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我也是大俠 – When you first enter the rivers and lakes, you can also be a hero by hanging up

Detailed info

File size: 64M
Update time: September 2, 2021
Current version: 2.1.0
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: MUJOY GAMES
Price: Free
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Customer review

Clarenc Joyner

Peaceful and fun

Karet Mwa

It's so fun! I give it 5 star because how the Kung Fu and powers are! They are so cool! 😁

on rush

Forced to play ads just by claiming rewards or just harvesting every single plants you have and to claim the thing with FREE TAG wonderful you're driving players to quit and play other games 🤣🤣

Randy Bollinger


jklhgf bnmvcx

Nice game

Ng Calvin


Ocon Vontay


Ignis Incendia

Fun time waster

Kyle Chadly

Pretty cool, i like it

Z137 Gaming


David Kidder

Fun game so far. Easy to learn.

Steve Montinola

Good game

Ronal Bodden


Matthias Arran

This is another button click game. There is no agency aside from just clicking to upgrade your skills and then waiting to upgrade then again. It is visually appealing, but boring.

Kevin Cooks

Keeps crashing fun game please fix asap

Tyrone Tidwell

I love this game period I had to restart after making it past the point where u can team fight and win power up clothes but I'll keep trying one more time to reach the end

Dameon Addo

The best ohh no perfect of all

Joseph Key


Cory Justice

Gives me a break from my console games. Also I can let my money gather while I am playing on console.

Scott Rindal

Not much to do yet, just started. The fight models look fantastic though you only watch after starting each match. Kind of hypnotic

John G13

Good game so far

sboyx fx24

What I stupid game.I cant do anything

Ya Min

good games

Robert Bonfield

The latest required update has made the game unplayable! The app won't even let me in. Uninstall and reinstalling does no good. Fix this and I'll readjust the rating!

sting dragne


Ja'Kylan Alexander


Zamir Scott

It is fun

the Galaxy fox

I like it its fun but i dont realy know how to do more damage

Iman Haffiz

the only problem I've encountered so far is that this game constantly show me "network error"

Shadic The Gamer

Just amazing

Liam Crawford

The game is great no ads good game would recommend

Dre Harper

It says my account once I buy my best friend it's a my de my a antidepressant

Garion Kyles

Perfection. Great story. Great gameplay. Great progression. Great animation. An extraordinary work of art in my opinion.

Nic Nic

Unique and strangely addictive

Velvetyspring official

Love it

Kait M

Sometimes it doesn't give you the bonus for watching ads

Spencer Howard

Lots of fun super easy to play

Andreas Avelino

Its the best game ever

Clifford Davis


James Hardiegold

Love this

lawrence simmons

Good time consuming game but it crashes so much

Aa Aa

It's great. The art style, game play, and animation are great. although i see alot of bugs in the game. Error messages spawn when you open the game. And alot of bugs that make the game unreasonable.

Mike Welch

It's a good Kung fu game!

Michael Croom

Really enjoyable game

Supran Maity

This is great game by progressing martial arts skills and empower my hero's combat experience

Zahid Ghani



Nothing bad to say, its a fun game needs a little strategy and easy understand and play. its not a total PAY to WIN game. If you Grin you go to the TOP 😁 -Edit : this day i cant log in when i updated the GAME please help!

Jason Ezigbo

Please fix this app when I open it it closes please fix this is annoying

Daniel Hernandez

I can give a 5 star if they can reset the gifts daily cause I don't like the elixer buffs so if they can fix that I'll give it 5 star.

Physayor Daud

Five star straight!.. to me, this game has no obvious flaw.

Micheal Davis

Love it!!! Would love to see more characters to choose from.

william 7ksmith

I remember this game

Soul Nightcore

Not bad


This game is really great but the thing i don't get is the combat system as it is a bit confusing but everyelse is fantastic

Junior Dawkins

Great game good strategy and you can plan your attacks to defeat your rival.

Eralp Narman

I couldnt reject cruelly

Zero Setsou

Pretty fun. Far better than every copy-paste Taoist game I've played so far. One complaint. You can't have a name if someone else has it. A name. If someone else has it. Probably should fix that

denzel robinson

Very entertaining.

Agejohn Turgo

Very cool game

Ferly Mulyadi

Simple game, good anime

Richard Thibodeau

Interesting and fun and different from other games that I've played.

Mohammad Raiyan Asaral

Every button has an ad!

Joshua Culaste

It's a good game but in the fighting scene my character always don't move so I wish you could add a settings that allows us to fight by ourselves


This is an ad with a game not a game with ads

Ifhaam If

The game don't even load My network is good too

Kevin Taylor


Aaron Fairchild

Fairly good idle. Some parts are badly designed, particularly disciple training, which is completely opaque, and based on my testing, broken in a few ways.

drift wood

good tap

Yariel Paganb

It's a very game👈

Sharone L Williams


Lee Boon Hong

Good game

Devontay Watkins

This game is amazing I like it because it is very time consuming and it has a story to it and the martial are simply great

Matthew Lee


Ryan Gummerman

Super fun game play so far!

sakran bin


True Love


Zacy Tashi

Very good game!

M Hossain

They really fill the game with ads. You can't do much without clicking on (& watching) ads. It's basically more about ads and less about the game. Great idea, but completely ruined by the developers greed 👎👎👎

Aung Pia


Brandon Gabriel

It's alright

Deundrea Addison


christian martin

No ads unless you watch for a reward

Pratuish Singh

Nice and fun to play


Love the game give mor customization options for our character

Najken Bronze


Jarod Cally

Need to balance level upgrading system but good

Dinkman Mitchell

Magnificent creations astonishing

Riley pierre louis

I like the game

A Google user

Too much garbage ads

Journi Cross

Great game to pass time

Gilang Yudhistira

So far is good,

Henry R. G.

It's simple graphics but it's fun.

Jordan McIntosh

Good game


Pretty good, but the translation is bad af and it gets boring after you get to 10 million power.

Khairul Tarmizi

Fun n easy to play

Selena Sanders



Good game but the power scaling as you progress further is absurd.

Alvin Day

The game has been awesome so far; therefore, I hope to enjoy it as I play further.

Keystan Argo

So amazing and cool I think you should definitely play it😁😁

Erwin Yuan

I'm so sad, I just know this game. This is a new version of game. I like it so much. Hope this game will be update to be the greatest game.