Siege Castles

Developer: Plug in Digital

Siege Castles is a relaxing physics based Castle VS Castle game with many different siege weapons.


Build your island kingdom and unlock powerful siege weapons, ride the high tides and battle castles on other islands. Combine different materials like stone, wood, iron and crystal to make the best castle ever.


🏹 Use the fast ballista like a pro to block stone projectiles about to hit your castle
🎯 Or maybe you take joy in launching a 90 kg stone projectile over 300 metres? The trebuchet is for you
🍞 If you’re a big catapult guy that’s fine too – we’ve got you covered
💣 Unlock the powerful cannon and unleash hell!

🧰 Claim epic rewards and get powerful upgrades to your Castle
🥇 Expand your Kingdom and rule your island!

❣️This is a beta version and you can help us make it the best castle battle game ever! If you have ideas for the game such as new troops, spells, siege weapons or other things for castle or any feedback at all write on our site: gs.phz.fi/forums ❣️


Super Shoot: Red Hot

Developer: Fun Slime Games

Super shoot: red hot is a arcade game about daredevil swat that defends citizens from terrorists with time control ability. When you move the time goes faster when you stay still it goes slower. You are like rambo in world of time and shooting. And terrorists.
1. Awesome gameplay
2. You so cool in that game, like rambo, you know
3. Super cool mechanic.
4. Hot graphics.
5. Hardcore arcade style of gameplay.

Download super shoot: red hot right now and do not forget to leave a comment.


Real Time Shields

Developer: Lion Studios

Draw Your Formations, and Tap To Move
Protect Your City From Hordes Of Enemies
Upgrade Your Troops & Unlock Powerful New Units
How Long Can You Last?


zombie shooter - survive zombie fps


This gonna be the most funnest fps you have ever seen on mobile phone,In our games You will play as a gun shooter fighting with those ugly zombie.That's right,This is a full free virus game.Let's imagine this place,No body lives,Only you are survive.Also you need to find different gun to keep you alive,That's so excited.Don't you think?

If you are not good at shooting skill,You may worry about this shooting game is hard for you.But you want to enjoy the charm of shooting games,Or maybe you just want to play with your friends.Don’t worry,We promise this game is easy to play,No matter you are master of fps,Or you just starter.You will have a cheerful game.

Oh,I guess some player must confused by the mission on other game.We have clearful basic starter tips,And the slick mission process.We won't let you down.You maybe play a shotgun,Or maybe Automatic rifle,Even the snipe is possible.Just download it and start your single road to survival.

In 2020 years,The shooting game has became more and more popular, because it’s vert fair and competitive.If you have not played this type of game,How about have a try?Maybe you will find you have deep talent on fps.For those people who have played this type of game,Just come and enjoy it.Enjoy this fps totally different between others same type.

Trust me,There is nothing more excited than one shot killed zombie.This is the classical charm of fps.You will feel your adrenaline rise with a extreme speed,As the same time your brain will feel so comfortable.Now There is no reason to say no on our APP,Download it and enjoy it.Also have a nice day.

*Our game screen is very good to ensure that you can immerse yourself in the process of the game
*This game is completely free multiplayer online shooting game
*This shooting game is completely different from other shooting games
*Be ready to blow them up with your guns, maybe with your friends.

*This game does not cost any real money.
*Google Inc. does not sponsor, nor in any way affiliated with Zombie Shooter and/or the sweepstakes and prizes.


Street Gangster

Developer: OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.

Careful - you are being chased!
Use your weapon - attack and don't forget to upgrade to the top level to fight.

Game Street Gangster is an engaging game simulating a bloody, intense battle with many superheroes for you to choose from. You need to flexibly use weapon items, enhance strength, or show your skillful skills to pass the levels and especially Street Gangster is a completely free game.

- Simple controls
- Power upgrades

- Impressive graphics
- Simple gameplay
- The game is free and very good
- Many superheroes for you to choose from

We always listen to your feedback to make the product better. Please leave a message via email: publisher@onesoft.com.vn


Event Horizon Space RPG: take part in spaces wars!

Developer: Pavel Zinchenko

🌠Event Horizon RPG🌠 is a hardcore 2d arcade galaxy game about life in a cosmic world: galactic battles, fights and alien invaders from the void above! The entire Universe for you to discover and explore! Are you ready to look beyond our Milky Way? Create your own military force, build up asteroid ships, motherships and falcons in order to participate in dangerous but exciting cosmic battles. There are billions planets, satellites, stars, constellations and Milky Ways on your galaxy map. Without any doubt (or this action game won't be breathtaking haha), there is a dreadful threat in every orbit that space rangers or ufo from the ocean of emptiness will attack your shuttle...

Forget all the flying games you played before - Event Horizon is the best RPG that have ever come out: a realistic and dynamic one, which is NOT a turn-based RPG.
Game Features:

- You can explore the entire Universe! You will discover millions of new stars! Immerse yourself in a unique interstellar atmosphere!
- Arcade, dynamic galactic battles! - Over 70 spaceships to fly and upgrade - build your own military force and start conquering the entire Universe! You will be able to fly airwings, V-gers, warbirds and many other powerful ships! - Evolve your ship as you advance and level up in the game. - Unlock more than 100 different upgrades and weapons during the game, including hyperdrive warp system, lightsabers, rayguns, shotguns, grenades, laser cannons and swords.
- 10 galactic alliances to join during your infinite adventure! - Have a PvP spacefights with your friends online! Fight against ufo on the Internet like men in black!

The most interesting metagalactic adventures are waiting for you! Feel like a full-fledged space ranger! You are able to explore galaxies, fly dozens of unique ships with the possibility of modification, participate in arcade dynamic battles with the enemies from the void above! You will get a reward for every glorious story!

This game won’t leave anyone indifferent, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional player! You will enjoy great graphics, nice music and sound effects.

To infinity and beyond!


Protect the VIP

Developer: MagicAnt.Inc

Run, jump, slide, flip, and tackle your way to save the VIP.

Play through various scenarios to rescue or protect the VIP.

Can you help a VIP that continuously finds himself in precarious situations?



Developer: ZeptoLab

Teach your robot to walk and become the best robot trainer in the world! Teach your robot to fight and battle against real players!

Welcome to a new hit from C.A.T.S.: Crash Arena Turbo Stars and Cut the Rope creators — Robotics! Build your own battle robot from various spare parts, then program it to walk and fight. Watch it clash with real players from all over the world in hilarious physics-based battles. Unlock new details, arenas and more!

- Hilarious robot teaching mechanic: by dragging parts of the robot in different directions, players create complex movements that the robot repeats.
- Physics-based fights: the way your battle robot collides with other battle robots and the environment results in crazy, surprising and funny moments.
- PvP battles against real players: there are thousands battle robot trainers like yourself all over the world. Prove that you're the best!
- Variety of battle robots and parts: bodies, arms, legs and weapons for your battle robot allow for infinite combinations and tactics.
- Competitions and special prizes: climb on top the leaderboard and get amazing rewards that cannot be obtained anywhere else.
- Black Belt Masters: progress through the game to unlock new fighting belts for your battle robots. Only the strongest ones will be aknowledged as Black Belt Masters!

Download Robotics now and become the best battle robot trainer in the world!


Snipers Vs Thieves: Zombies!

Developer: Playstack

EPIC ZOMBIE SHOOTER on your phone!

The Zombies are rising and they’re hungry for...CASH!? Take them down!!


Deploy turrets to protect your cash!
Use RPGs for undead crowd control!
Choose bouncing bullets!


How many can you survive?
Watch out for mega boss fights!


Become an elite Sniper using one touch controls!
Jump into the action in seconds!


Power up as you activate RAGE MODE!
Insta-kills until your clip is empty!


Become a turret in special missions as you get up close and personal with your new shuffling friends!


Walking Robots

Developer: Super Games Studio

Fight with your friends anywhere, show them who is the king of the battle ground!
Join the battle in the online game Walking Robots! A variety of pixel guns, ammunition and walking robots - all for your enjoyment!

- No donat, no iap for power - only hardcore battles!
- Create awesome clan with your friends!
- Play online: many allies and enemies!
- A variety of maps and arenas
- Chat with friends in chat
- Nimble fingers: the most skillful player wins!
- New content: we are always adding something new in the game - new weapons, maps, and other features!
- Take part in the global opening event and get more glory!
- Stunning graphics, soft shadows and lush effects

Subscribe for news and updates!

Important tips:
- The game requires an Internet connection, use wifi for maximum comfort.
- Received coins, open robots are stored on your device. DO NOT DELETE THE GAME before the update, otherwise all achievements WILL BE LOST!

We wish you a pleasant game, and good luck in arenas of Pixel's Robots 3D !