Flick Quarterback 20 - American Pro Football

Developer: Full Fat

Flick, swipe, dodge and sprint across the whole nine yards to become the American Football Flick Champion. Have you got what it takes to become the Next QB Legend?

CREATE YOUR PLAYER and live the Quarterback fantasy. Choose from over 32 teams and design your player your way. Choose from a variety of customisation options to personalise the game, including player name, team colours and shirt numbers before jumping head-first into the game!

FLICK, SWIPE AND TAP YOUR WAY TO THE BIG GAME on your journey to becoming a Quarterback Legend. Take control with intuitive flick controls, throwing and controlling the ball in-air entirely with the unique control scheme.

BECOME THE MVP as the key player to the game. Plan scenarios and smash them to score the Perfect Play of the halcyon legends of Football. Rack up Distance Bonuses, Great Plays, Technical Bonuses and much more!

EVOLVE YOUR PLAY STYLE and train up with plenty of upgrades. Unlock boosts, player upgrades, stadium fireworks and even brand-new game modes as progress throughout the game to create the ultimate Quarterback action.

BRING THE FANS to cheer you on as you upgrade your game stadiums to bring more and more fans into the arena - and gain XP while you do it!

MORE QUARTERBACK ACTION? Get involved in all the highs and lows in the ultimate American Football QB simulation: ALL STAR QUARTERBACK out now!


🏈 Get into the brand-new American Football season 2019/2020 on the TV and on your phone!
🏈 Flick, Swipe, Tap and Kick in addictive sport gameplay action!
🏈 Choose your Player Name, Character Appearance, Team Selection and so much more!
🏈 Fancying progressing further? Buy Stadiums to Improve Popularity and Gain XP Quicker!
🏈 Beat the Record Players and rise up the Leaderboards
🏈 Fun for All Ages and Families

❇️ 48MB Download Size
❇️ Supports old and new Android handsets and tablets!
❇️ Free to play
❇️ Offline Play

FULL FAT are industry-leaders with over 20 years of experience in providing mobile gaming experiences on the go for players of all ages to enjoy!


Theme Park- Summer Sports Games

Developer: Shockwave Games

Theme Park- Summer Sports Games
Best amusement park game with thrilling summer sports game tasks.
Welcome to the idle theme park to recall your childhood summer sports game memories. Challenge with high school friends and take a ride on amusement park such as bumper cars, bow the arrow in the archer to win that annual free idle games. Show your sportsman spirit and take a lot of fun in theme park games. Amazing mini games fun adventure on various theme parks; where you have to do school summer sports activity in theme park games free.

Bow the arrow to the board and become the high scorer in this amazing contest of theme park idle. In the high school days enjoying your summer sports by using your best adventure park skills in the bow and arrow games. Become the best idle tycoon games master by using your expertise in the theme park sports. Idle Theme Park- Summer Tycoon Game is a summer school fun with thrilling and exciting idle games arenas with best Funland idle theme parks. Enhance your tycoon world by winning all mini games in your favorite adventure park. Bow the arrow into the board and compete the fellows to take the first position in school sports games. Win the sports coins and utilize them to unlock more fun and games in this amusement park free. Show your sportsman athletics skills and win the park mini games to earn bonus coins in this Idle Theme Park- Summer Tycoon Game.

Enhance your sportsman spirit and win the entire adventure park games to become the best player of sports simulator. We will give you a chance to take idle theme park fun by playing your favorite theme park games. Enjoy your park recreation game with your besties and make them the challenge of bumper cars, archery competition, and other high school sports in Idle Theme Park- Summer Tycoon Game. We will give you multiple school sports games with thrilling and adventurous free idle games tasks in this the park game free. We will give you amazing summer sports simulator fun on the world's best amusement parks in tycoon games for free. Challenge your friends and family members and recall your high school sports in this amazing recreation game of adventure park. Release your stress by playing best free idle games as well as mini games too. Just bow the arrow into the board to get maximum coins in this sports simulator free. We will give you a chance to become the best summer sports hero of the year in recreation game of school summer. I hope you will take admirable fun during play this best sports simulator free game. Come and quickly download this amazing game of Idle Theme Park- Summer Tycoon Game.

Theme Park- Summer Sports Games Features:
• Game for every newbie player
• Amazing school summer challenging tasks
• Amusement park character customization option
• Addicting and engaging gameplay in mini games
• School summer game real time fun
• Easy gameplay with smooth recreation game controls
It's totally free to play, so quickly download this interesting game of school summer sports.


Extreme Golf

Developer: Haegin Co., Ltd.

Get ready for the most Extreme Golf you've ever seen!
You've never played golf like this before, with 4 players or more!
Strategize on the go for the lowest score!

▶ Major Game Features

- Multiplayer Fun
: 4-player or 8-player? The most extreme ultimate realtime free-for-all golf ever
: Classic Mode - play 3 rounds in 4-player mode. Golfer with the lowest score wins
: Rush Mode - double-down on the fun with 8-player rush!
: Get the party started! Gather your friends and play a round of Friendly Match!
: Not a noob anymore? Participate in week-long Tournaments against golfers around the world

- Deceptively Simple Controls
: Taking a shot is very easy, but precise ball control can be tricky!
: Simply pull the ball back and let go to take your shot
: Pull back harder to drive the ball further, but beware! The shot arrow ticks faster!
: Let go when the shot arrow falls in the center to take your perfect shot!

- Become a Pro in Weekly Leagues
: Earn game gold from your tour winnings
: See how well you're doing against other golfers in the weekly league based on your winnings
: Top golfers will advance to a higher league for better perks and awesome rewards!

- Gear-up with Custom Balls and Clubs
: Drive the ball further and increase control with custom balls and upgradable clubs
: Collect a wide variety of fun and wacky clubs!
: Acquire cards to to upgrade your clubs to make them stronger
: Custom balls allow you to control spin, resistance to wind and other perks!
: Customize your gear set-up according to your strategy based on each golf course

- Tour the World with Extreme Golf!
: Beautiful coral reefs, groves of cherry blossoms, and serene beach resorts
: Play golf all over the world on a variety of beautifully deisgned courses
: Open new tours by collecting trophies from winning
: The higher the tour, the better your winnings will be!

[Please Note]
* Although Extreme Golf is free, the game contains optional in-app purchases that may incur additional charges. Please note that refund of in-app purchases may be restricted depending on circumstance.
* For our usage policy (inlucding policy on refunds & termination of service), please read the Terms of Service listed in the game.

※ Use of illegal programs, modified apps, and other unauthorized methods to access the game may result in service restrictions, removal of game accounts and data, claims for compensation of damages, and other remedies deemed necessary under the Terms of Service.

[ Official Community ]
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExtremeGolfOfficial/

* For game-related queries, please contact us at support@extremegolf.zendesk.com

▶About App Access Permissions
In order to provide you with game services listed below, the app will ask you for permission to grant access as follows.

[Required Permissions]
Access to Files/Media/Photos: This allows the game to save data on your device, and to store any gameplay footage or screenshots you take within the game.

[How to Revoke Permissions]
▶ Android 6.0 and above: Device Settings > Apps > select app > App Permissions > grant or revoke permission
▶ Below Android 6.0: Upgrade your OS version to revoke the access permissions as above, or delete the app

※ You can revoke your permission for the app to access game files from your device by following the instructions above.
※ If you are using a device which runs below Android 6.0, you will not be able to set permissions manually, so we recommend that you upgrade your OS to Android 6.0 or higher.

Revoking the required access permissions may prevent you from accessing the game and/or cause termination of game resources that are running on your device.


Gang Boxing Arena: Stickman 3D Fight


What awaits you in the Gang Boxing Arena? A lot of fun, amusing ragdoll physics and plenty of opponents in big online battles! You control a stickman warrior, and your task is to defeat anyone who stands in your way. You can beat them in hand-to-hand combat, pick up weapons to use or chuck exploding barrels at them - anything, the main thing is to clean the arena their presence! But be careful though, because your opponents share exactly the same abilities and motivation to destroy you! Can you survive in this huge battleground? You will need to use every ounce of your skill to become number one!

The Gang Boxing Arena has many features:

Dynamic gameplay! Something is always happening on the screen; you’ll need to keep moving around to avoid taking damage!

Bright and beautiful graphics! The game has a simple but pleasing image, and the smooth stickmen animations certainly catch the eye!

Intuitive controls! As always, everything is simple and convenient with us!

Lots of levels to explore! The locations are really diverse: beach, ship, desert… loads of different maps!

An interactive environment! There are items to find on each level that can be used as weapons, or just throw them at your opponents!

A cool soundtrack! Amusing sounds will follow you throughout the game!

So, what are you waiting for? Gang Boxing Arena is absolutely free, and you can start playing right now! Download the game and conquer the arena!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/azur_games
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames


Baseball Fury 3D

Developer: Kwalee Ltd

Baseball Fury 3D is a fun and addictive game where you can become a batting legend!

Swing and hit objects at to destroy the ships, aircrafts and buildings around you, take down everything to advance to the next level.

Use power ups along the way to help you out and become the baseball champion!

Baseball Fury 3D features:
- Simple and fun gameplay
- Increasingly challenging levels
- New characters to unlock


Neon Hockey

Developer: Words Mobile

Welcome to Neo Hockey! Wind up your shots and get ready to strike your way to glory in #1 air hockey game on Android.

Neon Hockey Features:
- Fast paced full simulation gameplay
- Realistic physics and colorful glow visuals
- Simple to play but hard to master
- 3 modes: tournament, single player, two players
- 4 difficult levels from beginner to expert
- Dozens of arena skins including various pucks, strikers and tables


Athletics Mania: Track & Field Summer Sports Game

Developer: POWERPLAY MANAGER, s.r.o.

Join a competition in track and field events. Running, jumping, throwing, pentathlon, heptathlon or decathlon, you can play all of these in Athletics Mania. Train, improve your skills, show your talent and win a gold medal in the biggest stadiums around the world. Do you have what it takes to stay on top of leaderboards and rankings in this summer sports game?

Athletics Mania: Track & Field is an action sports game with RPG, simulation and manager elements. You can control, improve and train your athlete as you see fit. You decide everything that goes on - improve your attributes, buy better equipment, learn new skills, build up your club with your team, defeat opponents from all across the world, win tournaments and be at the top rank of the leaderboards. You can play either singleplayer or multiplayer with your friends and team members. Prepare yourself on a track and run! The stadium is waiting for the best athletes, jump into the game and play.

The game includes the following track and field disciplines:
- 100m sprint
- 110m hurdles
- 400m sprint
- 1500m
- Long jump
- High jump
- Triple jump
- Discus throw
- Javelin throw
- Hammer throw
- Pole vault
- Shot put

The features of the game include:
- Real famous athletes
- Competitions against players from all over the world
- Multiplayer
- RPG elements
- Career mode with a story
- Diverse minigames that will test your skills
- Clubs and club competitions against real players

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Support: support@athleticsmania.com
Privacy Policy: https://www.powerplay.studio/en/privacy-policy/
EULA: https://www.powerplay.studio/en/license/
Website: http://www.athleticsmania.com/


442oons Football Shooter

Developer: 442oons Limited

Have you got what it takes to shoot your way through 50+ levels of football mayhem?

Can you do the crossbar challenge? How about using your tekkerz to hit top bin?
Cones, drones, team buses, heli-kloppters, my buttocks - you name it, you can shoot it!
Prove to the world that you are a football genius!

“The best football app since 442oons Football Runner!” Dean from 442oons*

“Even I can score on this!” Dominic from Bournemouth*

“This game is so sexy!” Olivier from France*

(*These aren’t real quotes)

The 442oons Football Shooter is a free-to-play game that all fans of the Youtube Channel 442oons will recognize from the start! Shoot down all sorts of objects and opponents as you rise to footballing glory. Unlock awesome new characters and new game worlds along the way!

So what are you waiting for? Download the app and let’s go!

All characters and imagery and fictional.


Kite Flying Festival Challenge

Developer: MadCap Games

Say hello to the most fun and amazing kites’ game of 2020. The kites’ festival is around the corner and everyone is practicing how to fly kites. Become a kite runner and cut the kites flying high in the sky with your chosen kite and reel. Your kite snatcher skills will help you in gathering different colorful kites. Compared to all the other kite games, this game has the most colorful and unique kites with amazing design. You can choose your favorite kite and become a kite snatcher runner and loot kites. You can also choose from variety of reels to make your festival more colorful. A good reel will help you in becoming the best kite runner and kite snatcher as compared to basic reels. The kite choices in this game are most unique. You can earn your favorite kite by clearing all tasks on each level. You can also buy some good quality kites which are sturdier as compared to the kites you have earned. This festival game ensures to bring the kite runner and kite snatcher hiding inside you.
Tap on the flying button to fly the kite higher. Loose the rope to allow the kite to hover in the sky. This kite festival game will also help you in learning how to fly a kite in real life. You must choose better kites compared to your opponents while advancing in the game.
Become the best kite runner and king of the skies.


Baseball Heroes

Developer: Rollic Games

Welcome to Baseball Heroes!
- Tap the right time and throw baseball faster
- Tap the right time and hit baseball faster
- Drag left or right and collect coins
- Go long and reach high scores