World War Mobile

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World War Mobile is a strategy game set in a real world alternate-history. Rally your troops, and devise a cunning plan to deliver the world from the iron grip of an overwhelming force..

Following the great depression of 1936, Enemy forces have gathered somewhere on the Antarctic continent, constructing a massive military operations base, hidden in the frosty landscapes of the South Pole.

They devastated the world with their superior technology, utterly destroying every existing form of government and society.

Now, an increasing number of “Commanders” are emerging from the rubble, leading forces in an effort to restore a semblance of peace & order to the world.

You are one such Commander – Take charge and destroy the enemy forces!


● Build – Construct a clandestine military base and watch as it grows into a veritable force of freedom.

● Research – Increase your technological prowess by studying technologies to upgrade your military capabilities

● Create – Craft impressive weapons & gadgets for your armies to use in combat.

● PVE – Take on the world in an expansive single player campaign by gathering resources and defeating Boss factions.

● PVP & Guild Warfare – Take it all online, challenging foes head on, or in Guild vs. Guild combat.

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