2248 Puzzle – Most Relaxing Brain Puzzle Game. A Treat for Puzzle Lovers.

Detailed info

File size: 62M
Update time: May 21, 2021
Current version: 1.3.1
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Inspired Square FZE
Price: Free
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Customer review

asaolu oladejo

this is a very good and interesting

Amir Shah

brain refreshing game

Shahab Hajibabaei


waqas haider

nice game

philip lee

great for keeping the mind açtive

Irfan Tabba

I don't know out of so,so many addictive games, I am loving it like my GF.

Vincent Kisarewski

Puzzle combination possibilities are awesome with diagnol linking

Kathy McArthur

i was charged 9.99 and 49.99 for this

Kittie Wright

Funnest game EVER!!!!

Carol Mahan

it's great

Willam Snyder

Love the game, but after you get to about 8B block it starts lagging out and crashing. And I play COD mobile on this phone

Daniel Phillips

Excellent but ahard task I'm almost there

Becky Lathrop

This is a good game when you want something stress free. I have been playing the same game without loosing for over a month now. My only frustration is that I can't find a key to tell me what number level I'm at. Currently 452U.

Maria Mohammadi

very good game 👍🏻

Shajid Mallik

Good game

Faheem Raza


Abdulrahim Behlim

Best for renovate the mind

Saige Johnson

Awesome game to pass time with. I don't even like writing reviews for apps or games fr, but for this game I had to. Super relaxing, minimal ads (its awesome getting an ad every once in a whole to have a break or to get a reward of gems instead of these other popular games bombarding you with ads just to make money) I can tell that they believe and care about the users experience. Not to mention, the game is pretty fun. I could spend hours on it if I wanted too.

Alana Atwood

I'm hooked on day 2

Richard Holden


Sue Ellen Mobley


spen k

awesome game way better then the others

Nicola Jayne

Hours of fun

karen d

So I have 3 things 1: I wish it started with a 1 block. 2: I want infnent moves 3:I ran out of moves on my highest score:( but I still love it .

Amanda Bark

Got hooked 😊

Katy Adame

I heard bad comments about this app also I was watching the add of this game and IT LEAD ME TO THE APP😡

Bad birdy 5759

This is not your average merge game! You can combine multiple blocks in all directions to make huge combos and get higher numbers, into the billions and beyond. It is still very challenging as smaller numbers trapped below will pile up and if you're not careful, you'll run out of options and loose.

Mary Reaves

addictive, so fun

Tegat Merchants



go game

Yvonne Lin


Jacqueline Hogan

I just started playing. I like it so far.

Juliana Siriman

good game

Stephen Raven

Great puzzle


Love this game! I love this game; it's a wonderful combination of being stress-free but still really makes you think about your strategy. However, it's all-consuming and it's easy to become thoroughly absorbed and then you've lost a couple of hours. I'd gladly pay for the game to get rid of the ads, even though they don't completely ruin the gameplay by being obtrusive.

Tamil Harasan

Nice intresting game

Aysha Umer

I was on 4 m after L second one my internet was close and gems were insufficient to buy a hammer my game got reset i was logined on Facebook i deleted the game.if you can fix my record i can redownload it thankyou.

Editha Llovido


Don Stahlman

So this game is incredible it helps stressed out people get comfortable

Charmaine Severe Bussberg

it is very intriguing,exciting, using your brain adding new blocks as you go, the ads are few so far which is great !!! people want to play the game not watch ads. On most games I've been assessing you play two moves than it's an ad you think you get to play and Boom another ad. You play no game just watching ads. This game you don't get that or a message reaching the monetary check out goal that you need to watch 29 more ad/videos, when you have just watched fifty ads/videos play. ❤️ it.

kashappa kudugunta

Very nice

Donna Hunsberger

So farso good. Easy to maneuver.

Andrea Lockett

I love it

A Google user

It's lots of fun. I great way to destress after a long day.

Deshawn Martin


Dina Gamal

nice game

Patricia Bradley

Keeps me thinking

Midnightrose Fashions

I like the challenge to my brain.

Nancy Amos


Joel Khan

Iam giving it 5 stars because they work hard to make the game a good experience but when you got to 6 billion the app is still crashing but it not as bad as before other than that it's very good and thank for getting it touch with me


Fun, but very addicting!

aghaz e safar

Tooooooo much adds irritating sorry like da game but uninstall

Becky Holsinger

great game. very relaxing!

Melissa Byrd-Lloyd

love this game.. it's relaxing, but requires focus and planning to make a high score.

Jason Barton

Very addictive game and I love it

ND Maqbol Ahamed


Wilfredo Ramos

The best math game ever

Scott Smeding

Fun game. Makes you think!

Deborah Swann

Addictive!! Says it all.

Trinity Lehman

Really fun! Like 2048 but easier

Terry Wayne

From the very first when I downloaded this game it does nothing but crash I have to load it and reload it to play it one time

Elize Louw


Reba Murphy

love it

Margaret Gonzales-Charles

good brain challenge

sobiya soap

Sobiya Is very Good

Tiffany Turner

my new addiction

Jody T

This is a great game but it keeps changing and its frustrating. It was only 5 columns then they switched it to 6 which was great. Made the game more challenging. Today, out of the blue it switched back to only 5 columns across and idk how many rows. Not near as many as there were. I had everything all lined up the way I wanted it and changing to 5 columns messed my whole game up and made it a lot less challenging. I don't understand why it keeps changing. Please change back to 6 columns.

Jami Blackchief

Fun and relaxing

Jeffrey Smith

I like this game

Charles McGonigle

just started, fun though

Lynette Luna


Elaine Tyra

Another of fun

Anita Murphy-Moore

Best game in 10 years.



nili tochner

Endless challenge. Very addictive

Madeline Newell

To many ads

Marvin Gilliam

brain teaser

sailaja addanki

Very good

Diana Hernandez

this game is awesome!!

karuna kondeti

super Game

A Google user


Valorie Gregg


Michaela Brown

interestingly irresistible

Lewis Toon

It's game that has you using your brain. Love it!

Tuhin monai Adhikari


Thembi Makwati

I enjoy playing this game.

Tom Cleary

This game was great when it was the 9x6 blocks. Now I feel like it's a 3 year olds game now that you made them huge and 5x7 now. Go back or at least let us have the option of choosing.

Simone Davidss

It sharpens your mental math.

Judy Kennedy

Used to love the 2248 game. Now the screen has over fifty blocks on a small area, nine rows high, hard to see the colors and numbers in them. Will uninstall and find an easier game to play on my small cell screen. EDIT Thank you for adjusting the tiles back to eight rows high. It's much easier to see. Can you please reinstate my score of 45,631 ax? Don't want to start back to the beginning . Thank you.


fun and addictive

Todd Morgan

Great except for adds

Joy Anderson

Totally addictive. I started playing so I could earn rewards for another game and now I've paid for no ads and play it all the time. I feel like it could use some rewards as you get to higher levels. My highest block is currently 4a and it's fun to keep topping your own score. Something that adds even more motivation. Maybe free hammers or something?

Alisha Moody

Kids wood have fun

Angie Butsko

I really like the game. But the ads are too much. I usually immediately uninstall with this many ads, but I liked the game. After a week with this game I'm ready to uninstall. The "ad breaks" right in the middle of the game is ridiculous. You make a good move you get an ad, you make a bad move you get an ad, you pause the game you get an ad, you breath you get an ad. One time in the same minute I had 3 ads. No I didn't click anything. I've seen games with ads, but this is by far the worst.

Tabi Strickland

I can't stop playing... I think you just found a way to help relieve anxiety

Rickstar Pathaw


Julie Ashwood

Great fun!!!

Charlene Lopez

Love it

Lisa Livangood

I love this game..I can't stop playing!!!

Charlene Thornton

2248:NUMBER PUZZLE BLOCKS is funner than just the other block 🎮. Either this game what makes it so different is that the blocks are connected by drawing a line to connect them for them to multiply to a larger number and so on...