Wrath Of War: Endless Dark Age Android Gameplay

Đăng ngày Tháng Bảy 9, 2017 bởi crazykan

The White King of dragonkin died in the war and the Black King stole the throne. The darkness invades the world and the dark sides of human nature is enlarging gradually. The descendants and the White Kings in suffering and waiting for you to rescue them.

You will lead your people to rebuild the empire in the darkness in order to fight against the Black King! Even in this dark world, you can also find your allies to fight together and destroy all the obstacles ahead you. You will change the history of Wrath Of War!

Remember, you have to fight with your allies to explore the unknown world, so that you can be more powerful than any other Kings in history! You might could not expand your alliance and land by yourself, but your allies can always provide you more assistances than you expect!

Hurry up! Experience the unprecedented strategies in Wrath Of War!


&& Features &&

☆Players from all over the world fight together☆
•Fight with the outstanding players from all over the world
•Choose appropriate diplomatic maneuvers, ally with other alliances, or kill them

☆Plant flags steadily with alliances☆
•Fight with allies and plant flags reasonably, expand the alliance quickly
•Interact and communicate with worldwide players
•Assemble allies to formulate strategy together, enjoy the extraordinary game experience
•Share all alliance technologies and victory with all alliances!

☆Change military arms and map out a strategy☆
•Set troops n the Wall and send the siege troops first… Find out your unique strategy to win!
•Match all military arms differently to win the battles! He who knows the enemies as well as himself wins all the time!
•PVP fight in the giant world map. the brave one wins!

☆Silk Road for business☆
•The worldwide players can trade together!
•Hundreds of random Trade chances, unexpected fun is waiting for you to explore!

☆The sovereign descends the world☆
•Battle is the only way to stop battle!
•The hegemony of the city. Write your book by your own experience!

☆Immigrant from countries to countries☆
•It is always grounded to move! New immigrant policies provides the lords more development possibilities!
•Live easy and comfortable, or hegemonic and powerful, it is all up to you!
•Cross-country combat is under development!

☆Rebuild the empire and inspire the awe☆
•Upgrade the buildings, build the wall, train the troops and defense the Wall… the future of your kingdom is decided by you!
•Explore the new play methods and gain the unforeseen resources, surprises and fun!

√ √ √ Tips: This is a Game. This is also WAR! √√√

Please contact us: https://www.facebook.com/EndlessDarkAge/

Currently, the game provides “Auto-translation” and “Multi-Language”, including: Simplified Chinese, Complicated Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Italian. More languages are coming soon!

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