Wild Dinosaur Shoot Hunter Android Gameplay

Đăng ngày Tháng Ba 16, 2017 bởi crazykan

Welcome to the world best and new biggest Wild Dinosaur Shoot Hunter 3D addictive game; the deadly shooting is full base pack simulation game and it’s absolutely free on android market. Download now one of the most amazing snipers shooting on your devices. Install this astounding game and test your all sniper skills. This wonderful emotional game is here for your great excitement time with Lots of dazzling and action missions. Completely dinosaur strike, gunfire based for fans of hot assassination games with stylized graphics and thrilling environments. You can also feel realistic HD affective sound of weapon shooting and dinosaur in this Jungle Dino Sniper War addictive simulation.

Let shooting the real hunting experience of large dinosaur. Your mission is soldier walking into the dark-forest on off-road tracks and assassination the world huge dangerous animals. While playing this game, dinosaur is walking in the jungle, find their huge wild animal and kill them. Your task is gunfire the target and secures the forest area. Then pick up your deadly sniper rifles and firearm to take the extreme shoot. In this Jungle 3D Dino Hunting game we provided to latest hunting assassin, you can easily hit the target within limited time. Complete your task collect cash and unlock the next excitement level. You can also customization your weapons to earn money.

Remember! If you can doesn’t shoot with specific time or missed fire to the dinosaur then your task have failed and you can restart your level again. If you can show your target on your eyes clearly then you can stop your breath and easily hunting target. As a player you have to be very careful from other animals preset in jungle. As a sniper, you have to target your desired animal from a particular distance so they can not hurt you in any case. This Jurassic Forest 3D Huntergame is free to play, but you can select to fee real money for some extra things, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app buying by correcting your mobile settings.

Prove That You have the best sniper and show sniping skills to shoot down the world greatest animal running on the forest off-roads. In this shooter Shoot Dinosaurs Simulator War simulation game get ready to play your part in shoot. Dinosaurs are attacks on people and kill them. Commando has solved the problem and kills down all the dinosaurs. Download this game available on Google play store. Enjoy the enjoyment mission of this game.

Press start button for start the game
Choose your level from the game menu map
Enter on the jungle Area
Joystick control to move and change the angle of hunter
Right side buttons are for shoot, zoom, swap and run
In map you can find dinosaur and chase them to hunt.
Left side button are for movement and whole screen is for aiming

With real Jurassic park stunning environment.
Best sniper hunting experience in safari park.
.Realistic first person shooting game.
Easy to play.
Unlimited bullet.
Stunning graphic.
3D game play and amazing sound effects
Hunting different dinosaurs.
With modern sniper shooting gun.
Unique missions to play


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