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A BITE OF TOWN – A Casual Simulation Cooking Game

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File size: 58M
Update time: September 2, 2021
Current version: 5.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lisabeth Dixon

LisabethDixon Save

thu zar


Joseph Valentine

This game is amazing. A must download for everyone in the family. Whom likes a great skilled, cooking adventure. Thanks creators

Blossom Hall

Yes I do enjoy this game I am so glad that it reads for you and I like it a lot I hope I don't have nothing bad to say down the line but so far it is a very good game play it yeah 😉

Synara McBride

I love A Bite of Town....

Lindie venter

Game does not work with my s-pen so useless to me

Arif Jararral

This is really good game 👍👍

Noelle M

Game won't open

Colleen Gullickson

Great game come play

Janette Dowdell

Its a fun lil game😁

Diane Chillis

This game is so much fun.

Abenaya SuriyaPrakash

Perfect game

Setayesh Balandeh


Mariana sykilla


Dominique Bussey

Fun game but I keep having loading issues

Mercia Mercia

This is a excellent game try it

Snow Queen



Love the story

mary ann nerio

Hiya, develoer! This game is too perfect for me to play!

sylvia guillen

Good game

Diana L

The gameplay is really nice, but the story is pathetic. There are so many sentences that don't make any sense, it seems like they put an effort at the beginning and are just using Google translate from Chinese to English at some point

Patty Anderson

I wound like to log in on Facebook

Audri Ferdous

Best game ever.

14 Vibhuti Patel

Wow what a game 👍👍👍I love this game very much new chothes, amazing choice,and up to 3 towns,and decorating ideas are very nice and this game is offline It is amazing ❤️❤️❤️

Nirupama Nayak

It's a great game. But it takes a lot of time to open. That's the only problem and nothing else. Btw I will recommend everyone to play this game.

bb Pig

i purchase the golden tickwt, but keep errot that i failed purchase and it show that i owned this item. i cant tick anything.

Daphane White

Love the game!

Shannon Lovette

Hope you can get other people to play this game because it is fun to play also I enjoy

راحله یوسفپور

Hi The best game i see with best grafic! Tankyou! :) i love it!

Reliable shop

Very poor

Sugar Crush

This is a very great game i have not played it yet but just about to

Jeremiah Eager

Fun game

Simone Holton


Lashay Jackson

Love this game

phern miers

Very glitch and laggy Uninstalled after 3 levels

Angela Gardner

So far this is a great game! The characters are interesting as is the story line. Levels have been achievable. No issues having enough money or coins for upgrades.

Sam Bullock

Fine game great graphics but upgrades can at times be very expensive, some levels you can't beat without power up's and you can't earn jems by playing previously played levels.

nicola stepney

Good game on level 21 so far.

Angela Avery

Love it

Robin Dugas

The game is good except after the new update the ads do not work so I can not collect any gems. Will have to delete game if this continues.