Virtual Puppy Simulator

Developer: Markhorians

Enjoy one of the best blue heeler doggyrescue simulator games of 2020. In this Virtual Puppy Simulator, play as a blue heeler dog and enjoy the most epic life of reservoir dogs. Roam around different places like reservoir dogs and enjoy dog sitting in this puppy adoption and doggyrescue game. Complete daily tasks as a blue heeler puppy and race into the brand new adventure of doggyrescue and puppy adoption. You have been adopted by a family from a puppy adoption center. Hunt down your food and store it like reservoir dogs and find your home for dog sitting. You are a blue heeler dog and have to defeat the enemies to keep your place clean from fighting. Reservoir dogs are after your food. Make a dog sitting and take your food to secret places to avoid being stolen. The boss is after the neighbor dogs to put them on puppy adoption to earn money. Bite him and free your fellow dogs from the enemy. Play this epic doggyrescue dog sitting game and enjoy the life of a blue heeler dog. Take part in puppy adoption to find new homes.

You'll need to maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy while exploring city streets and vast forests. Dominate other reservoir dogs or bring them a treat to recruit them to your family dog sitting. Raise babies from puppy adoption that will grow into powerful members of your doggyrescue family. Play as a real blue heeler dog and get ready for some real adventures with this latest game 2020. There are hundreds of fun interactions in great environments for hours of solid good dog sitting fun. Use the joystick to move around and swipe the screen to get a 360 degree view of your pet. Explore a massive world of reservoir dogs with a wild forest, frosty mountains, and a seaside fishing town, peaceful neighborhoods and a busting city. Perform doggyrescue and save your breed from getting caught by bad people.


Encounter Cover Hunter Strike 3v3 Team Battle

Developer: Wondrous Games

Do you love to play first person shooter games(FPS)? Nowadays FPS shooting games bring a real revolution with the latest weapon of commando action in FPS action games. Get into the game to take an effective part in the real action shooting games 2020.

Ready. Aim. Fire!
Just fire with your guns and encounter all the terrorist squad in an encounter cover game. A real commando game shooter 2020 is a front line action game. As a commando shooter, they use machine guns, shotguns, pistols, rifles, and other modern war weapons in new shooting games..If you want to kill all enemy targets in this secret mission game, then you should show your commando hunters skills in this free game 2020.

Commando games new 2020 has many missions for army soldiers to complete. If you will complete these entire fps commando shooting targets with advanced weapons, then you will be a superb fighter of gun shooter games. At each level of success, you will promote to the next level.There are many free games and new 2020 games in the game store, but we are proud to launch a new shooting game in the game store, especially for army games and fps game lovers.Let’s enjoy this adventurous shooter game! Lead your team of shooting mission and destroy enemies camps to save your country from terrorism.

Start your daily mission in battle ground in this best offline or online shooting game to increase your player level.Leaders from the front line lead commando teams to success in various battlefields and battles. In this new shooting game 2020.If you like the new games of 2020, this game will satisfy all your cravings for shooting and killing. You are the best commando strike shooter and runner to fight and fight in a fps shooting games 2020.

We are Providing shooting games without wifi, these free shooting games are totally free for you.

☑Amazing gaming experience!
☑Enjoy the Game,Happy game!
☑ Ultra HD Graphics
☑Smooth Gameplay
☑Optimized for High & low end Devices
☑Advance enemy AI

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Warship Legend: Idle RPG

Developer: Skymoons Technology, Inc

Warship Legend is an action-packed RPG game with 8 vs 8 team battles in real-time. Engage in massive naval warfare through the auto-matching system, and develop your skills through the use of various tactics depending on ship type and role.

As an intermediate commander of the joint fleet in the 1980s, you are obliged to fight against evil factions under the shadow. After experiencing strategic challenges, sincere friendship, and furious battle; you will become the master of this vast ocean.


◆ Idle RPG system ◆
Set your fleets fighting while you are busy and the fighting won't stop, idle RPG system will auto-match the battle, gain new abilities and weapons, upgrade battleships with powerful weapons and multiple skills, fleets will be stronger when you back to the game.

◆ Varies of competition content ◆
Warship Legend provides diversified combat content. PvE battle in the storyline; level locations are randomly generated on the map for each time. Arena PvP combat, matching for combat in real military rank from soldier to general, sail into the heart of the action in multiplayer PvP battle. Guild battle, 8 vs 8 epic fight in real-time. You are never feeling bored!

◆ Collection of hundreds realistic warships and warplanes with distinctive features ◆

Representative warships and warplanes of the modern naval system, destroyer, light cruiser, heavy cruiser, battleship, submarine, fighters, and particularly the "king of seas" - aircraft carrier, the military players absolutely cannot miss!

◆ Guild system to create super fleet ◆
Play with friends of the guild around the world, the fleet guild system provides a big platform for players to chat on tactics and combines the team play and fleet growth mechanism into one.

◆ Astonishing graphics, authentic sound effects ◆ An exciting story-line plus sensational graphics with incredible effects and stylish cut-scenes create an atmosphere to fully immerse yourself in and also guarantee maximum enjoyment.

◆ Unlock special cards ◆ Modify your deck and improve your chances of survival! Earn XP and upgrade your bases with special abilities and enhanced defenses!

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Attention! Warship Legend: Idle RPG is free to download and play, but some items and features can also be purchased for real money. If you do not wish to use these features, please configure your settings in your Google Play Store app and set up password protection for purchases.

NOTE: A network connection is required.
In the game, it needs to read the resource files saved in the external memory required by the game. The game also generates local archived files. These functions require the permissions of both read and write memory.


Virtual Mother Life Simulator - Baby Care Games 3D

Developer: 999+ Games

Virtual Mother Life Simulator - Baby Care Games 3D
Experience the mother life simulator daily task along with your dream family sim
Be in yours mother's shoes & perform all the day virtual mother daily tidy tasks for their dream family sim. Help to get yours kids ready for school prepare meals for them also clean clothes and other dream home routine tasks to perform in real mother simulator 3d. Pick up your children from school.get meals ready for husband in this amazing game of virtual mother simulator. Enjoy a real life mother simulator daily tasks in virtual happy family games 2020. Be the house wife and enjoy family games scenario on sizzling dream family sim daily tidy tasks for virtual mother simulator. Amazing animations along with addictive real mother simulator tasks that will define how tough mother life simulator tasks that will done for their dream family sim. Make plan to visit the supermarket to buy grocery for their dream home in this shopping mall games. Also take some fun in the shopping mall along with their dream family sim.

In Virtual Mother Life Simulator - Baby Care Games 3D, we will give you multiple adventurous real mother simulator daily tasks along with baby care game scenario that will give you the real life simulator experience of virtual mom. Visit shopping mall along with their dream family and buy kids toy or some clothes in this amazing game of dad life simulator 2020. Multiple supermarket tasks for virtual mother and virtual dad along with their kids in baby care games 2020. We will give you multiple thrilling and adventurous real mother simulator daily missions; where you have to doing dream home routine tasks along with best mommy story line that will give you more care and fun in baby care game 2020. We will give you a chance to become the best player and show your love with your virtual mother that will give you the best living lifestyle in this amazing mother life simulator 3d. In Virtual Mother Life Simulator - Baby Care Games 3D, make plan along with your virtual baby and virtual dad to visit shopping mall and make your day joyful along with your dream family sim. Amazing real mom life simulator tasks to accomplish along with dream family sim in real mother simulator.

In Virtual Mother Life Simulator - Baby Care Games 3D, we will give you ultra-realistic 3D graphics with amazing virtual mother animations that will give you more fun. Let's make plan along with dream family by eating pizza in the pizza corner and take adventurous fun along with your virtual dad and virtual baby in baby care games 2020. We will give you multiple game-play that will give you countless fun in this amazing game of virtual mother simulator 3d. Experience the real mom life along with dream family sim that will give you more love for virtual mom. Smooth game-play along with multiple real mother customization option in virtual mother games. Multiple adventurous levels such as visit shopping mall to buy grocery or go to supermarket to take kids toy and clothes along with your virtual dad in this family dad life 2020.

Virtual Mother Life Simulator - Baby Care Games 3D Features:
• Top notch 3D models of virtual mother simulator
• Best animations along with visual sound effects
• Detailed 3D environment along with real mother simulator daily routine tasks
It’s totally free to play, so quickly download this amazing game of virtual mother simulator 3d.


Walk Online Mobile

Developer: EGC Extreme Unreal Technology Inc

WALK ONLINE MOBILE is an MMORPG dev’d by EU Technologies. A 3d game which offers PvP, Party, and more. Set in schools and cities where players take the role of student/trainee in 3 different Universities who protect different areas from evil forces.


Muscle Car Stunts 3D Mega Ramp Driving Car Games

Developer: Cooking Games for Girls & Chef Restaurant Games

USA muscle car stunts 3D mega ramp driving fun games - Enter into the world of vehicles to play impossible car games ramp drive in which you will drive multiple impossible cars free offline games US stunt racing. Go and enjoy this car stunt games mega ramp car stunts 3d driving free game and show you are professional trick master of car stunt games. Drive on zigzag tracks with car driving stunts games. These free offline games car games 2020 multi stunts drive is adventurous creation for car stunt games lovers. Get fun of this car gt stunts racing 2020 & check the best mega ramp stunt racing games 2020 . Different car simulator selections of this car stunt games will lead you above sky tracks. Take test drive of car impossible ramp stunt game over sea view and enjoy stunt driving in sky ramps with your selected us car. Your task is Us car driving mega ramp car stunt on zigzag tracks of crazy car stunt game and collect checkpoints with impossible stunt drive. An addictive car racing game where you have to perform jumps and impossible driving simulator with top speed car at impossible car stunt tracks game. Drive in sky with gt racing car stunt games 2020 where you have to use mega ramp stunt car adventure within

🚓 USA muscle car stunts 3D mega ramp driving fun games 🚓

Play wonderful and interesting free offline games mega ramp car stunts 3d simulator where each level is unique. Get ready for impossible stunts driving game and wear seat belt to finish the city car stunts 3d racing impossible tracks one by one. Enjoy stunts games mega ramp car stunt 3d simulation. All levels of gt racing stunt car games are different. Use impossible car stunt game skills to grip the steering wheel of this crazy car stunts games 3d with mega ramp car driving game & stunt race to make you traffic stunts driver of city racing game impossible tracks. Check the smooth control of this vertical ramp car stunt game with fascinating scenes of extreme racing stunts will appeal you to play crazy stunt games or mega ramp stunt car game. An impossible stunt car impossible tracks game on water. Sit on mega ramp stunt racing with US stunts and enjoy camera angles with impossible stunt car games 2020.

How to Play?

Try impossible car stunts and pass from tricky hurdles of game 2020 with extreme city stunt racing game. Install this ramp car racing stunt master game. When you play parking games don’t forget to play impossible car stunt games to collect checkpoints because when you failed, you can restart stunt car game on last checkpoint which you achieve otherwise you are out of the game. So beware of hurdles and play as Impossible racing stunt 2020. Get rewards on successful parking on crazy car stunt parking game. Grip steering to finish car stunt challenge on time by avoiding from obstacles on city stunts car driver ramp stunts racing. Collect nitro booster to speed forward in gt racing car driving stunts.

Play USA muscle car stunts 3D mega ramp driving fun games & give feedback to improve the stunt game.


Modern Bus Parking 3D : Bus Games Simulator

Developer: GamePace

Welcome to definitely new bus game experience. From the producers of GamePace Inc. Comes a brand-New modern city bus parking game.

American Tourist Bus Simulator : Bus Parking 2019;
Passenger bus driving : city parking coach spooky stunt a new concept of free bus parking with marvelous smooth and realistic simulator bus driving control. In this racing bus games hill climb you will get modern sky bus parking & city bus driving experience in challenging parking lots and amazing bus parking zones. If you want to try different in new parking games 2019 & free bus games 2020 then play the city coach simulator gallium bus parking games. Modern bus : public coach bus parking mania is specially designed for new bus parking games lovers who wants the tough challenge and get bored from other easy hill dash bus : car parking & bus games. This new bus simulator 2019 : heavy bus parking simulator requires a great bus coach interest to play this extreme 3d bus parking game city track So, get ready as a legendary bus driver for realistic parking and amazing modern car drive experience in well-designed europe bus parking game-play.

Modern Bus Driver Simulator : Bus Parking Games;
Modern coach offroad bus driving simulator 3d is interesting like brooklyn decker modern bus driver simulator : bus parking games, exciting and addictive nikola mirotic american city coach simulator bus driving game that will offer you a chance to become a spooky car mountain bus parking driver! American city bus simulator : bus driving games provides realistic maps, incredible and gt racing buses and high-quality graphics of american coach bus simulator games that will make you crazy and feel like driving a urban bus parking : real bus! .Be ready for a bus telolet ultimate realistic bus simulator 2018 many parking levels will be waiting for you at tourist bus parking 2019 lots and you have to d rive bus very carefully in this american city bus parking : new parking games 2019. Modern bus parking simulator 2019 : highway bus parking games is a bus simulation game for free so enjoy this smart coach bus driving simulator & parking school in attractive environment.

Hill Bus Driving Games : City Coach Simulator Bus Driver 3D ;
We are bringing this Luxury bus parking simulator games : trial master mega ramp car stunt for everyone can enjoy this public coach bus sim. The smooth controls of this city bus parking mania 3d will make it attractive to play. This is realistic bus driving game so you have to park a huge number of buses in this impossible bus parking master 3d free game. Drive bus in offroad stunts, curvy tracks is not so easy you have to improve your offroad bus simulator driving skills of free bus parking simulator 2019. You can drive public bus, passenger bus parking, heavy buses but be careful to avoid hitting the indonesia game hurdles in this urban bus parking simulator. Indian city bus parking 3d game has challenging jumbo missions, so improve your barcelona sala vose bus driving skills to make sure to park bus ord parking safely.

Follow given arrow directions to achieve your American City Bus Parking Simulator challenges but you can’t drive american bus parker 3d out off-track because your flying coach bus parking 2018 : drive and park bus will be damaged in middle of traffic and through hurdles. Save your trube coach bus sim from getting bumped to the hurdles bus simulation game. Drive ipl cricket game bus carefully and follow city bus simulator coach bus tickets parallel parking rules. Take turn by pressing autobus brake and drive bus slowly.

♦ Amazing multilevel bus parking ventures
♦ Modern parking lots for impossible parking
♦ Amazing to-do coach europe urban bus parking challenges
♦ This modern bus parking game 2019 is fully free to play
♦ Smooth controls with pressure brakes and accelerator
♦ Free bus parking simulation game 3d exclusively for you

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Merge Dungeon

Developer: NANOO COMPANY Inc.

Enjoy merging items and crawling dungeons at the same time! Get immersed into upgrading RPG heroes, grinding and looting for items, and participating in surprise events.

This is the sequel to our popular merge adventure, ‘Merge Star’!

Along with more powerful item merging fun, elements of upgrading RPG heroes and collecting skill items have been added!

Gameplay is simple. Drag an item to the identically matching one to merge and acquire a higher level item. As the new items have random stats, compare with the others to come up with strategic use.

Game Features

- Merge 2 items into a higher level item
- Grind and loot for items with a variety of random stats
- Upgrade 3 Heroes: Warrior, Hunter, and Sorcerer
- Explore deep dark dungeons and defeat monsters
- Experience added intensity with dungeon events
- Play with over 100 different items and dungeon contents
- Lastly... Find out what happens when the stars are merged

Step into the Merge Dungeon and prepare youself for a monster challenge.


Realm Guards TD

Developer: Enjoy mobile game limited

The long horn of the fantasy war is blowing, mighty defenders around the world are girding themselves for endless battles! Get ready for this brand-new tower defense RPG in 3D graphics, take command of powerful heroes, arrange effective strategies, design your own defensive lineup to fight against terrifying invaders and bosses.
Darkness shrouds the whole kingdom while people standing in the cold silence. The lord needs you to use tactics to defend the tower and save the kingdom! By being a guardian of the realm, you will customize your own defensive lineup with different tower upgrades, deploy legendary heroes to protect the lord away from invading creatures.

-Command 34 powerful heroes with unique abilities and upgradeable options.
-Over 300+ exciting levels with various game play modes.
-Customize your own defensive strategy to protect the realm.
-Waves of enemies offer multiple challenges: use your tactics to destroy dark force.
-Compete in Arena to display your combat power and win amazing prizes.
-Upgrade lord's level to play great defense in intense battles.
-Beautiful graphics and special effects

Overcome your fear and walk over to the dark force! Get ready to become the best tactician to defend your realm from invading enemies in this most engaging TD game. Join NOW and be the mightiest defender ever!

==Contact us==
If you encounter any difficulties or require support, please reach us at:
Email: rgcs@enjoygame.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RealmGuardsTD


Infinite Knights - Turn-Based RPG

Developer: Lemon Jam Studio

The good King had died, and no one could decide.
Who was rightful heir to the Throne.
It seemed that the land would be torn by devils,
Or saved by a miracle alone —
And that miracle appeared in the countryside of the the kingdom:
The Sword in the Stone.
The one who pull the sword, will become the king and lead the knights to defeat devils.

Are you the one, who can pull up the sword?

■ Addictive Turn-based RPG
Get to Floor 2000 and defeat the Devil King

■ Automatically Offline Income!
You can upgrade the village, get incomes while you are offline.

■ Infinite Heroes
All heroes are randomly generated. Find your best knight.

■ Infinite Dimensions!
You can cross to other dimensions after finishing Floor 100.
Use the soul stones in other dimensions to infinitely power up your knights.

■ Auto Mode/Manual Mode
You can use auto combat mode in the game. If you find it too hard, you can switch to manual mode to pass it.

■ Manage your own team!
Strategically use 9 heroes with different classes to pass the difficult levels.

■ Forge your own equipments.
Use materials to forge many kinds of equipments.

■ Get hundreds of items and materials!
Use the items and materials dropped by the Boss to power up your team.