I just want my money back for the waste of time.

caleb woo

What even is this?? I can't do anything but watch ads? My guys stand around doing nothing? Absolutely terrible.

Devon Ross

Great game

Bless Smith

Sometimes when i would close the app out for work and come back it would set me back a little. Not enough to make me not want to play but still needs to be fixed. Also, i beat the game in like 2 days only paid for no ads. Should definitely add more content. This game is a great simple strategy that is entertaining during down time. If more content added I will play again otherwise I will uninstall since it restarted me after simply saying game over lol

Random Chiroptera

It was fun, for exactly 2 days. Then I finished building the truck, and got a game over. This needs more levels and bigger challenges.

Muhd Imran

Like..why they dont want collect the dynamite? Lol

Daniel Jenkins

After update it let me open another house and blow up a fence and put some blue thing in tent that is highlighted in white can't get. Update now I've got all resources to leave but no option to leave city I Repaired truck have 516/500 on fuel and 750/750 on food so I can't gather any more. so what else am I suppose to do? So far game is fun but freeze's up or crash completely or just restarts app and having to view ads again after I just watched and it crashes or don't get what I watched ad for

Rebecca Griesel

Edit:new update 4m 6/21 cleared up some but not all problems. Really like this game it's a builder not survival. Wish it had a way to save before exiting as it seems to always save at the same place. So I recently put this on my Samsung tablet and I finished both maps in 1 day n it restarted itself now some might not like it but I sure do its definitely something you can kill time with n I might eventually bore but not anytime soon its definitely the kinda game you can do other stuff while playn

Eng Leong Tan

This game is fun at beginning but soon become unplayable. The resource require to upgrade the storeroom is greater than the max resource it can hold. Not to mention the glitch where the people always stuck and you have to restart the game to fix it. Uninstall

Christopher Burnham

I would rate it 5 stars...but there is a few problems....my guys get stuck sometimes than when there is still resources to collect...they will be sitting around the fire..and there needs to be more to the game..make them go to other city's after you finish the semi..or even prestige like other games do and also you get to a point where you can't do nothing but the semi cause the upgrades cost more than the max you can collect please add more and I'll keep playing and maybe spend money 👍 thanks

Andrew Mcdowell

Got to the last section in the first area and the workers just stand around the fire...supplies are open to collect but they just glitch and won't move tried restarting several times now having to re download to see if that changes anything

Garrett Wright

Either Google or the devs deleted my last review... very shaddy

Bryan Miller

I really liked this game, a few bugs like the people getting stuck together but nothing that bad for me otherwise. A couple of things that would make it better is a better crafting tree (I gave up crafting most things and focused mainly on storage, spade, lockpicks and crowbar) and most importantly the ending at the moment it simply resets but would love to see a new map.


Was going great but now I'm stuck. I can't get any more building materials and I can't go on expeditions because I can't unload my truck of microchips. I can't do anymore in the game now.

David Savage

Really good game just needs more added to it it's to short


Don't get thee pass thing its so not worth it cost 14 pounds and its only one level so not worth it it crashes and when u close game and come back be prepared to redo things you have done before needs much more levels so not worth the money also when u don't get helicopter comes every 30 seconds or so when u pay it don't come often at all people get stuck freeze you upgrade and don't always do it don't show up andd people walking past it to do other stuff but the thi g you asked them to do

Crystal Lyons

Ads. Ads. Ads. Ads. Ads. Want to remove? $14

Execquel Lazara

objectives hang up.Bugged i mean.

steele petch

Love this game i play it nearly every day it can be a little buggy at times but i think it's more my phone than the game but if i stop playing for a bit and come back to it it works fine, it's been up dated quite a bit since i started playing which shows that the developers are committed to making a good game.

Jaymes Webb

Glitches and progress loss. Paid money into the app as I was enjoying it, and it was quite amusing. Then the glitches started, characters getting stuck, not looting everything and progress stops. Updated review. Still no better, uninstalling, the amount of progress lost because of bugs that are not being fixed

Chris Snead


Ben Speroni

A fun game but there are plenty of bugs. I've had a few crashes, the people often get stuck and now they won't collect any food from the farm which prevents me from progressing. Hopefully this is sorted very soon.

lia nika

Good game, I won't lie. But I lost my progress for no reason ;) (I finished the first map btw) game lags on map 2, and I lost my progress... Tf? I don't wanna restart so I'm uninstalling.

Adam Mckain

A bit slow paced for me but I enjoyed it until I got stuck with 5 building materials and everything else maxed out. And with 30 microchips on my expedition truck that need unloaded I can't go on a expedition to get more building materials. I've cleared all the buildings, cars, and everything but I'm still stuck

Gene P.

Fun but glitches alot and not saving progress.


This game lags so bad!!!! Connected to wifi or not it lags like no other. I literally couldn't leave the app and had to reset my phone because it wasn't registering that I was clicking the home button. 0/10 would not recommend 👎

Jose Kalvin Velono


Harmeet Bhawra

Game is stuck in 2 nd stage.. Plzzfixthe bug

tim hayes

Good game play bug glitches out alot.. did everything for simitruck but unable to move on to new map.. please if the problem


Unfortunately I lost all of my progress and had just about finished the truck to the second area. The game has a good feeling of progression and play to it though so if this gets fixed in the future it'll be fine.

Sinan Kareem

I can't find fuel tanks for stage 2

Kelly Biggs

Great game it needs a lot more levels

B Im Knox

Edit: uninstalled and reinstalled fixed the issue Been stuck at the dynamite gate for awhile. All resources have been collect for the two areas. Only way to get resources is by watching the stupid helicopter ads. Am I missing something?


Spent money and the game froze. I closed the app and came back to not only lose the item but a ton of progress was lost. TIME WASTED

Brian Stevens

I liked this game. Didn't have any of the crashing issues or saving issues. I just thought it was too short. Left me wanting a possible new city after beating it. Definitely enjoyed it.

Kiel Merksick

Spent $15 to stop ads and then my guys ran out of stuff to collect and have stood there for 45 minutes. It says I can send out the truck for an expedition but it doesn't tell you how. Imagine playing a game for 45 minutes while your guys just stand around a barrel fire 🙄🙄

Whitney Brown

I can not download this game and I just want to see what it is

Spirit Wolf

The random ads and the loading screen makes the game run so slow sometimes it kicks me out of the game. Also don't see the point of paying to remove ads, we're all ready watching tons of them for upgrades even though most of the time I don't get the awards(very glitchy). This game got potential! I really like it! updated it! fix it!. When you do that, I rate it a 5

Steven Bruce

Seems very buggy and had to reinstall for the 3rd time. I like the idea and game but it needs some fixing

Robert Freedman

The game has a lot of bugs and it needs to be longer or something. However, it's a great concept and very addictive. Love it


Can't progress after like 20 min of playing...

Troy Montero

I played the first two areas and that was it. I was enjoying it and only has two lvls??????

Mikey Morris


Rico Ricarte

I CANT PROGRESS. Also it keeps telling me to build things that I have already built. IT Takes Bricks to build everything but I've collected all the bricks and there are no more bricks to collect so my characters are just standing there and I'm not able to progress because you need bricks to progress but there are no more bricks. Unless you buy bricks for 10$ Also you have to Buy everything. 50$ just to stop the ads. YOU HAVE TO BUY EVERYTHING!!!!

epic e

fun game but really short

Luke Lovelock

We could do with more levels I would give you more stars if we had more levels

larry King

Great game

John Thatcher

Great game unfortunately I can't get past 1st level. I've gotten the truck, can't do anything with it other than upgrade. I can't loot anything because last thing to loot looks like a tire in the parking lot. It glows white but I can't loot it. I think this game has mass potential just needs a few tweeks


Get to lvl 10 and no more progression. Games isn't just unfinished it is not ready.


Cant upgrade the stroage pass 300 for bricks food and mircochips. It says need 499 bricks and so forth but, there's no way to upgrade it 300. NO STARS FOR THIS GAME UNTIL THEY FIX IT.!!!!!!!!!THIS GAME NEEDS TO BE FIX. This game was good at first but, now after building the truck it now says game is over. W. T. F I also paid for the ad free version. THIS GAME ALSO GETS NO STARS !!!!! I ONLY GAVE IT ONE STAR BECAUSE GOOGLE DOESN'T LET YOU GIVE NO STARS.

Anna Peluso

Fun game, want more levels!

Wan Rooney

Keep it up...

Tina Paquet

500 Great game!

Melvin Henry

This is a farming game, no zombie survival. No base defense.

Uriah Bob

Was a really good game, thought I was upgrading the truck for another level, please do another level 🙏

Desarai Carter

I've been playing this game for a few days now and up until today I've been enjoying myself. But as of today the game has started to crash, I am now losing my progress if the game closes out and my people are also getting stuck while collecting items but other than that the game is very enjoyable.

David Howell

If the game glitches, you'll need to clear data and start over to progress

R.L.F. Productions

The new update is worthless because it just goes back to the same thing. The developers arent very smart. THERE IS NO NEW MAP, NO NEW JOURNEY!!!!!!!!!!

Amer Ali

I finished upgrading the truck but why i cant leave

Preetham madhamshetty

I have finished the game but there is only one level.

Charmaine Mollison


Pranay 236

I am unable to collect the tyres

Matthew Stott

More bugs than an entomology convention, ni space to list them all. I can't even pick up the tyres for the rruck to finish the map

Ali Atif

Good game i liked it but its too short... I finished it within a few hours ☹️☹️☹️

Miroslav Marinov

I tell you what is the problem why i need to text email.

Jesse Mackintosh

As soon as I paid to remove ads the game reset. Nice scam people.. there is no way to contact support in-game or upload progress that I can see.. will try support email but am skeptical will see how it goes No practical response here and no response to emails got refunded by playstore. Wish I could warn people.

Jared Shields

Gave this game a solid 3 days. Got everything there is the including the truck parts. Once I gathered all parts to complete the truck. Nothing happened...???? It's like the truck has a bug and I couldn't progress. Unless that's it... The END. For some reason I managed to get 751 carrots when the truck only required 750. Maybe this is why it's glitching... Lucky I did spend 25 to remove all ads. 2 star

Dragonspit dragon

A decent game so far, a few bugs like my people getting stuck and either not collecting or crafting, and the fuel tank on the second level has dissappear after collecting so now stuck

Bruce Russell

On top of the issues with the ads that others have pointed out it also ends up deleting rss esp the ones that were obtained via an add and then they also get stuck constantly. Edit 1: I did forget to mention that aside from collecting the rss and building there isn't much to do the ads make it appear that there are attacks on your base but there isn't, it gets very boring fast without something like that going on

KenDi Capacio

Okie.. nice

SharkYT Room


Martin Leitch

Fun, honest. I love it

Amanda Jarrett

Still ahving saving issues. Losing progress when closing and reopening. Now I made it to the second stage and there are things to do but I have no people at all. How am I supposed to build anything without any people at all?

warut Netniam

Bad optimistic bad ai low qol

Aaron White

Good game never had a problem with it except for it was too short in my opinion extend the game like another area to find more survivors and continue you know something like that but other than that it's all good game nice time killer

Daisyann Ildefonso

fine asf

Morgan Kelly

Glitches. This game is great if you are looking for an easy strategy and idle building type of game. But the glitches are ridiculous. My little dudes get stuck and I have to restart. I craft too quickly and the game glitches. It still show playing but then you restart and lose hours of game time. My current issue is I got the tank for the truck in the second city but due to a glitch had to restart. Now I can't find the tank anywhere. About to uninstal.

Jay Creezy

Cant find the bomb

Himanshu Jain

Too many bugs, i have completed the truck but still the game won't proceed further. I'd recommend not to play this game... There is no option for support or to save the game...

Nancy Saari

It wont even let me open the app.

Arin Lattimore

The game was fun and interesting but once you build the semi truck the game is over. I thought I was going to another city but it just reset the same city. This aspect makes the game boring. I should have been able to pack up all my people & resources & go to a new area with a new objective, like a train, then a plane.