Pepi Garage — Create & Ride

Developer: Pepi Play

Join Your kids in Pepi Garage to paint, create, colour and tune up fancy cars!
Pepi Garage — high quality app for kids created to educate through fun. Amazing tools and gadgets will boost child's creativity, while the riding part introduces kids to basic physics.

PEPI GARAGE is truly simple, yet very powerful tool to boost kid's creativity. Built on the foundations of Pepi Ride, Pepi Garage introduces new characters, handful of paint cans and a whole new bunch of gadgets and stickers. With these amounts of tools, every car will be like no other!

Pepi Garage is great for parenting. Join Your kids in the garage and help them build a vehicle of their dreams. Customization tools are so simple, that any kid will be able to use them alone, though we encourage every parent to stick around for a small talk. Paint, create, customize cars together and talk about all those wonderful places were your creation may come alive. After it's done, you may leave the kids on the virtual test track, or just go for a real adventure. Visit places, take pictures of your car in real world environment and share them with your family friends!

Use your imagination to tune Pepi cars — add nitro boosters, flags, funny tires and other parts. Watch how Pepi characters react to new parts with various emotions! After they are done in the garage, young mechanics will be able to test drive their creation. Visit the race tracks packed with obstacles and child tuned physics. Rocks, water and dirt — everything is included in Pepi Garage race track. Kids can jump in and drive at their leisure, or try to set best time by jumping over the obstacles and solving physical puzzles.

• Creative activities for kids
• Paint Room, Sticker Studio, Wheel Shop and more!
• 4 different, emotional characters
• Endless customization possibilities
• Camera to capture your creation in virtual, or real world environment!
• Great animations and sounds
• Riding challenges
• For kids 3-7 age

Here at Pepi Play we craft our games for kids with great care. We believe we can create rich interactive experiences and set high standards for ourselves. We pay great attention to details, colours and sounds to create cosy and cheerful environments. We also avoid any third party advertisements in our games.


Zombie Target - Offline zombie shooting game

Developer: Top Actions

In 2050,a new virus began spread and infected will become zombies.The zombie apocalypse began .

Fight for survival in this zombie apocalypse with free offline shooting game,if you don't want to be infect ,try your best to aiming in this zombie gun game.

- Insane zombie game design
- Tons of offline shooting modern guns
- Simple & addictive gameplay
- Realistic zomie killing game graphic
- Complete offline can play everywhere and everytime

Be standing man and to save the world!


Mr. Slice

Developer: Playducky.com

It is like soap cutting but much-much better. Cut soap-like objects of different shape and kind. Become a Slicing Hero!Play now and feel the amazing satisfaction with realistic cutting effects, relaxing sounds and different types of blades and heroes.


Bike Stunts Mayhem

Developer: Game Corner

Say yes to the racing bike lifestyle! Start the adventure of crazy bike stunts! Bike Stunt Mayhem is a must have bike racer game for all real stunt riding masters!

We believe you are a bike racer games fan and a lover of Real Bike Race Stunt Motocross Games. Then, join us in the league of top Stunt Moto Tricks Masters. You have played many Stunt Master Bike Games with variety of new dirt bikes, 3D trial bike and electric bikes etc. Here, we are presenting a next-gen graphics trick games platform to Show a real Bike Championship Stunts Game to the world in motor cross Impossible Bike Games arena. Now get ready for adrenaline fueled racing action in real stunt zone & Perform amazing dirt motorcycle stunts to complete impossible bike racing 3d & stunt driving games on time!

Bike Stunt Mayhem is the most exciting & dangerous vehicle bike simulator having tracks for beast bikers, motorcycle stuntmen & dirt bike real stunt heroes! So, what are you waiting for? Start the engine, hit the gas and experience the thrill of handling stunt bike in the arcade of Bike Racer Moto Games.

The gameplay of this vehicle motorcycle simulator is very simple and interesting. In this Extreme jump Stunt Bike Game, you just have to race your real jump bike, avoid adventurous hurdles in the way and reach the destination to complete levels. This New Racing Bike Motor Game with multiple smooth controls, Dynamic camera views and realistic driving experience enable you to perform crazy stunts in free bike stunts games 2020. Are you ready for stunts in Extreme Stunt Bike Games 2020? Use nitro for boost and then complete level of bike stunt jump in impossible bike games. Extreme Tricky Bike Stunt Motorcycle Game is a premium app which is highly recommended for you and all age groups.

Sports Bike used in Bike Stunt Mayhem: 3D stunt game is totally friendly with real physics. Moto Bikes in Trail Stunt Dirtbike Games will make you feel that you are in a real Motor Bike Jumping situation and driving a real stunt Bike on breath taking tracks in Stunt Riding Racing Games. Drive your modified racing bike sensibly so that you can be a hero in extreme bike stunts zone. In this awesome jump bike simulator, you have a chance to take your bike to the skies and become the King of motorcycle games!
Bike Stunt Mayhem motor cross 3D is easy to engage in recreation but hard to master which will keep you in the zone of motor games for hours. Just Download & start enjoying…….!

• Offline play mode
• Play for free
• Awesome bike selection in garage
• Real life motor biking experience
• Challenging levels
• Stunning graphics
• Extreme bike real stunts physics
• Revitalizing background music


The Owl and Lighthouse - story collecting

Developer: Hayleyfallon

App Description:

The game is a story-collecting idle game, and the core game loop is simple:
1.Collect woods——produce wood carving.
2.Wait for the owl to bring back the woodcarvings.
3.Visitors who has picked up the carving bring their stories to you
4.Receive notification and know the endings of the stories after a while.

In the depth of a forest, a silent old man and a speaking owl live in an odd lighthouse.

You will meet a variety of lost visitors and the fanciful stories.

The visitors may have unexpected connections and, your choices may determine their destiny.

""Being full of sadness and loneliness everyday though,he still pretends to be a cool man.I mean a cool owl.""

Highlights of 「The Owl and Lighthouse」:

A world with aesthetic, symbolic, and interactive elements

You can collect over a hundred of well-designed stories from visitors and change their destiny

A Relaxing idle game that provide private mental experience

What special values will 「The Owl and Lighthouse」 offer:

Comfort to lonely heart in the modern life

A mirror to your peaceful lonely inner world

Chilling but thought-provoking short stories prepared for your break times

Bedtime fairy tales for adults


Frostborn: Coop Survival

Developer: Kefir!

Set up and reinforce your base, subdue power of gods to yourself and fight against the army of the dead side by side with your friends. Restore the former greatness of the vikings' lands by building a new capital from the ground up and set off to unknown shores for treasures and new victories - all this and more is waiting for you in the new online RPG Frostborn!

The world as we knew it is gone
Long ago beautiful forests and hills of Midgard were invaded with the dead and giants. Since then, river waters burn a throat, all aesirs have vanished, and valkyries no longer take slain warriors to Valhalla. This is all because of the goddess Hel, the mistress of the dead that is determined to gain power over all that exists.

Death is no longer an obstacle
You are an immortal, brave warrior, fearless of death itself. When dying in battle, you revive over and over again. Herbalists and shamans shrug their shoulders wondering why it happens, yet one thing is known for sure: only you are able to wreck plans of the goddess of death and reveal the mystery of aesirs' vanishing.

One cannot conquer alone
Four heads are better than one! Unite with other Immortals to build a solid base more quickly and confront all together with the dead, outraging in sanctums of aesirs in the lands of Midgard.

Everyone will have something to do
Choose one of a dozen and a half classes that suits your gaming style the best: crush with a hammer in melee combat, hide in shadows and attack stealthily, rout your enemies, rule forces of fire and ice, keep a distance and strike enemies with shots from a bow or heal and enhance your allies - the list is endless! And if you want to try yourself in a new role, all you need is a few seconds for preparation and a new equipment kit!

All is fair
Trade with other families and clans to build the most beneficial long-term relationships or set up ambushes in forests, mountains, and tombs, and rob settlements of vulnerable settlements of Immortals - the choice is yours. In the harsh lands of Midgard, sirvives only the strongest.

Architect of your own fortunes
Plenty of workbenches for crafting items and dozens of blueprints will allow you to craft anything you need for glorious victories - from a roof over your head and a bandage for a wound to powerful potions and a fearsome weapon. And if it's not enough - remember who you are, nordling, and build your own drakkar to try yourseld at sea!

Establish your inheritance
Build your own city - raise strong walls, don't forget to provide space for craftsmen and traders, set up resorts and places of amusement. Become the most powerful ruler in the lands of Midgard that will be reckoned by everyone!

Legendary artifacts
If you believe you are ready for anything - challenge fate itself and get down to abandoned sanctums of gods to defeat the strongest enemies and try to obtain rare loot! But be careful, danger lurks everywhere in dungeons, so only the worthiest warriors will manage to reach the end and find out what happened to Odin, Tor, and the other gods!


Angry Crocodile Simulator - Real Animal Attack

Developer: Game Finale

Animal Attack Simulator is a wonderful game of crocodile family simulation. It has different modes and environments to keep you entertain throughout the gameplay of animal simulator. Enjoy our offline games for free anywhere without any limitations. Animal attack simulator is bringing revolutionary changes for players to provide them non-stop action so that they can enjoy their stay in this gaming world in nice way. This newly designed crocodile game is a serious effort in the same concern which provides the player a handsome chance to relish a lot of new features in the form of alligator games wild hunt. Join this postmodern episode of animal attack games 2020 to observe ultra-modern features of modern gaming world. Go behind the wilds, continue the non-stop action and take down all the target animals in swampy area.

New Adventure Game
Animal Attack Simulator is new adventure category game, where you have to simulate hungry crocodile in different environments. Here in the wild hunt crocodile games, you have to control hungry crocodile that has deep hunger to attack on different kinds of animals to accomplish the hunger simulation games. Give your valuable time and weighty genius to this beach attack alligator simulator 2020 to bring out your own internal and external attacking powers of new wild animal attack games. Show your special controls by guiding and controlling the hungry crocodile to meet all the basic and fundamental requirements of this newly offline games.

You have solid reasons to play Real Animal Attack Simulation Game
- HD graphics
- Controlled frame rate
- Amazing flags texturing
- Real adventure game in different environments
- Crocodile simulation offline game
- Different alligator models
- Underwater clear views and crocodile diving
- New beach attacks in swamps
- Novel wild animal hunt free games
- Best attacking mode
- Stunning online Hunting game
- Full powers of crocodile
- Long lists of missions and modes
- Real attacking game
- Free game for everyone

Offline Simulation Free Games
Are you bored of typical hunting games? No worries we have brought new free game of alligator simulator from crocodile family simulation games. Be an angry monster crocodile which attacks all animals in the field. In this crocodile adventure with giant sized sharp jaws in water over a beach or on swampy area. Animal Simulator Crocodile game apparently looks easy at the start but you will be challenged hard after clearing some levels of this offline game. Attack people, animals and boats or having bath in sea in crocodile simulation game.

Non-Stop Action New Game
Survive till the end and clear all kevels with fastest eating speed of crocodile not-stop action. Kill them all and win the field. It’s a gem in the attack games of animal simulation games. Do the wild hunt with monster size alligator and get inner satisfaction by proving your attacking skills. Hungry alligator is ready to bite anyone on the beach and swamps.

Download your favorite Animal attack, angry animal game and enjoy it unlimited free. If you have any suggestion to improve our adventure games, then must let us know your feedback. We want to make it the bench mark in simulation games of adventure category. Be happy and stay blessed!


Hamsters: PVP Fight for Freedom

Developer: BFA LTD

Evil Aliens captured our Planet and turned all people into animals! But the brave Hamsters still keep up! Fight for the brave Hamsters, defeat Bosses, collect Super Weapons and destroy the Alien battleship!

This RPG offers you:

- Great gaming experience with a unique auto-combat system!

- A unique campaign with over 100 different opponents!

- Addictive gameplay with great music and graphics!

- Constant hero levelling and gear upgrades!

- PVP Arena and Leagues with tons of awesome rewards!

- Workshop where you can create and improve alien items!

- Divers Bosses! Defeat them and get great rewards!.


Dragon Merge

Developer: Fumb Games

Are you the ultimate Dragon Master?

Evolve your dragons and battle your way through the Champion Leagues! Discover Fire, Water, Grass and Wind elements and learn each dragon's unique abilities. Can you discover them all?

Easy to play, tough to master!


Real Robot Crocodile Simulator- Robot transform

Developer: Happy Family Studio

Play the best robot games free

Crocodile simulator in robot games has been in trending for years, but real robot crocodile simulator brings an amazing solution for those who love to play robot transforming games in the city, on the beach and underwater in the sea in single story-line. It’s for you to join the ultimate fun, whether you are player of real robot games, angry crocodile games or robot transforming games. We have put our best to redesign the real robot crocodile simulator in free robot transforming games to offer extremely realistic feel of robot shooting games and robot crocodile games. The theme of the game is set to display the outrageous city rampage by robot transforming crocodile who attacks the robotic city in police robot shooting games and hungry crocodile games. Simulate the best robot transformation game in real robot crocodile simulator playing as the crocodile transforming robot.

Best robot battle – Giant robot fighting game
Transform into robot for police robot shooting and carry out city rampage in the robotic city games. Destroy the police cars, police robots and mech robots in a futuristic robot battle of robot war games. Transforming robots and mech warrior robots are ready to undermine your writ on modern city, unleash the uncontrollable robotic powers on the enemy robots and police robots in real robot shooting games & police robot games. The futuristic robot fight kick starts sooner you jump into the city rampage. You as a real robot are shooting the mech warrior in robot transforming games and robot war games. Crocodile attack simulator is city rampage based on the crocodile robot transformation enclosing the best features of robot war games, robot fighting games, robot shooting games in robot crocodile games.

Establish your supremacy in multiple worlds
Claim your rule over the city by jumping into crocodile water game and police robot shooting games. Beach hunting, underwater robot shooting, and mech robot wars with crocodile robot transformation is the presented in one the best robot games and real robot transforming games. If you ever tried to find crocodile attack games, crocodile robot fighting games with robot city rampage, then this is best crocodile simulator to grab right away have unlimited fun. Get ready for best robot strike and real robot fight in free shooting games and crocodile games. Choose to be powerful transforming robot and unleash your lethal robotic powers in best robot games & police robot games.

Simulate the robot transformation fight in open-world adventure
Real Robot Crocodile Simulator- Robot Transform Game is studded with exclusive and distinct game story that has it primary focus on robot fight and free shooting with mech warrior robots with transformation ability. The best part of this transform robot shooting game and police robot fighting games is the multiple super powers of given to your robot. Be the part of futuristic robot battle and crocodile city rampage in realistic robot fighting games and free shooting games of 2019.

Features Highlights
• Thrilling action against alien robots
• Big robots with crocodile transforms
• Plenty of sound effects & astonishing visuals
• Hungry crocodile attacks missions
• Variety of modes in alligator games
• Eye capturing 3d graphics