3 Tiles – Tile Connect and Block Matching Puzzle

Author: LiftApp LLC

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3 Tiles – Tile Connect and Block Matching Puzzle – Match block tiles and train your brain with a triple match puzzle game!

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File size: 48M
Update time: September 8, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 7.0 and up
Developer: LiftApp LLC
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rebecca Maestas

I have been playing this game for awhile I'm on chapter 130 and I have so many treasure trunk and I have not got to open any and collect my prizes cause all is says video down loading and try again so you own me my prizes

Marcos Zavala


Stephanie Neikirk

I really like this game so far. it keeps me entertained and thinking. it's not complicated to use. overall it seems pretty intriguing and I'm going to keep playing it. no bugs making it mess up either. I would give it a try if you like games like Mahjong for example.


I got bored with this game because it is too easy. It does have a nice art style and design though

Di Val

pretty relaxing takes your mind off reality

Minnie Wel's

too much ads .. uninstalled...

Kamila Zadora

This is a fun game I think you will enjoy it to.

Victoria Anne Armas

so far I love it

triston prescod

it's fun to play like kids game

Allison Reid

great game to play on mode

filip stolle

Bought add free version and still getting add. A scam.

Katrina Moore


Cody Hall


Yvette Beaulac

I only give you a 2 star rating at the moment I just start playing the game so far I've only played one game and it went straight into an ad I refused to watch an ad when I'm trying to play a game Alien about 2 days if this is a scam or not

Surely Not

Ads too lengthy, and ads start early on in the game around level 2. If you were clever enough when developing this game? you should have only allowed ads to play 4 -5 secs at first. Wait until the player at least gets hooked on your game, then start with the lengthy ads. Never use long ads at the beginning of the game or people like myself will just simply uninstall.

Catherine Elizabeth

I have paid to see no ads so why am I seeing ads?!

Sofia Salazar Hinojosa

I like this app it's a fun and easy game .

Linda Gentry

easy fun

Amanda Birch

Paid to remove adds, still ads but worst. Beware! Ads aren't removed after giving them money.

Alisha Kidder

very easy seems kinda elementary. not really challenging. not for me

Laurie Widdicombe

Too many adverts makes the game very frustrating. Never known a game to have so many long ads


I would like to enjoy this game but, I can't put up with the STAGGERING amount of ads in game, AND abuse of push notifications out of game. There is virtually nothing that can be earned without subjecting yourself to an ad. Fail the level? Watch an ad to keep going... Or decline and be forced to watch it anyway! The ability to pay to disable ads is not a suggested luxury with this game, but a threat if you don't! It even interrupts ads for its own boosts with external ads! Not worth your time.

Darnita Muhammad

the graphics suck

Christopher Lewis

Far more ad time than play time.

Mary Of Taber

I dont recall seeing so many ads. I just submitted to watching an ad for some boosters, and then another ad was forced on me before I could start the next level? Awful!

Dianne Majoue

easy fun

Santiago Emmanuelli

After paying for zero ads, you don't get any rewards, and you are forced to buy more, and more. At a very high price. Not worth it at all.

Natasha Donnelly

A month ago this was a 5 star game as long as you paid to remove ads. Certainly used to be worth 4 or 5 dollars. You used to get free stuff for completing 10 levels or so, and you could double it by choosing to watch an ad. Now you have to watch an ad to get anything. It's just not as fun anymore and I'll likely delete it. It used to be really good, but now it's just like most other tile games. The t iles are still cute at least.

Ashley Renee Williams

plain unexciting boring

Nana Ozzie


Roxie Ruiz

fun & easy let's see if the payout is true when I reach level 300. If not I will be back to change my rating & review

Gerry Bruce

I would go 4 stars, but just when I was getting into this game screen freezes up fix that you will get higher rating

Melissa ED

Too many ads. Uninstalled!

Olive Kpaan

Too many aids that disrupt game play

Madhuri Bhosale


Amanda Payne

Not even playable. So many adds you can't even make 1 move without an add popping up

Jennifer Carnes


Sue Cruz

The game is not as advertised. The difficulty level does not makes it relaxing. And the ads basically harass you through the game.

Fran Reyes

lobe the game. so simple yet so fun

Kšištof Ovčinikov

Annoying adds

Deeanna Quarles

great app

Todd Johnson

simple to use and the app is smooth but, lot of ads. makes the playing slow

Laura Carbonell

It's a very challenging game. I like too match things it keeps my mind and hands busy.

Linda Bargeron

its a pretty cool matching game. not too hard and fun to play.


I have been playing game for quite sometime and I love it. relaxing and challenging. definately 5stars woohoo

paul cabrelli


Alicia Marco

love this game 📌

Tracy Kiles

Luv this game!!!

Paakwesi seisie

This game has pretty good art

george chaney chaney

If you change phones you can't retrieve old levels

Ofra Shabi

כיף, כיף ועוד כיף

Chris Gray

Good game, but sometimes made too hard to win.

Helen Siegel

Way too many ads.

Scott Siegel

WAY TOO MANY ADDS. Makes it impossible to enjoy. Find another game don't waste your time

Lianne Bisarra

Awesome bt gave a 4.7 stars cos there's uhm a few things that your company should figure as a unit not individually to make a diverse game of achievements and succession. Otherwise shyt this is an awesome game ND very easy to maneuver when logging in and out actually tbh your platform is very easy to navigate so keep up the TEAMWORK cos it's definitely DREAMWORK...

Samantha Sennett

great game love it.

Paula Trigg

Cannot save progress to play on another device. Have to start all over again when I got my new phone. Not happy about that in the least. **UPDATE** 6/15/2022. There is something wrong with the game while in the Hot Summer Special Event. This is not the first special event I had issues with, but usually the developer fixes it withint 24 hours. When I need an extra Shell or Sunshine, the game will not let me watch an add to get one for free. It seems like it is trying to force me to pay.

Steph P

Too many ads. Ads before a level, ads during a level, ads after a level. Just make the ads for the boosters or sell the game for the "remove ads" price.

Grace Adamson

It's good, but I can't get into the summer event now as icon has disappeared so has the related card please fix this i am very disappointed it's very disappointing the amount of issues i have been having i have done but you still have done nothing so I've ended up just deleting it cause I'm fed up of theses issues

Yun Fung

Too much ads... Not recomended

Hanli Janse Van Rensburg

too much ads, after every level there is an ad. also you need to pay money

Michael Roman

so far it's challenging and good mind Relaxing game

Keona Allen

I love this game. The music is so relaxing😌

Chikie Nanners

Awesome timekiller. I play to relax or when I can't sleep. Ads are easy to skip after about 10 sec and show between each level/for free powerups. If you don't like ads on this FREE GAME, then PAY THE DEVELOPERS. There is an option to do so. Some levels are harder but ALL CAN BE COMPLETED WITHOUT POWERUPS. You may need to try a few times on harder levels until you get a decent layout or make better choices. I'm on level 613 with LOADS of undos/hints/shuffles stockpiled. Have trouble? Get good.

Joey Pool

fun matching gamea

Carrie Berry

The game itself is not to bad. The ads are ridiculous and keep freezing up and replaying more ads so instead of just watching the one ad you need to you end up watching two. I finally ended up paying the 4.99 for the ad free and was charged twice. Super annoying. I don't even want to continue this game because the amount of ads are ridiculous.

Stephanie Martinez

easy and fun game

Cprivate Sprivate

Too many ads. Every single match play you have to watch an ad. Unistalled.

Katelyn Boles

fun game

Eve Smith


Toni Jones

Kind of boring

merle ranjit

The worst app I EVER came across! Waste of my time

Yael Levin

I love this game. It literally got me through long nights with my newborn. But. I paid to get rid of ads. Not a small amount, too. And it only cancels 'external' ads. Not internal promotions to buy boosters. And I keep getting interrupted with pop-ups to buy boosters. All. The. Time. Why did I pay if I'm still getting ads? It sucks. Please pace yourselves and give value for the money myself and other users pay to not have ads.

Donneque Woolard

simple easy to navigate levels of fun . great for play when ever there's time to spare .

Selena Joe


Tony Gahegan

not as advertised

Aine O'Hare

Quick gane

matshediso rantlhaku


Anthony Parrish

It's enough of a challenge to keep you preoccupied for a while, but the challenges become the same challenges with different pictures. My biggest complaint is the suffocating amount of self promotion. You're constantly bombarded with "sales" to buy power ups that you have to exit out of or it won't go away. I paid for no ads so I want no ads.

Tracey Jones

to many ads I can't listen to my podcast

cindy gonzalez

I like the game I don't mind the ads but way to many randomly stopping the game ad mid game least do it at the end or beginning but not mid game......some good stuff on the ads though

Lainie Lamb

Loved this game before but since the upgrade it is impossible to play. Every few seconds I am told the game is over and I have to watch an ad to revive. Literally every few seconds.


Too many ads. Liked the game but had to uninstall due to the crazy amount of ads. Took touch time to play a game.

George Farraj

It became a useless As you cannot collect your rewards anymore Coz, no moooore ads Sorry, I will uninstall it from now Sorry for you guy's as you are not following your product anymore

Jenn Nicole

would have given it five stars were there to not so many ads

JK Brownsfan

In the most recent update they made it so that you can only get one free refill of each type of help in the summer event. I already paid for no commercials, I'm not going to pay for game help too, I'm through with this game.

mike c

Not worth playing anymore. Ads are now limited to obtain hints etc. making it impossible to pass levels without having to spend real money. This game went from my favorite to not wanting to play anymore. Very disappointing.

Lori M.C.-Frazer

This game is better than others because it doesn't push you to spend money- got to level 300 without spending a cent and 8ts good to fill time and play alittle.

Krossblake@aol.com Blake

It is awkward

Izabel Capela

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Kristina Molina

fun & relaxing

Amy Barrows

lots of fun!!

Bj Bunn

Way too many ads!!

Suzette Harewood

I love playing this game.

Graham Armstrong


Ronda Lawry

Costs to play

Cleo David

Great app

Danielle Johnson

The bonus game doesn't allow you to watch a video to get extra spaces and lives more than twice. Then you have to pay ALOT of money to buy those things.

Charmaine Hodge

Amazing incredible and tricky

Brandon Wright

I have played 30 levels. Turn off internet because ads run rampant and are 1 minute long. Very frustrating and hard to complete a level because of randomness. It is only possible to complete the later levels through either a lot of free time or a bot. The only reason to play is for gems in pvz2. Overall, I rate it a 🐒 💩 / 🧀 💰 . (might change for the worst after I pass level 300, which I must do for pvz2 gems.)